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Indra and Soma, Shiva and Madira

The Indian texts are classified into two categories : Shrutis and Smritis. Shruti comes from the Sanskrit root “Shru” i.e to hear. Now the whole question is what is this hearing? Is it a physical hearing? Shruti is knowledge that is experienced and comes directly from the highest source of consciousness experienced in the highest state of meditation where the knowledge is pure and unpolluted by the imaginations, assumptions lower level analysis of a polluted and wavering mind. It is a vision that is experienced beyond the mind, beyond the working of the senses. This classification is done as follows: Veda Upanishad/Purana Contemporary usage Vasu Satyaloka Existence Urja Chit or Tapoloka Consciousness/Energy Priyam Janaloka Bliss Swar Maharloka Supermind Dyau (heaven) Manas Mind Bhuvar, Antariksha Prana Vital Bhu (earth) Anna Physical   It is declared the sense are superior but more than the senses the mind is superior but more than the mind the intelligence is superior and … Read entire article »

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The Dream of Vishnu (Part 2) – Nothingness?

The Dream of Vishnu (Part 2) Nothingness? The Buddhist conception of nothingness today is grossly misunderstood. Many people ask that if the ultimate reality consists of nothingness or emptiness, then why even do anything? People prescribing to such point of view also state that it is all maya, then why should we even do any dharmic actions? Such people see futility in doing their righteous duties for the welfare of the society or dharma. It is similar to the situation of a shattered Arjun who found it useless to fight his enemies on the battlefield consisting of relatives and friends. The war of mahabharat should not be judged as a good war or a bad war but a dharmic war. Is non-doing of one’s own duties really futile? Is inaction same as renunciation … Read entire article »

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The Dream of Vishnu: Shunyata or Infinity? (Part1)

Dream of Vishnu :  Shunyata or Infinity? That man who uses the mind for reins and the knowledge for the driver, reaches the end of his road, the highest seat of Vishnu. Than the senses the objects of sense are higher; and higher than the objects of sense is the Mind; and higher than the Mind is the faculty of knowledge; and than that is the Great Self higher. And higher than the Great Self is the Unmanifest and higher than the Unmanifest is the Purusha: than the Purusha there is none higher: He is the culmination, He is the highest goal of the journey. (Katha Upanishad, Kena and other Upanishads, Page 115, 1.3.9-11) A thought cannot be measured nor can it be known as to when it began. It can also … Read entire article »

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