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Hindu Activism Against Media – Social Media As Watchdog – Book Review

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BOOK REVIEW – Social Media As Watchdog

Title: Social Media As Watchdog
Author: Ravinar
Foreword: Professor.R.Vaidhyanathan, IIM Bangalore.
Published by: Karmic Action, C 12, UMA NAGAR, AHMEDABAD, PINCODE 380052
Year: 2013
PRICE Rs 325/-

This is one of the most original books, in recent times, written by an Indian, in English, with inputs, to understand the English TV Channels 24X7 ones, and the debates they conduct; this book espouses the cause of fairness and objectivity in broadcasting standards carried out to full length. A cursory reading will equip the viewers, (who are not familiar) to understand the “Games the Media” play in especially their programmes like “ Face The Nation”, “Buck Stops Here”, etc. The arrival of this book has done half the job; the rest lies with the spectator, to and develop critical faculties to question the credibility of fish market debates.


Have you regardless of your age, gender, education, religion, language, at any time felt angry, after seeing a Television debate? If so this book is for you. If you are a senior Citizen and feel that the standards of Press and TV have fallen this book is for you. If you are an avid TV watcher, and try to compare foreign with the scenes of Times Now TV, this book is for you. If are MBA student and advised by your professors to watch TV debates on NDTV 24X 7, (as was advised to one my friend’s daughter, who is in MBA in Sastra College) you please procure, a copy of the book, and present it to the professor who advised you to watch the programe.


Many professors, have no clue, how to dissect a TV debate and dissect a rapidly developing TV debate. Sometimes the panelists are simultaneously seen on two or three different channels. How is it physically possible? Are these big wigs are capable of teleportation? The competing channels do not have even this basic decency to inform the viewers that the programme was “Recorded”. There is not a single University that is equipped to study the Social Pathology of the Indian Media. The professors have yet to come out with a masterly study on the psychopathic behavior of Indian Media, and its impact on the Society.


I will take the case Sastra University, Vallam, Thanjavur, that sponsored Times Now National debates. Mr.Vaithee Subramanian, Dean, by taking active interest, by sponsoring National debates , if he thinks the rating of the university will go up, there are better ways to burn one’s money. A Staunch Hindu academician like Mr.Vaithee Subramanian, both modern and ancient, at the same time, and who is highly technically qualified; but not equipped ideologically, to counter the goebellsian propaganda of the psychopathic English Media against Hinduism; Hindu Values; Hindu Leaders and Nationalism. He simply does not simply understand the transnational forces that control the TV channels, and who are behind the face of Arnab Goswami.


The Hindu sponsor in this case, Satra University, helping anti-hindus with Hindu money, without precondition, is a dangerous trend. As a student of Sastra University, you will be doing a great service if you present a copy of the book “Social Media As Watchdog”, to your college library. If you have money to burn there are better causes his money could be put to use to save the Cow and its progeny from butchers and Protection of ancient Temple and its lands; the two primary causes the Kanchi Paramacharya, espoused. To help his arch enemies of Hinduism like Arnab Goswami who is destroying Hinduism.

One hopes something similar to “Manufacturing Consent The political economy of the Mass Media,” by Noam Chomsky. I hope Mr.Vaithee Subramanian will do something substantial along this line instead of resorting populism. Click URL below.

There are no forums to criticize the Television and Press in India, Perhaps his university could start one similar to FAIR {}if he wants substantial improvement in the quality of TV production and for a better media that works for the national interests. Take for example the recent bulletin from FAIR to all members:

“The Washington Post may be violating its own conflict of interest rules by hiring a Jerusalem correspondent whose spouse works for an Israeli government-linked public relations firm”….

ACTION: Please ask the Washington Post to reassign reporter Ruth Eglash so that she is not covering a country on whose behalf her husband does advocacy work.
Washington Post
Readers’ Representative
Doug Feaver

Can we expect such accurate reporting of conflict of Interests that proliferate in India, and also corrective action to break the Government Media nexus? FAIR is the acronym for “Fair and Accuracy in Reporting”. It is voluntary organizations based in USA that regularly exposes the US media, and their bias in reporting.

This writer is a long standing member of FAIR and has written fairly regularly on the problems of Indian media. In USA the public policy network C-SPAN does a splendid job of educating the public on many complex issues; and on every issue that affects the citizens in a very positive and objective way, without any ideological slant. Anyone who has seen C SPAN will know to what an extent to go to educate the public. It will also explain their commitment to explain to the public, on issues that affect their lives .They also give primary importance to issues that affect their nation. They go out great lengths to educate and inform the citizens of great nation. There is absolutely transparency and sincerity in every effort they make, is the reason why the USA has not become a banana republic like ours scarred by ideological demons.

In “Media Under Scrutiny” 2008 I wrote

“A billion strong Hindus have been taken for a ride, for so long, by so many eminent people, and at last they have seen through the game. Hindus have been woken up rudely after Mumbai 26/11, are alerting other Hindus who are in deep coma to wake up “to the Hindus who have been kept under Maya that all religions are the same and gain you the same goal” is Moksha delivered to the Hindu society” I had interviewed a retired Post Master General, who stated the above.

Soon Raj deep Sardesai had copied the phrase “A billion Strong Hindus” and modified it as “A billion Strong Indians”.


GAMES MEDIA PLAY is an analysis of a series of Incidents that were played in the public domain by the Indian TV Channels, with just one case study. To watch with utter agony of millions and millions of followers of Baba Ramdev, who had assembled in Ram Lila Maidan, New Delhi, for fasting, and protest against corruption in public life, and for bringing illegal black money from foreign countries. This is the first attempt In India to decipher the destructive games that electronic media is attempting.

In “Games Media Play”, which is fairly a long letter which i sent to the Company Secretary of NDTV, on the attack on Baba Ramdev, and the reporting by NDTV; three years down the line I was surprised this found takers even among school children as found posted in a school yahoo groups.

“Congresses own Gott Strafe India” exposed how the UPA Junta is punishing Hindus for their Hindu identity. It also documented how P.C. disappeared for three full days, after the gutless midnight attack on Baba Ramdev, and his followers, on 4th June 2011. It also documents that PC only appeared on TV after full 72 hours. Why would a home minister attack his own >people< whom he was supposed to protect? Why Hindus should never forget death of the lady sadhak Mrs.Rajbala who lost her life, due to the attack by Delhi police on her person after taking orders from the Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram.

Media crooks .com wondered if Rajbala, were named Ruksana and this happened in Gujarat, Imagine the may hem that would break loose in Media.


“Social Media as Watchdog” by Ravinar is no ordinary work. It is historical, in every sense, and for the first time, it documents the criminal behavior, of the MSM (Main Stream Media), and how if it goes unchecked it will ruin the country, as the author rightly concludes.

“The bigger danger is that there could be darker forces funding and handling a media that never fails to honk its independence. Next time any of these media celebs talk of morals, imagine them naked and see how full of shit they are”.

The author sounds warning bells:

“From Kandhahar to 26/11, from 1984 to 2002 Ayodhya to Ahmedabad, I maintain that the current media is the greatest danger to the Indian Democracy. I don’t think Modi is debating whether it is a clean chit or not. But the supreme court of India has clearly exposed the media clean shit”.


The book is divided into nine chapters with 304 pages is scathing critique of the Indian media, and how it functions like a Sicilian mafia. In his introduction eminent Professor Vaidyanathan points out “the ad revenue that media gets is major sources of income for print and TV”. He also exposes:

“The arm twisting of the government and the conflict of interests; here comes the role of new social media that exposes the paid news and slanted news and suppressed news. In such scenario we have media starting his blog in Feb 2010. Now have some 14000 followers on twitter. This book is compilation of the 50 best articles on MC after a lot of requests by readers. These have been chosen from over 400 posts on his blog”

A tremendous task in itself: the author deserves a big appreciation for what he has exposed a pack of organised goebellsian liars; in the most modern digital age.


I have known and met many of the following individual who waged battles over 52 years, with the Print media against their continued Misrepresentation of Hinduism, Hindu History and projecting false Christian and Islamic History and resorting to Negationism given here in alphabetical order. S/Shri Arun Shourie, D. Anjaneyalu, Bharat Gajjar, Dr.Babu Suseelan, Captain. H.Balakrishnan, Dr. David Frawley, P.Deivamuthu, Dr.Elst, Francois Gautier, Dr.S.Kalyanaraman, Kopalle Rao, Dr.Maha Kali Rao, B.R. Haran,Mohan Natarajan, A. Neelakandan, Narasimha Murthy, Dr.N.S. Rajaram, Ram Swarup, Mrs.Radha Rajan, Shivram Joglekar, Sandhya Jain, Sita Ram Goel, V.S. Sardesai, Dr.S.R.Rao,B.S Lal. K.S.Lal, Vijayan, Varsha Bhosle, V.Sundaram, and Rajiv Malhotra many other left as it was too long to be listed here.

These individuals in their individual capacities starting from letter writers to scholars have exposed the hollowness of the print media through their regular feed back to the editor, to detailed treatises and comments on the writings of Soli Sorabjee, Jyothi Punwani, B.G.Verghese, N.Ram, Prabhu Chawla, Seema Mustafa, TJS George, Malini Parthasarathy, Gail Omvedt, Michael Witzel, Steve Farmer, M.J.Akbar, Malini Chaterjee, Daniel Thimmiah, Romila Thapar, T.J.Ninan, Ramachandra Guha, Kancha Illiah, Siddhartha Varadarajan, Sanjay Srivastava and their ilk.

[If these could be documented and brought out in a book form it could prove to be damning evidence against the print media on how they sell their souls and their country and also will prove to be the longest and bitterest struggle in the post independent India against the fifth columnists still thriving with Hindu Money.]


Now, for the first time electronic media has been so thorough exposed by Ravi Narayan, aka Ravinar in “Social media as watch dog”. It is time for truth seekers, to align into seamless activism, to thoroughly dredge India, of the congress controlled, media-mafia weed.

But before that, do buy as many copies of the book “Social Media as watch Dog” and distribute them, to your friends in college and schools. Donate them to libraries, and translate it into as many local languages, as you can, if you want to save our generation, and the next, from the toxic emissions of English media. These will stop at anything but total annihilation of India and Hindus, as you can see from the vitriolic outpourings of thousands of pages written, and millions of hours spoken and televised every year against Hindus, Hindu Values, India, Narendra Modi, and the sowing divisive agenda; promoting alien interests, on Indian soil, being mouth pieces of China, Pakistan, USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia or Russia, and as conduits of these vested interests who wants to promote their interests in the fertile soil of India, through a compromised media. Or else, why would they invite an arch enemy like, Mian Musharuff repeatedly for Hindustan Times Leadership summit sponsored heavily by PSU money, which is nothing Indian money, public money?


It is time to develop a tool kit, and expose the anti-nationals working in Indian media, and their sources of funds. In February 2012, Dr. Subramanian Swamy had organised a patriotic tweeple conference in Bangalore with the objective of countering the lies propagated by the MSM. It is time for the RTI activists to turn to RTI to expose the sources of PSUs, Government funds received by Hindustan times, CNN IBN, NDTV for hosting anti-India, anti-national leadership summits, inviting arch enemies of India like Mian Musharuff, who ordered the Kargill invasion, for talking on leadership.

In the pretext of entertaining sailors and solders, the scantily clad film actresses moving freely with sailors and Army men, there by destroying their discipline with self pseudo secular English Media as the single biggest security threat to India. Unless they have higher up, the NDTV could not have permission to take cameras and what not into Navy Ships, dockyards, Army barracks. Though the explanation is entertainment it doubtful whether the intentions are exactly the same. The self appointed NDTV team is well known for Kargil telecast record that showed enemies the entrenched position of our soldiers, and exposed them to enemy firing. When terrorists struck Mumbai 26/11, again the same thing happened, when live telecast was allowed unhindered, for a long time, before the National Security adviser, stepped in to stop the nonsense.


The live telecast was seen by enemy operators, in Pakistan, who were being kept abreast of the latest developments, and over the satellite phone they gave instructions to the terrorists who were inside the Taj, the Jewish Prayer house and the Oberoi. They planned their moves and counter moves that resulted in enormous losses to the lives of young officers. No anchor has been sent to Jail, or TV station has yet been punished or barred as on date, by an Army Court. In the recent of explosion of a submarine in Bombay navy dockyard, the real cause has not been understood; whether it is an accident; or sabotage from outside; or an internal sabotage? There is no dearth of internal enemies in India.

It is time to expose the embedded spies in the media, whose heart bleeds for enemies and beats for different causes, not for India and not for Hindus. In this connection I have disconnected all cable my TV connections, and rely on vernacular newspapers, for local news and accuracy.


As a severe critic of the Hindu for over 14 years, I know how the Hindu conceals its communist intentions from its majority Hindu readers. It is trying to dish out the failed communist ideology targeting young children, as target customers young as 10 years in school. They have resource persons in each school and advise them to read the news paper, in class rooms. These persons do the task assigned to them, and they are given prominent coverage in the News paper. These unofficial agents to spread the word about ‘The Hindu’, without even understanding, the cunning marketing game, aimed at children and their parents. They are becoming toys in the hands of ‘The Hindu’, and the school principals recommend the parents to buy the paper and children are forced every day by their teachers to read the headlines, as home work, and copy the same on work books every day, to be shown to teachers. In this way the children are force fed with communist ideology and leaning. This is nothing but communist propaganda. This is a dangerous trend and more and children are getting hooked to alien ideologies and get uprooted from their culture, and made into aliens of the soild, in the pretext of developing their English knowledge.


In January 2013, The Hindu published an abusive piece on Swami Vivekananda, by a Delhi based professor Sanjay Srivastava.

Media was immediate to point out the similarities in the facial appearance of Comrade Sanjay Srivastava and Comrade Siddharth Varadarajan, {said to be a staunch supporter of Naxalite movement}, the editor of the Hindu, and published a mirror image of the two pictures.

Our friends organised a protest outside the Hindu office in Chennai, and got arrested for a day by the police. This was followed by a meeting with the resident editor S.Varadarajan. A rebuttal was published by eminent writer Dr.Prema Nandakumar, on request from the monks of the Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore Chennai wrote the following piece “He gave us back our dignity”.

The secular minded RK mission, was co-opting with “The Hindu” for decades, had now realized their folly. For the first time, on an all India basis, they cancelled some 98000 subscriptions.

This was followed by a two part rebuttal by Aravindan Neelakandan titled “Lal Salam Comrade” which was sent to Siddharth Varadarajan. He did not even acknowledge receipt of the rebuttal, which was later published in Centre Right. People of Hindutva are not idiots and this could have changed his perception that on the other side there are people who are more than a match for sanjay Srivastava the idiot, who managed to pen an another idiotic retort in the same trash paper.

When our team met Mr.Varadarajan, seemed a bit affable, than his predecessor and offered coffee, which our team headed by Subbu, did not accept. During the course of discussion Mr.V. even suggested “whether can we work together?” He pointed about manual scavenging in the country, and wanted a solution for the issue, Mr.Subbu, pointed out that he Mr. V. should go out and cleans the latrines and prove by example. It is on record Mr.V.commented, “what ever we do you people are undefeatable”. Aravindan Neelakandan wrote that two piece expose on the Editor’s agenda in “Lal salaam comrade”.

I wrote to Mr.Varadhabhai that there is no dearth of material and to go through his own archives, which carried glowing tributes on Vivekananda reported live 125 years ago, by the reporters from the very stables of the Hindu. The editor did not even know that his paper carried excellent reports on Swami Vivekananda, and had to be hinted. In a kneejerk reaction, he agreed to publish some amends, which he carried out, not to our liking, as he brought out an ancient controversy, which took place 100 years ago, and not glowing tributes but something a non issue, which he reasoned out from his typical communist mind, was in memory of swami Vivekananda in his 125th year.


One hundred years the cooum canal was carrying fresh water. Now it is carrying to Bay of Bengal the Sewage, of Chennai. One cannot blame the water way for the stink that it is creating. Just 100 feet from Cooum lies the HQ of “The Hindu”, which was started by patriotic young Hindus, mostly Iyengar, Iyer and Rao. It was 100 years ago. This paper has all the Hindu Vaishnavite insignia including Kamadhenu,Karpagavriksham, Gajalakshmi on its banner .It had published many a glowing reports of Swami Vivekananda in Madras in 1893, 1897. But the editor had chosen in January 2013, a silly controversy shows how the Hindu has slowly changed over the 125 years from the pristine waters that flowed in cooum to a news paper that sells sewage.

This is how a news paper with the name The Hindu, which was started as an idea of defending patriotism and Hinduism by young madrasi Brahmins; Iyengars; Iyers; & Raos, was hijacked by Communists, and now being controlled by aliens. The editor in chief of the Hindu is an American citizen, and Dr.Subramanian Swamy has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court, and no worthy TV channel or news paper has published the news including notice sent by the Hon. Court to the Hindu.


Earlier I had sent an expose “Gujarat ka Sach” written by the late IPS officer, B.P.Singhal, who had nailed the lie technically, how Feb in 2002 had only 28 days and not 31 days as propagated by NDTV for more than a decade.

This stunned the new editor of ‘The Hindu’ and he chose not to reply. Again, the packs of liars were exposed in a TV Debate, when Arnab Goswami, was silenced, when this fact, that Feb 2002 had only 28 days, and not 31 days, was brought up in a discussion, and he nodded in agreement. It is only the NDTV that still sticks to the claim that Feb 2002 had 31 days. It is like the Roman Catholic Church refusing to believe, Galileo, that the earth was not the centre of the solar system!


The author of the book Social Media as watch Dog Mr. Ravinar has not done much expose of The Hindu, from the South. His target was Raj deep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose (husband wife team), Barkha Dutt, Pranoy Roy, Arnab Goswami, and Rahul Kanwal. When these people are pouring venom and sewage on us for decades, I was drawn to a satire forwarded to me by some frustrated viewer on the madness in TV Channels for TRP ratings with the following, that “Barkha Dutt undergoes face transplant to resemble Arnab Goswami, to improve her TRP ratings, and the “Arnabisation of Barkha” is going on to improve NDTV’s TRP; pat came the reply from Siddhartha varadarajan “don’t send me your toxic mail …remove me from your list”.


He forgot one thing, that I have been tolerating his paper for over 20 years. Just 100 feet from his office in Chennai, there exists the famous Cooum canal that emits 24×7 noxious fumes, similar to many TV Channels. The Hindu and NDTV are partners at some levels in their Tamil TV broadcast. The Cooum carries the toxic waste of the Chennai city all the waste of slaughter houses and tannery waste. His paper has been dumping all toxic writings of fellow comrades like Sanjay Srivastava, Gail Omvedt, and Michael Witzel on the readers. If Mr.Varadhabhai, cannot tolerate one simple joke, sent as a feedback about his other comrades in NDTV; how does he expect us, readers, to tolerate the toxicity of his news paper? [Not stopping with this tirade, the Hindu has started a Tamil version of the Hindu, the title exact transliteration, from English.]

The shit dumped on us, day after day, month after months, for years in the name of Communist ideology, on me and the hapless readers for more than 20 years? Even the very printing ink used in his paper is not eco-friendly, as my 87 year old father start sneezing, as soon as he opens the paper every day morning, and I had to finally stop my news agent Arumugha, from delivering the paper at, my door steps, with a notice to The Hindu’s circulation department that the ink they use is toxic. Now my father’s health has drastically improved. Are you hearing Mr.Siddhartah Varadarajan who is spreading toxins? Under Mr.Varadarajan the Hindu has lost whatever identity it had and the age old charm, and is becoming more and more like Times of India. Sorry ‘Times’!


In Social Media as watch Dog Mr. Ravinar finally exposes all the hoaxes that we are seeing every day. Hitting back with twitter is the order of the day.

“When the twitteratti hit back they complain about the noise, and even accuse them of bigotry, malice and hate. Unfortunately, bigotry, hate and malice existed much before the advent of twitterati and social media. Each of the accused has broken many ethics of journalism. Unlike their protected studios, twitter is not a story board. Twitter will hit back and it will hurt”.

“Social media will replace main stream media. This is what scares the living daylights out of hysterical celebs like Sagarika, Ashtosh, Wagle, Barkha, and many more”.

The author sums up with a quotation that came out as the result of rivalry between the Press and Television. The line of rumor in the age of digital reproduction, in ‘The Hindu’, pretty much sums up their desperation:

“Older media like television remains powerful but increasingly fragile- hence the nervous hysterics of television anchors”

Finally “social Media has truly arrived in style”.

Thousand salutes to Shri Ravinar for bringing out this pioneering book.


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