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The Warrior Child of Ayodhya – Part III

The significance of his appearance for the Hindu Samaj [Link to Part I or Part II] Parts 1 and 2 of this series dedicated to Ramlala have brought forward the need to revisit the calendars in use by the Hindu Samaj, which on numerous occasions I have described as a very clever device to divide 80% of the energies of India’s population. Given the campaign carried out over the past 18 years to bring this matter into prominence, results are finally forthcoming: several Hindu organisations have adopted resolutions calling for a uniform calendar to replace the dozen or more that presently exist. In the words of Jawaharlal Nehru to the Calendar Reform Committee on February 18, 1953:   …I am told that we have at present thirty different calendars, differing from each other in various … Read entire article »

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The Warrior-Child of Ayodhya – Part I

The significance of his appearance for the Hindu Samaj ‘…the disputed site is the birthplace of Lord Ram. Place of birth is a juristic person and is a deity. It is personified as the spirit of [the] divine worshiped as birthplace of Lord Ram as a child. [The] Spirit of [the] divine ever remains present everywhere at all times for anyone to invoke in any shape and form in accordance with his own aspirations, and it can be shapeless and formless also…’ [Italics mine] Justice D.V. Sharma, The Ayodhya Verdict 30 September 2010 * ‘The Indian judicial system treats deities as legal entities who could have a legal representation in courts through trustees or an in-charge of the temple in which they are worshipped…’. Harshvir Pratap Sharma Supreme Court lawyer ‘The Hindu’, … Read entire article »

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Ayodhya: Janma Bhumi-Masjid Judgement: Has India Moved On?

In reply to a tweet on September 29, this writer replied that he was a firm believer and hoped that a grand temple for Bhagavan Sri Ram would be built at His birth place. He added that the issue was very complex, likely to extend the sagacity of the Honourable judges to the very limits. But in the end everyone hoped for a judgement that would make all parties exclaim “A Daniel come to judgment…” as both Shylock and Portia did in different scenes of “The Merchant of Venice.” Incidentally the central theme of the Shakespeare play, according to literary critics, was a plea for toleration! MSM: ‘REWIND, FREEZE FRAME’ Till 4 P.M. on September 30 our main stream media – the Pravdas and Izvestias of the print … Read entire article »

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