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Non-state Actors, Miskeen, Education, Economy and Chalta Hain

Pakistan is like an imperfectly crafted cubic zirconia diamond. It is the nation born (1947) based on religion. On global stage in last four decades it has evolved as an epicenter of too many things vile including terrorism. Its additional imperfections include a complex political reality. Politically it is managed as fiefdom of the army, the DPC (Defense of Pakistan Coalition) and elected but weak politicians. DPC is a coalition of many non-state actors cultivated by the army. Want-to-be Arabs and non-Arabs are characterized as Miskeen (poor). Given poorly educated population incapable of generating above average to high economic growth rates and preoccupation with a regional power status using non-state actors the national economy is on a slippery slope and poverty is on increase. Wide spread public cynicism is at … Read entire article »

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Bridging India’s skills gap with OER

A star (*) means more info is offered in References and Notes section. This blog covers following topics: INDUSAPTI* and Demographic ICT Challenges Activities List Jobs Economic System Indian Economy Imparting skills through OER References and notes   INDUSAPTI* and Demographic   INDUSAPTI (INDUSA Practical Technologies Institute) is described in my blog “Emerging India”*. An objective of INDUSAPTI virtual school, an Open Educational Resource (OER)* is: “to let all visitors, especially rural youth and slum dwellers to develop the habits and culture of honoring their natural skills, which are the most valuable and only truly renewable resource in the world today.”   For decades, people took dynamism and economic growth for granted and saw population growth as a problem. Now we’ve gone to the other extreme, and it’s clear that young people are the scarce resource. For past few decadesIndiahas enjoyed healthy demographics. In the … Read entire article »

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The US: A decade after 2001

A star (*) indicates more information is available in the references and notes. President Obama in his latest State of the Union Address reported to the US Congress that after nine years of war the withdrawal of all US troops from Iraqis completed and in more than two decades Osama bin Laden (OBL) is not around to threaten the US security. President has in three years resolved major issues related to theUS security except that associated with the Af-Pak area terrorist Taliban and intransigent warlords of Pakistan. President has asked theUS and NATO generals to set up by 2014 a 350,000 strong Afghan army capable of neutralizing threats to its sovereignty from its neighbors. The US is committed to providing necessary military and economic aid to the Afghanistan to defend and sustain … Read entire article »

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Pictures of Protests: Debt, Civil Unrests and the Future of The West

Pictures of Protests: Debt, Civil Unrests and the Future of The West

“When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.” – Gerald Celente Here is the first picture (widely distributed) of an American with a bloody face after a direct confrontation between protesting civilians and the US Police in riot gears. This is a POWERFUL picture that will stay in people’s minds for a long period of time to come…Because this is the FIRST picture, with BLOOD … Read entire article »

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Occupy Atlanta Partnered With Nation Of Islam?

In my last post I talked about “Citizen MIlitia shows up (at Occupy Phoenix demonstration) with machine guns wearing military fatigues to protect the Occupiers from the Police”. Today’s situation goes little further…The rumor is “Occupy Atlanta Partnered With Nation Of Islam”… Stupid are those that feel all these GLOBAL protests are about democracy or about throwing the dictators. There is nothing democratic nor political about these protests – From Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Greece, Italy to various cities in the USA. Protests and riots have reached to 1700 cities and 80 countries WORLDWIDE. These are clear signs of THE ECONOMIC RIOTS of the future that are staring at us. Unfortunately the fools of Cambridge and Harvard do not get it…not will they ever until it happens. When food and money is taken … Read entire article »

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Congratulations Joe-Six-Pack!!! Celebrate – Financial Armageddon is averted (err…postponed)

Congratulations Joe-Six-Pack!!! Have you heard the good news?  Financial Armageddon is averted.  The economic collapse in Europe has been cancelled (…for now).  Everything is going to be fine and wonderful. The prosperity is about to return to Europe and the Western world. CNBC and other financial channels world-over are telling us that the economic crisis in Europe is over. Global stock markets all soared this week on this news. The Dow was up nearly 3 percent on Thursday. Global financial markets are at the peak of optimism. The stock market is in Financial Disneyland. Time to Celebrate. Lets have a party (who cares about the bill, we shall get more debt to pay when the bill arrives) (Update on Nov 01, 2011 – Wheels Come Off Euro Plan in Just Five Days) As … Read entire article »

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Occupy Wall Street movement and How to fix US Congress

This blog is adopted from private communications by friends. Peaceful Revolution for the US Tea Party in the US has galvanized conservative Republican Party base to action. Republican Party leadership in general and in the Republicans Presidential debates, in particular, we see a chaos precipitated by the extreme right conservative movement. Occupy Wall Street movement is by progressive jobless American youth. The movement is more than a month old and spreading like wild fire to all across the US as well as parts of Europe. Arab Springs have toppled three dictators, three more are on the way out and remaining 51 of 57 dictators in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Communities) states are rethinking how to continue to be in power. All Americans can not march on streets as the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall … Read entire article »

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Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

Summary: “America is disintegrating. The “one Nation under God, indivisible” of the Pledge of Allegiance is passing away. In a few decades, that America will be gone forever. In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to our parents…..” ————— First, little about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests Export of Protests – From America to London, Rome, Europe and going Global Discontent in America is growing..big time …and now it is being exported too…The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement Hit London yesterday. A crowd of a few thousand protesters angry at the handling of the financial crisis noisily gathered near the London Stock Exchange. Throngs moved through the area’s narrow thoroughfares chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose money? Our money!” Others marched in the area of Paternoster Square, adjacent to the cathedral and the exchange. Folks, this is all … Read entire article »

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What Happens When Nations Go Bankrupt: We’re All Greece

We are now exiting the eye of the hurricane The only thing the DEBT laden societies (their politicians and central banks that love the paper money) have done for last several decades is to kick the can down the Road. One small thing everyone forgot – There is a dead-end somewhere down the road…And there is butcher sitting over there to receive those that are not prepared to meet him at the dead-end. Those who have their ears on the ground are realizing what is going on…. Unfortunately Six-pack-Joe is sleeping (nothing unusual about it…that is why sheeple get slaughtered when they do). The only question is – how are you prepared to deal with what happens? Gold and Silver are on Sale again. We should welcome the discounted prices. Here is how the … Read entire article »

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Formula for Successful Developed Nation

Introduction  The blog presents a formula of five pillars for nation building using education reforms. The formula is outlined after the introduction of two educational models and some ideas for building a lesson plan for the positive thinking. The two models emphasize continuous updating of the content in discussions with a team of teacher’s. As an example of potentially relevant content, the suggested reading section lists an article by Dr. Bhamy Shenoy. It advocates use of Gandhian solutions to solve some of world’s energy and environmental problems. It can be a lesson in creative thinking and may be relevant for including in the content based teaching and learning. I intuitively believe that the Gandhian solutions are not an option for all of global challenges, in general and India’s problems in particular. My views … Read entire article »

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