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The Warrior Child of Ayodhya – Part II: Caste and the Cosmic Order

The significance of his appearance for the Hindu Samaj [Link to Part I] Caste and the Cosmic Order Daily we are told in the media ‘India has moved on’ – that is, Ayodhya is no longer of any interest to young India born after 1992 (the Demolition). This youth wants opportunities, education, jobs, material well being. In other words, an even more self-centred life than what the disease of corruption has provided. Of course the State must provide material well being through various areas of development, but that must not be mistaken for food for the soul, individual or collective. In our legitimate efforts to separate religion and state we are adopting a model that has proven inadequate elsewhere. The European Union is one example. Unity is sought to be … Read entire article »

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The Warrior-Child of Ayodhya – Part I

The significance of his appearance for the Hindu Samaj ‘…the disputed site is the birthplace of Lord Ram. Place of birth is a juristic person and is a deity. It is personified as the spirit of [the] divine worshiped as birthplace of Lord Ram as a child. [The] Spirit of [the] divine ever remains present everywhere at all times for anyone to invoke in any shape and form in accordance with his own aspirations, and it can be shapeless and formless also…’ [Italics mine] Justice D.V. Sharma, The Ayodhya Verdict 30 September 2010 * ‘The Indian judicial system treats deities as legal entities who could have a legal representation in courts through trustees or an in-charge of the temple in which they are worshipped…’. Harshvir Pratap Sharma Supreme Court lawyer ‘The Hindu’, … Read entire article »

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Ayodhya: Ram Janma Bhumi-Babri Majid – Just A Title Dispute?

Much has been said about the dispute on both sides and the Honourable High Court is seized of the matter. So why write an article on it now? Firstly, because our pseudo-secular intellectuals and their fellow-travellers in the media work 24/7 to scuttle any issue that is likely to favour the Hindus. The longer they have been in the game / the more respected they are – the bigger are their lies. They have perfected their craft to such finesse that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction in their writing, reason in enough for us to be wary. An expert in this ‘genre’ of writing is Vir Sanghvi. For e.g. see his “Land of Ram is no longer at war with itself” (The New Sunday Express, September 26, 2010 accessible … Read entire article »

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