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Reviving Dharma- Part 3- Eleven Points on Dharma

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 Nithin Sridhar

1. Much of the ills of the present society can be solved if people simply start adhering to the tenets of Dharma.
2.The problems of corruption,black-money, illegal mining,scams would not have happened if people had followed Asteya-Non Stealing.
3.The caste discrimination, Dowry burning,religious riots, Honour killings would not have happened if people adhered to Ahimsa-Non Violence.
4. The condition of Ganges, the problems of toilet, sanitation,pollution etc are due to non adherence to Shaucha- Cleanliness.
5. Rape, Murder, Family Dispute, Property Dispute etc are due to Non-adherance to Ahimsa, Asteya & Indriya Nigraha.
6. Ahimsa includes not causing harm through mind, words or actions. Hence, all such incidents of violence could be avoided.
7. Indriya Nigraha- by controlling one’s mind & senses- greed, lust etc can be suppressed avoiding rape, sexual assault, etc
8. The rape & other assaults like eve teasing, acid attack, dowry burning etc have their source in lust,ego & desire to dominate.
9. If, people start following Ahimsa & Indriya Nigraha in thoughts, speech & Violence,most crimes against women will not take place.
10. The very discrimination & related violence in name of caste, language, religion will be absent if people practiced Ahimsa.
11. Hence, the solution to the problems that affects India is in the Revival of Dharma.

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah.

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