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How to Post Your Column at this site:

There are some basic requirements you need to fulfill  before your article can be published at our site. Please visit “For Authors” page before you read any further. If you miss some requirements your article will not be published at this site even though it might be a good article.

Publishing your article at this blog site is extremely simple process…It is so simple that you can publish your first article within 10 minutes from start to finish…and this website is FREE for both – amature as well as professional columnists….and you get visitors from our prime portal India Varta.

Here are few simple steps you need to follow to submit your first article.

  • Register at IndiaCause website using “Register” link on the right panel (first link under Login).
  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Login to your a/c and complete the registration process.
  • Click on ‘Post’ on the Dashboard. (See image #1 below)
  • Click on “Add New” under the Post option (image #2)
  • Add title, Add column body and do the formatting as you need. (image #3)
  • “Save Draft” and “Preview” your column (image #3)
  • “Submit for Review” when you are done. (image #3)
  • You are Done!!!
  • For more editing features, or to include document/table from MS Word document or editing in HTML – see image #5 below.
  • Additionally you can also assign category to your article, upload pictures and there is much more to explore for professional columnists.


What happens after you submit your column?

  • Our editors will review your article (generally within 1 to 4 days)
  • And publish the article if it is approved.
  • Featured articles are also published at our prime news portal India Varta.


Importnt Note: DO NOT change the Permalink in the “Edit” in the top part of posting (below Title). This setting defines URL (web address) of your article. Changing this setting after your article is published will change the URL of the article. This will cause loosing of all visitors that come from the old url (like those forwarded in email or pages linking to your article etc). They will receive ‘Page not found’ error if this setting is changed. Editors at iVarta will take care of updating Permalink before the article is published. (see image #4)

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Image #5

Here are some additional editing features.

  • If 2nd row of buttons is not visible, click on the last button on the first row (blue horizontal arrow). this should show the 2nd line of buttons.
  • To post from MS Word document (only if you have table to insert or you have too many hyperlinks in your article), click on the button with “W” on it (red vertical arrow). A new window should open and you can post contents from word. This will also enable you to add table to your post too. BEFORE POSTING FROM MS WORD MAKE SURE THE FONT IN MS WORD DOCUMENT IS ‘TIMES NEW ROMAN’. DOCUMENTS WITH DIFFERENT FONTS TEND TO GET MESSED UP IN POST.
  • If you are comfortable with HTML you can click on “HTML” tab to edit document in html.


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  1. India is on trial of history; the issue is: whether in today’s India a peaceful SATYAGRAH in Mahatma Gandhi’s footprints is workable or not. What is the legitimacy of any peaceful agitation or SATYAGRAH, like the one being conducted by Baba Ram Dev? This question throws open many serious debatable issues. There are always conflicting interests of different sections of citizens in any given society and democratic system of governance is better than any other competitive system only because it allows dissent to express itself, however unliking it may be to the ruling setup. If peaceful dissent, like Baba Ram Dev’s SATYAGRAH, is not allowed in a democratic country like India, then will it not justify a bloody alternative with which one-third of India is afflicted with? In democracy, a peaceful dissent is a safety-valve of human self-governance. Second issue: Babas, Sadhus, Sants! are they not exploiting ignorant and innocent people’s blind faith in India? Are they not taking the society backward in time? Are they not mischieviously intent on selling their marketability? It is a fashion of modern average mind, who has not studided science and its inquisitive frontiers, to paint spiritual people (whether they are fake or genuine) with black color of ignorance. Such an approach to the issue is neither of a scientific mind nor of an average intellegent mind. This approach may be of an average Westerner; but even the best Western minds do not agree with this approach. We do not defend the fake Babas; but there may be – and there are -genuine spiritual people the world-over, and India abounds with them. It brings no credit to a person to brush spiritual people with black color alike. Third: there are really very serious issues the world is confronted today. These issues bring to fore the need to think beyond the beaten-track of the Western traditional approach to every thing, including society, economics, culture, politics etc. In this regard I would invite who cares to look at: Indian People’s Congress.

    Do not be put off by political party, India etc.

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