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Corruption and Social Order in South Asia

The media often presents a variety of views from seasoned journalists, bloggers, and aam admi (common man) discussions on corruption in South Asia; the tone and substance of the discussions generally have left me more confused than enlightened. We understand that corruption is not unique to South Asia; it is all across globe but at different levels. In the WASP* (#1) culture dominated nations the social order has moved on from that developed by ‘the old boy’s network’ of elites representing the traditional upper crust of society. The new elite meritocracy took over about a couple of decades after the WWII (1970 onwards). The subject was discussed by David Brooks* (#2). Brooks had based his arguments after reviewing a book by Christopher Hayes* (#3). Both author’s arguments reflected the US and … Read entire article »

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Technology and Political Ideologies

Technology and Political Ideologies

Introduction: The article describes impacts of technology on evolutions of political ideologies using contemporary case histories of two major nations of South Asia, US and Europe. I am inspired to write it after reading an Op-ed by Ms Anjum Niaz sahiba ji. References and notes are at the end. This article discusses the following topics: 1. An overview 2. Evolution of modern India and Pakistan 3. Open vs. Closed Societies 4. Industrial and Technological Revolution 5. Partitioning Of British India 6. Terrorism and … Read entire article »

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