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Modern Science and Understanding Life

The following topics are discussed in the last of four articles. Introduction God Particle and South Asian Scientists Science and theologians Science and Quality of Life Outlook for Future Modern Science   References and notes: Star (*) followed by a bracketed number (#1, etc) identifies applicable specific reference and notes. Introduction   First article – “Terrorism and Cultural Wars”* (#1) – of this four parts serie discussed how social and cultural upbringings can explain terrorism.  The second article – “Religion, Politics and Arts”* – presented aspects of religion used for political exploitation and comments on arts to history. For understanding life scientific knowledge of the universe is essential. The third article presented Pre-17th Century Sciences* For improvements in quality of life, the third article described reliance of modern men on expanding use of energy or power. The another article titled, “Tides of Ideas”* … Read entire article »

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Pre-17th Century Sciences and Understanding Life

First article – “Terrorism and Cultural Wars”*  – of this four parts series discussed how social and cultural upbringings can explain terrorism.  The second article – and “Religion, Politics and Arts”* – presented aspects of religion used for political exploitation and arts. For understanding life scientific knowledge of the universe is essential. The following topics are discussed in this third article. Introduction Energy Ancient Vedic Science Pre-17th century Science Science References and notes:  Star (*) followed by a bracketed number (#1, etc) identifies applicable specific reference and notes.   Introduction  Comparative religion, arts and science are tools for understanding life. An objective of four part series is to illustrate the central place of science in life. The relevance of science is to improve knowledge of material world for humanity. Another two part series – Tides of Ideas* (#3) and the Golden … Read entire article »

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Terrorism, Cultural Wars and Understanding Life

This is first of a four parts series on Understanding Life The following topics are covered:   Introduction Cultural  Wars References and notes Star (*) followed by a bracketed number (#1, etc) identifies applicable specific reference and notes.   Introduction   Comparative religion, arts and science are tools for understanding life. Terrorism is examined from social and cultural angles. Some references and introductions to contribution of ancient Vedic people and scientists of Indian origin are identified in the second article of this series. The third and fourth articles of the series introduce accomplishments of the pre-17th century sciences and modern science, respectively. Identifying relevance of science in improving knowledge for humanity through religions, arts and science is a comprehensive subject; this series is an introduction to it. Domestic terrorism* (#1) is being blamed on two recent (August 2012) crimes by hate mongers in the US. … Read entire article »

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Tides of Ideas

Note: The article is follow up to “Golden age of Muslims by Saeed Mirza” 0716 2012. Following topics are discussed: Inclusivist  Progressives vs Exclusivist Orthodoxy Historical background and Tides of Ideas Proselytizers and Loss of Scholarship Cultural Wars Modern Science and Humanity Hope and Future References and  notes    Inclusivist Progressives vs Exclusivist Retrogressive Orthodoxy  Successes and failures run in cycles depending on the maturity of political, social, cultural and economic institutions. The inclusivity accelerates human progress and retrogressive orthodoxy divides people and inhibits scholarship. The Muslim golden age was followed for 600+ years by a retrogressive political ideology by establishments of Muslim orthodoxy. Muslim dictators helped by orthodoxy of Arab tribal customs adopted discriminatory policies against women and non-Islamic followers to deny human rights, equal opportunities and equal justice in occupied lands. In such environment of exclusivity free flow of … Read entire article »

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Golden age of Muslims by Saeed Mirza

I appreciated an introduction to the life of three young Pakistani women in theUS by a US based Pakistani free lance journalist (#1) (#1, etc means see references and notes). The brief stories the journalist narrated invoked many thoughts. I started with my belief that if we take away the bondage placed on women and the Miskeen (#2) by nations there is hope not only for women every where but also for humanity. In this two parts researched series first I will review Saeed Mirza’s book (#3) and then present in next part additional research that offers clues to Tides of Ideas that have benefited humanity as scholars from all across globe for 3,500+ years have continued to make progress in scientific knowledge. The second part will present my observations to explain factors that were necessary for the … Read entire article »

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Non-state Actors, Miskeen, Education, Economy and Chalta Hain

Pakistan is like an imperfectly crafted cubic zirconia diamond. It is the nation born (1947) based on religion. On global stage in last four decades it has evolved as an epicenter of too many things vile including terrorism. Its additional imperfections include a complex political reality. Politically it is managed as fiefdom of the army, the DPC (Defense of Pakistan Coalition) and elected but weak politicians. DPC is a coalition of many non-state actors cultivated by the army. Want-to-be Arabs and non-Arabs are characterized as Miskeen (poor). Given poorly educated population incapable of generating above average to high economic growth rates and preoccupation with a regional power status using non-state actors the national economy is on a slippery slope and poverty is on increase. Wide spread public cynicism is at … Read entire article »

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Zakir Naik and Idol worship

The field of consciousness as we know has originated from the Indian sciences, expounded further by Sri Aurobindo and further propagated by westerners like Ken Wilber. It is a science which revolves around the art of detachment to free the mind from attachment to name, fame, power, lust, greed, anger etc which blinds the person from perceiving the truth and obstructs the psychological evolution. “tvamev matach pitach tvamev, tvamev bandhuch sakhasch tvamev, tvamev vidya dravidam tvamev, tvamev sarvam mam devdev” 1: You Truly are my Mother And You Truly are my Father . 2: You Truly are my Relative And You Truly are my Friend. 3: You Truly are my Knowledge and You Truly are my Wealth. 4: You Truly are my All, My God of Gods. The Indian thought perceives mother as divine (matri devo … Read entire article »

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Special Ops Military Strategies

A star (*) after a sentence means references and notes should be consulted for additional info on the subject. The blog covers following topics. Introduction Contractors for and Goals of the US and Pakistan Armies Co-dependencies of Pakistan and the US Women Scorned The US Special Ops and the Obama Plans Concluding Remarks References and notes   Introduction   The blog focuses on special ops military strategies of two nations in last 50 years. A primal instinct is to dominate and for ambitious rulers and nations to dominate the world. A goal of warfare is to achieve dominance over enemy at minimum possible costs. The US special ops forces in the Af-Pak war (2008 to present) use highly skilled soldiers to conduct low cost high tech warfare to hunt down and decapitate leadership of the al Qaeda and its co-linked … Read entire article »

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Kashmiri Pandits: A Forsaken Minority

Another anniversary of the exodus that made the Kashmiri Pandits orphans of history stared at us on January 19. The Pandits, were uprooted from their home and hearth and cast about as refugees in their own homeland. The tragedy and tribulations that befell this unfortunate community for the last twenty two years include some of the most heart-rending stories. Theirs is a story of humanitarian disaster of unprecedented magnitude, but strangely, had gone unnoticed by the rest of the world and more importantly by their own countrymen here in India. As K.P.S. Gill, former police chief of Punjab who rid his state of separatist militancy put it, “[…] one of the reasons for the apathy [of the rest of the world] could be the non-violent nature of the community itself.” … Read entire article »

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Promotion of Indian culture and ‘minority appeasing’ Secularism

Every country’s primary education revolves around its history, languages, philosophies, art, culture and sciences. Ancient greece is characterised by greek philosophies and sciences, egypt with pyramids and the science behind it etc. It is only natural for any school of a country to be teaching the ancient language of that country along with the philosophies. Would it sound logical to a rational mind if, in his own family, someone else’s lineage and history is given more importance and taught to him than his own? Would it be hypocritical if his own history is given much more importance to him than someone else’s?   Similar is the case with India. Today, if one vouches for the promotion of Indian culture, sciences or dharma (righteousness, ethics and duty) as expounded by Veda, Gita and … Read entire article »

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