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For last several years has been using their own editing pages and options for publishing articles. The editing and publishing of the articles at used to take too long (sometimes 2-3 weeks). This has discouraged several of our authors over the years. In fact because of the delays in publishing we could not grow our columnist community.

Some of the benefits of new blog site:

  • Create as many blogs as you want (please make sure not to crowd the board with your blogs)
  • No need to wait for iVarta editors to approve your blog
  • Featured blogs will be listed on iVarta website.
  • Add pictures to your blog
  • Edit your blog the way you want (fonts, bold, underline, links and many rich features available.)
  • Update your blog anytime you want.
  • Spellcheck as you type.

With the introduction of this WordPress website (at we hope publishing will be extremely simple. We are pretty sure this website will give better experience for the authors as well as the readers.

Team @iVarta

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