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Rape cannot happen in Bharat: Biased British media

Rape cannot happen in Bharat: British media’s Bias It is a case of ‘Shame for the British’ that even after exploiting India for 200 years, creating man made famines killing millions, ruthless killings and destructions during any uprising against its evil rule over India, British for the last 60 years are engaged in massive propaganda campaign against India. The coverage of the case of a rape and murder of a medical student in New Delhi demonstrates that the British media is trying to prove the culture and religion of India, coupled with complete indifference of the civil, law enforcement, judicial and other aspects of society have made rape and assult against women rampant and unchecked. It is trying to prove the superirity of the British culture and the ‘White Man’s Burden’ … Read entire article »

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What has India learned from 1962?

In 1962, India’s lofty claims to represent the third world countries, a country developing in the so-called Gandhian way of non-violence and democracy came to an abrupt end when the Chinese army started coming down from the high mountain like wave after wave and India had no defense apparently. A careful analysis should say that India has learned nothing and India today is in a worse condition than in 1962 considering both the international and domestic situation. Before 1962, India got at least 3 years to prepare for the war, when by 1959 it was known that China already took over Akshai Chin.  India in 1949-50 endorsed the Chinese occupation of Tibet, East Turkistan, East Mongolia and Manchuria. Not only that, in 1955 Bandung Conference of the non-aligned countries India has introduced … Read entire article »

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Falling Fortune of India

Rapid decline of the fortune of India in recent months can imply a number of aspects. It can mean the economy is adjusting for the growing inflation in India and the resultant falling export volumes. Or it can mean there is a fear for the greater deficits in balance of payment due to rapidly rising cost of imports of petroleum. It can also mean fear among the so-called short run institutional investors, who have invested through Mauritius, that the government may clamp down on them sooner or later through GAAR (General Anti-Avoidance Rules). It can also mean India is heading for a disaster after having a reckless party financed by foreign borrowing as it had happened in both 1960 and 1991. Past Mistakes: A few years ago BJP’s finance minister Jaswant Sinha, … Read entire article »

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Mohammad Iqbal”s “Hindustan Hamara” is the National Song of Pakistan

Mohammad Iqbal and Communalism in modern India: Iqbal’s Hindustan is the Mughal India as Dar-Ul-Islam – We are Muslims and the whole world is our homeland. Iqbal was the greatest political thinker of the Muslims in British India. Although he was described as a Sufi, his doctrine went counter to the quietism and acceptance preached by traditional Sufism. Iqbal’s philosophy was a rather militant doctrine of action, of fight to achieve an ideal placed before man, and this ideal was of that of a primitive Islam, which in Iqbal’s opinion was preached by the Prophet He was one of the earliest proponent of the ‘Two Nation Theory’ after Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, now Aligarh Muslim University. One of the most prominent leaders of the All India Muslim … Read entire article »

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Making a Sense out of Crisis in Arab countries

Suddenly the Arab world is in turmoil. The reason and the agitators are different in different places but a pattern is emerging. In Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Yemen, the crowd wants reforms but not revolt. Most of them went home after achieving their initial victory when the existing dictators of Tunisia and Egypt departed to be replaced by new dictators but the systems stay as these are. Thus, the so-called revolution in those Arab countries looks like side shows to the impending disaster that is about to happen: NATO invasion of Libya. The entire anti-Gaddafi campaign is organized from abroad, propagated by the Western media, with Western powers, NATO and its allies already preparing for an invasion. What is already destroyed is the respect for international law, which upholds the right of … Read entire article »

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