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Important things for authors at this blog site:

New authors:

  • When you register a new user id make sure you set your first and last name during the registration process. We do not accept any post just under some display name like “google writer” etc. First and last name is mandatory. (This is a legal requirement at our website)
  • We do not accept anonymous posts. Please use your real name while posting any blogs here.
  • After you post your first article, please send us your postal address and phone number from the email id you have registered. We do not disclose this information anywhere on there site. But having your address and phone number on our records is extremely important. We will not publish any blogs before we have this info on our records. (This is a legal requirement at our website)

During posting:

  • Please copy your article from MS Word to simple text file (notepad) and then copy from notepad and paste into your new post. Preferably do not use provision to copy directly from MS word. Sometimes formatting becomes very cumbersome when articles are posted directly from MS Word.
  • If your article contains tables etc then you will need to use “copy from Ms Word” method (mentioned on “Post your column” page.) Before copying from Ms Word please convert all text in word to “Time New roman” font to avoid any formatting issue during the posting.


About view count:

We have noticed that some visitors like to see high count on some articles. So they are trying to artificially raise the count by refreshing the page several hundred times. Therefore, you shall notice that sometimes on the first day the view count is something like 800 or 1500. We do not think our site has that high visitorship  in one day. We therefore, have set a process where we reduce the visit count to something that we believe is normal. This is the reason you might see sometimes the visitor count going down by few hundreds.

For existing authors:

Please provide us your most latest postal address and phone number if you have not done so. Also make sure your address is upto-date on our records.

Team @iVarta

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