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Corruption and Social Order in South Asia

The media often presents a variety of views from seasoned journalists, bloggers, and aam admi (common man) discussions on corruption in South Asia; the tone and substance of the discussions generally have left me more confused than enlightened. We understand that corruption is not unique to South Asia; it is all across globe but at different levels. In the WASP* (#1) culture dominated nations the social order has moved on from that developed by ‘the old boy’s network’ of elites representing the traditional upper crust of society. The new elite meritocracy took over about a couple of decades after the WWII (1970 onwards). The subject was discussed by David Brooks* (#2). Brooks had based his arguments after reviewing a book by Christopher Hayes* (#3). Both author’s arguments reflected the US and … Read entire article »

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Bridging India’s skills gap with OER

A star (*) means more info is offered in References and Notes section. This blog covers following topics: INDUSAPTI* and Demographic ICT Challenges Activities List Jobs Economic System Indian Economy Imparting skills through OER References and notes   INDUSAPTI* and Demographic   INDUSAPTI (INDUSA Practical Technologies Institute) is described in my blog “Emerging India”*. An objective of INDUSAPTI virtual school, an Open Educational Resource (OER)* is: “to let all visitors, especially rural youth and slum dwellers to develop the habits and culture of honoring their natural skills, which are the most valuable and only truly renewable resource in the world today.”   For decades, people took dynamism and economic growth for granted and saw population growth as a problem. Now we’ve gone to the other extreme, and it’s clear that young people are the scarce resource. For past few decadesIndiahas enjoyed healthy demographics. In the … Read entire article »

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Emerging India

The blog covers following topics: Introduction Unique Groups of creative and innovative DIY Testing a Pilot INDUSAPTI Webpage Volunteers Are Invited Goals of INDUSAPTI  Mark Zuckerberg Thomas Friedman Inspiration for INDUSA Endowment Co-Directors To Conclude:  A star (*) following a sentence in the text means see references, notes and appeals to volunteers. Introduction  A tourist finds one of seven persons in each of 2 of 196 nations in the world; India and China are these 2 Asian nations. Continent of Africa also has one-seventh or just over one billion of the world’s people. An additional one billion people live in 35 highly developed nations. Nearly 1.5 billion mostly impoverish Muslims live in 57 OIC (Organization of Islamic Community) member nations and remainders of 7 billions people are in other parts of the globe.* Like evangelic Christians, most tribal Muslims are deeply committed to a … Read entire article »

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Formula for Successful Developed Nation

Introduction  The blog presents a formula of five pillars for nation building using education reforms. The formula is outlined after the introduction of two educational models and some ideas for building a lesson plan for the positive thinking. The two models emphasize continuous updating of the content in discussions with a team of teacher’s. As an example of potentially relevant content, the suggested reading section lists an article by Dr. Bhamy Shenoy. It advocates use of Gandhian solutions to solve some of world’s energy and environmental problems. It can be a lesson in creative thinking and may be relevant for including in the content based teaching and learning. I intuitively believe that the Gandhian solutions are not an option for all of global challenges, in general and India’s problems in particular. My views … Read entire article »

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