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Federalism and National Security

No one can deny that the US has greater federalism than most nations and more certainly than India. Each of its fifty states is fiercely independent and zealously guards its turf. The US also has the strongest anti-terror laws in the world and sees no contradiction between federalism and national security. In the aftermath of a rare terrorist attack on US soil in September 2001, the US administration strengthened its intelligence gathering organs. The enactment of the PATRIOT Act in 2001 was the first step. In fact ‘PATRIOT’ is acronym for ‘Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism’. This was followed by enacting the Homeland Security Act in 2002. The objective of these acts is to collect, collate and process intelligence and prevent terror related activities. The upshot … Read entire article »

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Occupy Atlanta Partnered With Nation Of Islam?

In my last post I talked about “Citizen MIlitia shows up (at Occupy Phoenix demonstration) with machine guns wearing military fatigues to protect the Occupiers from the Police”. Today’s situation goes little further…The rumor is “Occupy Atlanta Partnered With Nation Of Islam”… Stupid are those that feel all these GLOBAL protests are about democracy or about throwing the dictators. There is nothing democratic nor political about these protests – From Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Greece, Italy to various cities in the USA. Protests and riots have reached to 1700 cities and 80 countries WORLDWIDE. These are clear signs of THE ECONOMIC RIOTS of the future that are staring at us. Unfortunately the fools of Cambridge and Harvard do not get it…not will they ever until it happens. When food and money is taken … Read entire article »

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Convalescing Kings

(Swans – January 12, 2009)   All day on October 22, 2008, my sagacious cousin Seshu tried to get access to a mysterious facility in Visakhapatnam. He claimed it would wake us up from our tropical stupor. He asked without using the word zoo, “would you like to go to an animal center?” I instantly replied, “Nah, been to too many zoos with the kids there.” He shrugged, but still insisted with a sly grin. I wondered what zoo will excite us in this humidity, but was intrigued by his understated proposal and why we needed a permission to see a zoo. However, the access took a while to materialize. The people at the animal center were hesitant and reticent in allowing anybody to see that center for a reason — … Read entire article »

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Gujarat riots and the ‘secular’ Galahads of justice!

‘The law will take its course’ is an oft heard cliché, when politicians explain away the misdeeds of their comrades-in-arms. But political discourse in India has a new norm for Hindus and Hindu organisations in general and Narendra Modi in particular. When it comes to Narendra Modi, the law can not take its course; should not take its course. It has to instantly convict him and send him to jail. The norms of jurisprudence do not apply to him. The inhuman burning of 59 Karsevaks do not matter to the secular jihads. The 254 Hindus killed in the riots as against 790 Muslims do not count. The fact that the number of Hindus arrested, 27, 901, was almost four times the number of Muslims (7,651) detained during the post-Godhra riots is of … Read entire article »

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UPA’s NAC Rule – Dictatorship in disguise?

Democracy is a funny thing. When you don’t have it you yearn for it. When you have it you are not happy with it. True. We had fought for nearly six decades to attain independence from the British. Yet, ask anyone who was born at about the time of independence and they would remember their elders yearning for the ‘good old’ British days when things were better. In 1975 when Indira imposed an internal emergency, for reasons that have nothing to do with any internal disturbance, there were sections of the populace – not affected by midnight knocks and summary arrests – who welcomed it, at least in its initial stages. Their reasoning was, there was discipline in government offices and ‘trains were running on time’. It could not be … Read entire article »

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Making a Sense out of Crisis in Arab countries

Suddenly the Arab world is in turmoil. The reason and the agitators are different in different places but a pattern is emerging. In Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Yemen, the crowd wants reforms but not revolt. Most of them went home after achieving their initial victory when the existing dictators of Tunisia and Egypt departed to be replaced by new dictators but the systems stay as these are. Thus, the so-called revolution in those Arab countries looks like side shows to the impending disaster that is about to happen: NATO invasion of Libya. The entire anti-Gaddafi campaign is organized from abroad, propagated by the Western media, with Western powers, NATO and its allies already preparing for an invasion. What is already destroyed is the respect for international law, which upholds the right of … Read entire article »

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People And Their Personal Vibrators

[Author’s note: I am sure it’s not just me. As you pan around at a stop light, you see almost everyone busy with their “personal vibrators.” No, it’s not what you think, and I know exactly what you are capable of thinking, as you read this. It is that ubiquitous multitasking device called the Cell phone. A device that enables you to live a phlegmatic voyeuristic lifestyle, engaging in a kind of private, yet public masturbation of the senses. The text masseurs of today are like the junkies of the ’60s, reminding me of their spastic scramble to light up their addiction at the parks, street corners, alleys, bus and train stops, or in their cars, rolling up to inhale their own miasma. Text messaging is the new drug. In … Read entire article »

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