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What has India learned from 1962?

In 1962, India’s lofty claims to represent the third world countries, a country developing in the so-called Gandhian way of non-violence and democracy came to an abrupt end when the Chinese army started coming down from the high mountain like wave after wave and India had no defense apparently. A careful analysis should say that India has learned nothing and India today is in a worse condition than in 1962 considering both the international and domestic situation. Before 1962, India got at least 3 years to prepare for the war, when by 1959 it was known that China already took over Akshai Chin.  India in 1949-50 endorsed the Chinese occupation of Tibet, East Turkistan, East Mongolia and Manchuria. Not only that, in 1955 Bandung Conference of the non-aligned countries India has introduced … Read entire article »

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Convalescing Kings

(Swans – January 12, 2009)   All day on October 22, 2008, my sagacious cousin Seshu tried to get access to a mysterious facility in Visakhapatnam. He claimed it would wake us up from our tropical stupor. He asked without using the word zoo, “would you like to go to an animal center?” I instantly replied, “Nah, been to too many zoos with the kids there.” He shrugged, but still insisted with a sly grin. I wondered what zoo will excite us in this humidity, but was intrigued by his understated proposal and why we needed a permission to see a zoo. However, the access took a while to materialize. The people at the animal center were hesitant and reticent in allowing anybody to see that center for a reason — … Read entire article »

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What Happens When Nations Go Bankrupt: We’re All Greece

We are now exiting the eye of the hurricane The only thing the DEBT laden societies (their politicians and central banks that love the paper money) have done for last several decades is to kick the can down the Road. One small thing everyone forgot – There is a dead-end somewhere down the road…And there is butcher sitting over there to receive those that are not prepared to meet him at the dead-end. Those who have their ears on the ground are realizing what is going on…. Unfortunately Six-pack-Joe is sleeping (nothing unusual about it…that is why sheeple get slaughtered when they do). The only question is – how are you prepared to deal with what happens? Gold and Silver are on Sale again. We should welcome the discounted prices. Here is how the … Read entire article »

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Global Economic Powers Comparison: America, China and India

This blog covers the following topics and references and notes are offered at the end. A Multipolar C-I-A World Comparison of Select Data for C-I-A Commentaries on China Select Facts for Two Emerging and A Developed Global Power China and India at a Glance Political Capacity Pakistan China Democracy vs Autocracy America India India vs China A Multipolar C-I-A World C-I-A (China, India and America) are compared to understand relative strengths of emerging powers. To be a global or a regional power depends on three factors: a strong economy, a powerful military and a deep rooted political capacity. Metaphorically, any global or regional power is three legged. Three legged stools on one (Pakistan) and two (China) legs by nature are unstable. With three relatively stable legs India at best an aspiring global power. In a unipolar world, since the end of the Cold War … Read entire article »

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China, Pakistan and Defending India

The blog covers five topics: Indian Defenses Threat Perceptions Defense Postures of Global Powers Good News India Bad News India   The blog is complete with references and notes. Indian Defenses The overall news about India is encouraging as it continues with annual GDP rates of 8% to 9% on a trajectory to double digit annual economic growth. Economic growth is helping government generate revenues to substantially increase its defense build-up. Indian imports, according to Irfan Husain, accounted for 9% share of international arms sales for 2006 – 10. India is the largest importer and America the largest exporter of arms. The data for 2009 on the top 10 military spenders by SIPRI, (the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) are provided in the references and notes. It shows that America and China occupy first two ranks in the military … Read entire article »

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