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Non-state Actors, Miskeen, Education, Economy and Chalta Hain

Pakistan is like an imperfectly crafted cubic zirconia diamond. It is the nation born (1947) based on religion. On global stage in last four decades it has evolved as an epicenter of too many things vile including terrorism. Its additional imperfections include a complex political reality. Politically it is managed as fiefdom of the army, the DPC (Defense of Pakistan Coalition) and elected but weak politicians. DPC is a coalition of many non-state actors cultivated by the army. Want-to-be Arabs and non-Arabs are characterized as Miskeen (poor). Given poorly educated population incapable of generating above average to high economic growth rates and preoccupation with a regional power status using non-state actors the national economy is on a slippery slope and poverty is on increase. Wide spread public cynicism is at … Read entire article »

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Special Ops Military Strategies

A star (*) after a sentence means references and notes should be consulted for additional info on the subject. The blog covers following topics. Introduction Contractors for and Goals of the US and Pakistan Armies Co-dependencies of Pakistan and the US Women Scorned The US Special Ops and the Obama Plans Concluding Remarks References and notes   Introduction   The blog focuses on special ops military strategies of two nations in last 50 years. A primal instinct is to dominate and for ambitious rulers and nations to dominate the world. A goal of warfare is to achieve dominance over enemy at minimum possible costs. The US special ops forces in the Af-Pak war (2008 to present) use highly skilled soldiers to conduct low cost high tech warfare to hunt down and decapitate leadership of the al Qaeda and its co-linked … Read entire article »

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Kashmiri Pandits: A Forsaken Minority

Another anniversary of the exodus that made the Kashmiri Pandits orphans of history stared at us on January 19. The Pandits, were uprooted from their home and hearth and cast about as refugees in their own homeland. The tragedy and tribulations that befell this unfortunate community for the last twenty two years include some of the most heart-rending stories. Theirs is a story of humanitarian disaster of unprecedented magnitude, but strangely, had gone unnoticed by the rest of the world and more importantly by their own countrymen here in India. As K.P.S. Gill, former police chief of Punjab who rid his state of separatist militancy put it, “[…] one of the reasons for the apathy [of the rest of the world] could be the non-violent nature of the community itself.” … Read entire article »

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The US: A decade after 2001

A star (*) indicates more information is available in the references and notes. President Obama in his latest State of the Union Address reported to the US Congress that after nine years of war the withdrawal of all US troops from Iraqis completed and in more than two decades Osama bin Laden (OBL) is not around to threaten the US security. President has in three years resolved major issues related to theUS security except that associated with the Af-Pak area terrorist Taliban and intransigent warlords of Pakistan. President has asked theUS and NATO generals to set up by 2014 a 350,000 strong Afghan army capable of neutralizing threats to its sovereignty from its neighbors. The US is committed to providing necessary military and economic aid to the Afghanistan to defend and sustain … Read entire article »

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Asymmetric War and Financial Bets

The blog present following topics: Introduction      Asymmetric Bets The Big Short and  Bubble Economies The Obama Factor Pakistan Big Short Option The Afghanistan’s Future References and notes   Introduction  The political soap opera now being staged inPakistanindicates that it may be plunging into one more political crisis in its short history (1971 – present). If constitutional remedies are applied for the resolution of political crisis may strengthen basic institutions of the fragile democracy. The weak government institutions continue to support army and intransigent warlords managed proxy wars even though its fragile economy lacks resources to sustain the annual costs at an estimated $1 bbl for maintaining 100,000 proxy warriors. Using the mercenary proxy warriors a goal appears to be to dominate South Asia with economic and military aid from theUSand Arabs interested in the regional hegemony. TheUSsupport for the … Read entire article »

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Pakistan Palestine Sufism and Terrorism

Pakistan Palestine Sufism and Terrorism Introduction The star (*) represents more information can be found in references and notes. This blog with following topics is concerned with select Op-eds of Pakistani scholars. International Political Opportunists Hate and Intolerance Palestine State and Khilafat Movement South Asia Developments Death of Humanism Hopes for Future References and Notes for Islamic History   International Political Opportunists Irfan Husain a respected Pakistani Op-ed writer in defense of a case for Palestine state presented interesting arguments based on select history to counter the firestorm ignited by a flame thrower and a want-to-be GOP nominee, American Newt Gingrich. Prof Gingrich had recently claimed that Palestinians were invented people. Before Mr Gingrich’s claim, Mr. Zuhair Mohsen stated that “The Palestinian people do not exist.”* Here are some factors and questions to consider: Prof Husain may have … Read entire article »

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US, Pakistan & Afghan: Asymmetric Political and Military Relationships

As a graduate student my term paper for an application of nuclear technology to elucidate mechanisms of chemical reactions – on the secondary isotope effects – earned a grade of A++. There is an asymmetry of 10 to 1 or higher in importance of the primary to secondary isotope effects. In trying to explain new data related to the primary isotope effect my inexperience as a budding scientist was exposed when I tried to link it to the secondary isotope effects. I learned an important lesson from my adviser, who pointed out that the primary isotope effects dominate the secondary isotope effects by a factor of more than 10. Some do and others don’t learn important life lessons through mistakes related to the importance of asymmetric relationships. The blog cites couple … Read entire article »

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Pennywise Pound Foolish: Afghanistan Imbroglio and Impacts of Terrorism

Dedication: The blog is in memory of those who needlessly died in the 21st century’s “loose-loose” war that has lasted longer than Vietnam War. The 21st century’s first ideological war is a result of conflict between great power hegemony and strategies recorded in the Green Books of Pakistan army. The war was instigated by jihad terrorist co-linked to ISI, the Pakistan intelligence services. According to the Green Book the intent may be to provoke America with an attack comparable to the Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) attack. The response to the 2001 attacks on America was swift. The coalition forces responded by attackingAfghanistan. In ten years (October 7, 2001 – October 7, 2011) in addition to tens of thousands of wounded the Afghan War casualties included about 14,000 coalition members, about 38,000 … Read entire article »

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Clash of Civilizations, Interfaith Dialogues & Political Forces

The Part I, appeared as “Lies and Men of God “Proselytizers” Part I of the blog was primarily devoted to lies by the politically motivated men of God and how they manipulate proselytizing to manipulate people of other faith to convert. Part II describes behaviors of politicians, both dictators and elected officials manipulating public opinions.   Clash of Civilizations Interfaith Dialogues Common Purposes, Political Ideologies and Community Norms Modernity and South Asia Laws of nature and human laws Capitalist, Socialist and Hybrid Democracies Bipolar Political Forces   Clash of Civilizations  Historically (6th century to present) European and Caliphate brand imperialist have inflicted wars in others’ lands to expand the colonial rule all across the globe for power and looting wealth in occupied lands. My blogs have identified some reasons including political ambitions, heritage and awakening, etc for the rise and fall of European and … Read entire article »

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Lies and Men of God “Proselytizers” – Part I

Yeh Hakumat ke pujari hain, Yeh daulat ke gulam Jo jahnum is musibaton se darate hain muje Khud to bana lete hain duniya me jannat apni Khab khoi hui jannat ke dikhate hain muje. “The worshipers of power (and) the slaves of wealth build paradise on earth for personal pleasures and promise martyrs (me) paradise in afterlife.”  The above couplet popped in my mind as soon as I started thinking about the truth, politicians and clerics. Politically motivated orthodox clerics in general and radical fundamentalist evangelist engaged in proselytizing in particular behave as the purveyors of purity and defenders of the faith. Both politicians and clerics shade or distort truth to suit a given political ideology.   Metaphorically, an aphorism aptly describes the behavior of such people. The aphorism, “Is hammam me sabi nange” means, “In a … Read entire article »

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