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Following topics are addressed 1.                 Three Ps 2.                 Atman (Soul) 3.                 Linking God to Energy 4.                 ABM System 5.                 Computers and Power Trains 6.                 Hindu Advaita Philosophy and Science 7.                 Concluding Remarks 8.                 References and notes are indicated with a star (*) and bracketed number.   Three Ps  The three P’s are Philosophy, physics and psychology. Philosophy and psychology are subjective disciplines and in general these are intuitive, not quantitative sciences. Physics is both subjective (theoretical) and objective (experimentally verifiable) sciences. If a scientific observation is supported by verifiable data then it is a fact, if not then it is a theory. Unlike psychology and social studies, etc principles of physics and physical sciences are experimentally verifiable. Of the three Abrahamic and two Vedic faiths only Hindus have internalized all elements of three Ps. Three Abrahamic faiths rely … Read entire article »

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Response to New York Times Denigrating Ganesha

Response to the article in New York Times denigrating Ganesha: Original Article “Uncertain Times in India, but Not for a Deity” by Ellen Barry of New York Times, Gaudy Ganesha? By Jayakumar S. Ammangudi, Ph.D. Two weeks ago, it was Gardiner Harris, South Asia Correspondent of the New York Times (NYT) bemoaning the rise of Narendra Modi in India (link).  A week later, it was Ellen Barry, again of NYT, troubled by the immense display of faith to the most popular deity, Ganesha, of the oldest living non-aggressive tradition of this world (link). (Picture of Ganesha procession in Mumbai that appeared in the NYT) It is interesting that in his biography, Gardiner readily admits (link) that ‘the complexity of India is paralyzing’.  Having written about science, medicine and food, he begins to write about not just Politics, but Indian Politics. … Read entire article »

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Economies and Political Ideologies of Democratic vs Welfare States

The article focuses on economic impacts of the political ideologies used by Muslim welfare states and market economies of constitutional democratic capitalist nations. It suggests that recent actions of TTP (Tehrik-Taliban-Pakistan), TMQ (Tehrik-i-Minhajul Quran headed by Dr Muhammad Tahirul Qadri or TQ), the army and political establishment may be contributing to internal destabilization of PK (Pakistan). The destabilization may be detrimental to on-going peace process in South Asia. The following topics are presented. Rocky Peace Process Youth in Welfare States Welfare States Economy and Institutions Dynamic and Static Political Ideologies References and notes: star (*) means see references and notes   Rocky Peace Process  The killing of Pakistan and India soldiers starting Jan 6, 2013 on both sides of LoC is fueling war hysteria in South Asia and making it harder for the peace process to remain on tracks. Politically … Read entire article »

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Analyzing Muslim Asymmetric Wars

 Following points are discussed: Introduction Evolution of Asymmetric Wars Statistical Islam Muslim Terrorism Conflicts in Middle East and South Asia Arab  Springs UN and Muslims Peace  on Earth References and notes    Introduction  Some Muslim nations as well as non-state actors (NSA) such as al Qaeda in many Arab lands and the Af-Pak region, Taliban of Pakistan and Hamas of Palestine, etc use terrorism to wage asymmetric wars hoping to resolve territorial disputes with militarily powerful neighbors. Al Qaeda, the most notorious organization was organized (1988-89) by Osama bin Laden, a billionaire Saudi Arab. Al Qaeda is a globally diffused Muslim terrorist organization engaged in asymmetric wars to challenge the US and Muslim dictators aligned with the US. Osama was killed (2011) in a raid by a US special ops force in the garrison town of Abbotabad, Pakistan. The global arms of al Qaeda … Read entire article »

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Pre-17th Century Sciences and Understanding Life

First article – “Terrorism and Cultural Wars”*  – of this four parts series discussed how social and cultural upbringings can explain terrorism.  The second article – and “Religion, Politics and Arts”* – presented aspects of religion used for political exploitation and arts. For understanding life scientific knowledge of the universe is essential. The following topics are discussed in this third article. Introduction Energy Ancient Vedic Science Pre-17th century Science Science References and notes:  Star (*) followed by a bracketed number (#1, etc) identifies applicable specific reference and notes.   Introduction  Comparative religion, arts and science are tools for understanding life. An objective of four part series is to illustrate the central place of science in life. The relevance of science is to improve knowledge of material world for humanity. Another two part series – Tides of Ideas* (#3) and the Golden … Read entire article »

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Terrorism, Cultural Wars and Understanding Life

This is first of a four parts series on Understanding Life The following topics are covered:   Introduction Cultural  Wars References and notes Star (*) followed by a bracketed number (#1, etc) identifies applicable specific reference and notes.   Introduction   Comparative religion, arts and science are tools for understanding life. Terrorism is examined from social and cultural angles. Some references and introductions to contribution of ancient Vedic people and scientists of Indian origin are identified in the second article of this series. The third and fourth articles of the series introduce accomplishments of the pre-17th century sciences and modern science, respectively. Identifying relevance of science in improving knowledge for humanity through religions, arts and science is a comprehensive subject; this series is an introduction to it. Domestic terrorism* (#1) is being blamed on two recent (August 2012) crimes by hate mongers in the US. … Read entire article »

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Zakir Naik and Idol worship

The field of consciousness as we know has originated from the Indian sciences, expounded further by Sri Aurobindo and further propagated by westerners like Ken Wilber. It is a science which revolves around the art of detachment to free the mind from attachment to name, fame, power, lust, greed, anger etc which blinds the person from perceiving the truth and obstructs the psychological evolution. “tvamev matach pitach tvamev, tvamev bandhuch sakhasch tvamev, tvamev vidya dravidam tvamev, tvamev sarvam mam devdev” 1: You Truly are my Mother And You Truly are my Father . 2: You Truly are my Relative And You Truly are my Friend. 3: You Truly are my Knowledge and You Truly are my Wealth. 4: You Truly are my All, My God of Gods. The Indian thought perceives mother as divine (matri devo … Read entire article »

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Promotion of Indian culture and ‘minority appeasing’ Secularism

Every country’s primary education revolves around its history, languages, philosophies, art, culture and sciences. Ancient greece is characterised by greek philosophies and sciences, egypt with pyramids and the science behind it etc. It is only natural for any school of a country to be teaching the ancient language of that country along with the philosophies. Would it sound logical to a rational mind if, in his own family, someone else’s lineage and history is given more importance and taught to him than his own? Would it be hypocritical if his own history is given much more importance to him than someone else’s?   Similar is the case with India. Today, if one vouches for the promotion of Indian culture, sciences or dharma (righteousness, ethics and duty) as expounded by Veda, Gita and … Read entire article »

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What Is Luxury?

One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.” —George Eliot   (Swans – February 9, 2009)   A recession is precisely the time to debate the subject of luxury. What is luxury? Is luxury associated only with crass consumerism, or does it have a wider swath? In times when necessities are becoming luxuries, the concept of luxury is being redefined not by the free markets but by the most unlikely source, the US government. Our government has stepped into the luxury business by buying out so-called blue-chip companies who should have gone out of business for their failed business models, bad management, and labor unions. The US economic metabolism has become slow, where our payments were not keeping pace with our consumption, therefore leading to financial constipation. Now the enema is being … Read entire article »

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Clash of Civilizations, Interfaith Dialogues & Political Forces

The Part I, appeared as “Lies and Men of God “Proselytizers” Part I of the blog was primarily devoted to lies by the politically motivated men of God and how they manipulate proselytizing to manipulate people of other faith to convert. Part II describes behaviors of politicians, both dictators and elected officials manipulating public opinions.   Clash of Civilizations Interfaith Dialogues Common Purposes, Political Ideologies and Community Norms Modernity and South Asia Laws of nature and human laws Capitalist, Socialist and Hybrid Democracies Bipolar Political Forces   Clash of Civilizations  Historically (6th century to present) European and Caliphate brand imperialist have inflicted wars in others’ lands to expand the colonial rule all across the globe for power and looting wealth in occupied lands. My blogs have identified some reasons including political ambitions, heritage and awakening, etc for the rise and fall of European and … Read entire article »

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