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Who will remove the garbage on the road to the Ashram?

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Who will remove the garbage on the road to the ashram?

2014-Mission of the Hindu Gurus




This is a non parochial-analysis of the Hindu leadership; the Gurus, and the organizations that they founded, based on ancient Hindu values that form the last citadel of Hindu leadership, as most others have either failed or vanished. In these troubled times, we are trying to define the role of Hindu leadership, and the role of Hindu Gurus. Hindus who form even now form majority of the Indian Population are not willfully neglected but ignored as they do not form a vote bank, and hence do not affect the election fortunes of the political animal and hence not noticed by the Selfish Hindu politician. This is a vicious cycle which the Hindu Gurus have to break.

The collective Hindu leadership has failed to defend Hindu Society, and the Intelligentsia; refused to take charge. History will hold them guilty for having failed to address these grave issues facing Hindu Society, all these years turned their heads away in stout denial and Hindus have been dumped. As a last resort, Hindus orphans as they are, will have to turn to their Gurus; and plead with them with folded hands to take active role in the coming elections that will reshape the political History of India. They can do this by coming together on a platform of solidarity; keeping in mind opportunity never comes twice. Elections 2014 will be decisive. The Hindu gurus must work in team spirit to educate their disciple Hindus to vote in majority for Mr.Narendra Bhai Modi, to gain a major decisive political victory for Hindus in India.

INDIA-Home of Largest Hindu Population as of 2003:
India, 816,000,000
Nepal, 12,600,000
Bangladesh, 12,600,000
Indonesia, 4,800,000
Srilanka, 3,000,000
Malaysia, 1,600,000
Mauritius, 650,000
UK, 500,000
USA, 35, 000, 00
Fiji, 335000
Trinidad & Tobago 280,000
Fiji, 335000
Trinidad & Tobago 280,000
Yoga practioners in the USA 50 million
Yoga & Meditation practioners world wide 150 million

Year 2014: Mission of the Hindu Gurus

Inspite of the strength, Hindus do not exercise any control whatsoever over the policy makers, and are continuously insulted by the media and willfully neglected, by the administration, but not totally ignored, as they do not have a collective consciousness or bear a semblance of a solid vote bank, and hence do not affect the election fortunes of the political animal.

As a result the humble Hindu is not neglected after elections by the egotistical politician. Following the election, he is neglected and not heard by the elected leaders. Hence it is the spiritual Gurus who form the last citadel of Hindu leadership, must rise above their fundamental ashram and other organizational interests; and break the cycle of failures and save Hindus from this vicious cycle.

As President Obama wrote “Every so often, there are moments that define a generation….we face our defining moment…but in this moment of great challenge exists even greater opportunity…we just can’t afford to keep doing what we have been doing … This election offers that choice”.
He refers to the 2008 US elections, but to Hindus, the 2014 elections will be defining moment, and a great challenge and even greater opportunity to be or not to be. Our Gurus must come out and openly advise their followers who form 40% of the Hindus, to vote for a party that supports Narendra Modi, as Prime Ministerial candidate.


This is an acute commentary about the sorry ‘State of Affairs’, of the Hindu Society in the year 2013. It is not any official report, sponsored by any Hindu Organization. They have never thought of publishing any such report in the many done years. However I do not blame Hindu Organizations for this lapse and no organization is a perfect one.

This is about Hindus, Hinduism, Hindu activism, Hindu Organizations and Hindu Gurus of all hues, types and colors. It also speaks about the pitfalls, challenges and learning opportunities. It also helps to understand the chinks in the armor and weak links in the chain. Hindu organizations have done lot of good things, and also plenty of mistakes; it is important that, that while we are aware of our strengths, and continue to do the good things, and at the same time we have to become aware of our Achilles’ heel.

What I have done is a little summing up, of their critical weak points, which I call Frankensteins of Hinduism – that Hindus, Hindu Leaders and Hindu Organizations (Here when in refer to organizations I mean political, social and spiritual and interchange the meanings, according to contexts in which they are used) created in the past and in the recent times have collectively created.

UPA -The decision on AP BIFURCATION.


PEOPLE OF AP WARNED- This double jeopardy is imposed on the hapless people of AP for another ten years with Hyderabad as the capital for two states and the resulting confusion for every mundane thing.

The most recent being, (Wednesday 31st July announcement, by UPA, The Hindu) is the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh that will open a Pandora’s Box, of similar demands in other parts of India, which must be defeated by Hindus collectively, as this will result in similar demands in other parts of India, leading to unreasonable demands, like Khalistan, etc. There was no referendum on the AP issue by referring the issue to 7 crore people of AP, who were not allowed to exercise their opinion and will in this matter. Those, monsters of the past are coming back, to haunt Hindus, and even new monsters are being added to the list. This is because Hindus are being lead by short sighted politicians and parochial interests. There are many parts even USA and in every country, that remains less developed. For that reason, the politicians of the country have not stooped low to bifurcate the state. The less economically developed states can be developed by the authorities, if they have the will. In this context one cannot help but mention the role of a Hindu Guru, who played a very major role the development of his hamlet in rayalaseema, the so-called back ward region, and also provided a University, an Airport, a world class hospital, and water supply to hundreds of villages, that were affected by floursis. If the people of telengana region, only recall the service model an internationally acclaimed development model, and replicate the same, their fortunes would have improved vastly, than in going after politicians who are after altering the boundaries, keeping their selfish gains in mind. The people should keep in mind, Politicians will come and go, and elections will come and go, but the bhoomi, (earth) will remain and the Rashtram (state) will remain. The UPA, lead by Manmohan so ngh has played electoral card, with long term consequences, and they have defeated their own logic of dividing the sates based on languages. Now within that because of their utter failures, they are a dividing a single linguistic state into two. The double jeopardy is imposed on the hapless people of AP for another ten years with Hyderabad as the capital for two states.

Gurus form the last link and connecting web between Hindus of all States, and the region. Hence they have to rise to the occasion and express themselves to over such short sighted decisions made by UPA & CONGRESS combine, in consultations with leading nationalistic minded Hindus of the State and India, and NRI Andhra people.

Collapse of Hindu leadership

This is a non-parochial analysis of the failure of Hindu leadership and learning lessons from History. To point out one such example, from history, how Red Indians, who populated the Americas 150 years ago, are now practically wiped out, due to their collective failure, to understand their enemies in full, and their strengths, so that they could have defended themselves better. This will serve as warning to Hindus, that such fate does not be fall on them also, and for that the Hindu Gurus have to adequately inform in order to inform their Sishyas. Expose the average religious minded Hindu to political realities and alien ideologies that masquerade as religions.

It is also exposing the ordinary Hindu to interest in these issues and develop a critical outlook on the issues that affect them, thinking beyond his organizational routines, and out of the box, and think tactically while the Hindu Society is facing a matter of life & death, whether the organizations to which he might belong to, have exposed him or her to these critical issues?
Practical Problems in Dealing with Hindu Gurus

When I was referring these issues to a Guru of a leading ashram, he roared “You are talking like Vivekananda, always about nation, nation” and cut short his slot and abruptly left his chair, and there ended the conversation.

Here was another Guru, of national importance, and TV celebrity, who had given us a precious appointment for which we had been waiting. The appointment was fixed some six months prior to the date. Before we left our places, we had checked up for the last minute confirmation of the appointment, and travelled thousands of kilometers. When we reached the ashram late night, he had arranged a person to receive us at the ashram gate, and put us in the guest house.

Next morning we were supposed to meet him by 7.45 AM. When we went to his quarters, we were told he simply left the ashram, and nobody knows where he is, and nobody knew when he would come back. It was difficult to deal with such an unpredictable behavior, and we had to make quick fix alteration to the travel plan and returned to the National Capital.

The cabals and coteries that surround the Gurus, consider, him as their own possession and being in his presence, lingering around is a considered privilege, conferred on the very few. Most of the occasions, we unprivileged people who are not part of the inner circle, found it extremely difficult to make them take interest in pressing matters for which we had gone while the coterie were taking our precious time to discuss their private issues (like marriages, and fixing auspicious dates). This often wasted our sparse time, and the entire plan f meeting the Gurus to brief on an important issue that affects Hindu Society was lost – the opportunity was lost permanently. The Gurus and followers have to get out of their ivory tower mentality, and come to terms to reality, that they are just mortals and not Immortal Brahman.

It was difficult to penetrate even into these Inner circles, first who dictate terms and flout their own rules, they turn out to be mediocre individuals, who have no concern for the nation, or the fate of Hindus. This is the Hindu Greatest predicament that the Gurus are more preoccupied with personal issues of his close followers, and organizational matters, and ultimately they are not on top of any event unfolding that will have bearing on their activities and also have NO TIME for issues that affect the Hindus society. Hindu society is doomed and orphaned Inspite such Gurus in existence.

If someone asks “The Roman Catholics have a Pope, and where the Head for Hindus is, he will be considered an oxymoron by many Hindus. In times of Crisis it is extremely difficult to send an S.O.S (save our souls) to any of the gurus. Try it if you can, if your daughter son is trying to get converted to Islam or Christianity.

There was this guru, who had political ambitions and started a political party and developed cold feet and handed it over to his ashram’s electrician cum plumber, to run the show. He also wanted to have discussions with a Theocratic state, on religious issues, and presenting Hinduism to the taste of his listeners without knowing that it is not binding on Hindus. There was this Guru, who wanted to have interfaith dialogue with Vatican’s nuncio, thereby walking into mine fields. Vatican is well professionally trained in international politics and intrigue and this guru wanted to experiment it himself on that scale. Many Hindu Gurus venture out too far, and it is another story, how some Hindu minded activists, had a long reach and stopped him on way to dusty destruction, is another issue.

There was this rarest of the rare Gurus, who maintain his stature, and tradition. We had sought an appointment for darshan and explain certain things and also hand over a set of six books that was translated from the many books of Sri Sita Ram Goel. Into the mother tongue of the Guru, that explains the predicament of Hindus; the cover page of the book, contained picture of some naxals and a firearm. On seeing this, the men who formed part of the immediate coterie of the Guru, who had never heard of Sita Ram Goel, demanded to know the exact contents of the book, then and there. When it was explained in polite terms, that particular volume was about the ‘Red Terror’, the fear struck man said, since he could not read that vernacular language , he would depute someone who knows that language, and if vetted by him only, the six volumes would be handed over to the Guru. We never could make a reasonable guess at the end of his Chatur masya, whether the books were handed over to the Guru? Now over to the contents…


Reconverting Hindus into Hinduism

Dealing with Frankensteins of Hinduism

Reinterpret the Sastras In the light of modern times

Save Hindus & Hindu Civilizations from Extinction In the most modern digital era

Dredge India of the weed


Mission of the Gurus
Re-Converting Hindus into Hinduism

Hindus are in unsafe hands

This is the catch-22 situation that the average Hindu faces, in the wake of hostile circumstances in India, and in other parts of the world. I know of an Indian Hindu Engineer, whose throat was slit in Jakarta last year, in a five star hotel, in his own room, whose only mistake was, he was a hard task master, who only wanted to keep up with the schedule to complete the Gas Turbine project for the company for which he was project Manager. His contractors were all Indonesian Muslims. His murder was not even reported in any National paper or TV channel. He has left behind his young wife and two children and they live in Chennai. His company arranged to airlift his body, which was accompanied by his father in law. The only solace was, the company he worked for, has named the project in his name, for which he had worked for.

The average Hindu is discriminated:

The average Hindu is discriminated in minority run Institutions. The average Hindu is also decimated in other countries. The average Hindu is devastated in the administration, police Station and judiciary. There are thousands of expatriate Hindus in Malaysia whose ancestors were taken away as colonial workforce, by the British, and their generations now live there and are discriminated by ‘bhumiputra’ policy of the Malaysian Government while, the Indian Government continues to ignore their Interests, just because they are Hindus.

The massive Hindu Exodus, is symptomatic of the problems of India

The Exodus of Hindus from India, with that the discussion of Brain Drain, started some fifty years ago, due to the policies of Govt of India. The first and second generation Hindu Intelligentsia migrated primarily to the USA where they were employed by firms like IBM, AT & T, and many American Universities. These are mainly Engineers, Doctors, Scientists and University lecturers. Have since retired or expired. Among these expatriate Indian, three have received either jointly or in sharing way, received Noble Prizes. Dr.Subramanian Chandrasekhar a nephew of Sir C.V Raman, (Physics); Dr. Hargobind khurana (genetics); and Amartya Sen (economics).

1991-Liberalization Post liberalizations and its impact on Hindu Society and thereby families – not properly assessed

In 1991, with announcement of liberalization of the Indian economy, started the arrival of Multi National Companies into India and the sudden jump of salaries for fresh engineers. America needed engineers. India became the lead supplier, and our entire education system took jump start and oriented itself towards computers Systems and Software and Information Technology. Manmohan Singh an ex World Bank economist, the deux machina was made Finance Minister, who changed the nehruvian policies of economics twisted and made it suitable to western Interests. The exodus of Hindus soon started after this, mainly computer, systems, software engineers. This is one of the greatest exoduses in the history of mankind; a migration of millions of Hindus in search of better jobs, equal opportunity, recognition of their merit, and better living conditions has not been properly recorded in literature and history. The authorities and Computer organizations CSI, CII, see it as a revenue generator to the state’s exchequer. The Hindu Exodus is symptomatic of the hidden problems with the failure of the state to provide adequate living and working conditions for qualified people.
Widening of Gap

This created a vast gap between father & son economically and the social gap created within families due to abnormal salaries and cultural explosion, shift in demography; changing family structure; family values; behavior patterns; import of a materialistic culture; or even Indians as cheap labour .

Discrimination of Hindus in USA, UK & EUROPE

In USA, where they had to put up with long hours of work, more than their American Colleagues, but were paid less, which is not considered ‘unfair’, by any norms, or discrimination between various categories of techies vis a vis the native US Citizens, according American Standards of Human Rights accorded to ‘software coolies’ of contemporary India. Though thousands prospered, in general, it had its negative side; family interests suffered. Government of India and Hindu Leadership, wanted his/her NRI deposits, and invited them for the show ‘Pravasi Bharath Divas’. Hindu Students continue to go to UK, where they are charged more than their Europeans union students counter parts, and to my knowledge neither Students nor their parents, have made a cry of discrimination in UK as standard visa policy towards Indian students.

Hindus who form even now 84% + or – 2.5% percent of the Indian Population are not willfully neglected but ignored as they do not form a vote bank, and hence do not affect the election fortunes of the political animal and hence not noticed by the Selfish Hindu politician. This is a vicious cycle.

Armed forces personnel Ignored

Soldiers, and Military veterans who sacrificed their very life, for securing the borders of the nation, are discharged at very young age unattended to continue with the rest of lives, for paltry sums as benefits, while politicians continue to enjoy luxurious life styles, at the cost of the tax payer.

SMBs Suffer

Petty traders are charged with stiff power tariff that is three times of the domestic tariff- while MNC companies are given assured power supply with concessions, and long tax holidays. Road side vegetable vendors are forced to pay for the place they occupy on the platform every day, while corporate companies are given land taken away from farmers. (SMB: Small & Medium Enterprises.)

Water scarcity & Polluted Rivers

Rivers continue to be polluted and plundered for the sand. In Uttarakahnd, a Sadhu gave up his life fasting for 118 days, to save the Ganga, from quarry mafia, tree cutting, and pollution, is not remembered, {some say whose anger came down as the Himalayan Tsunami. }This article is based on my 37 years of experience in visiting various Gurus and Organizations, observing them closely, interacting with them, apart from listening to their discourses, studying thousands pages of teachings, and above all spending endless hours waiting for their Satdarshans .


“The population of the world is classified into three big religions, in which, Christians are 33%, Muslims 21%and Hindus 14%.Christianity & Islam which originated from Middle East are considered to have a political agenda. They have spread their religions on the basis of political power. However, Hindu, Buddha, parsi and bahai are religions which do not believe in conversions. They are not associated with political power. The aggressive practices of the followers’ o Christianity and Islam are leading to conflict in many areas in the world. The native populations resist the aggressive designs of these religionists. At present in many countries in the world the Islamists and the Christians are involved in confrontation with the local populations”. [Source: Muzaaaffar Hussain, Mumbai, 9th March, 2013, In his foreword to the book, “Wake up or Perish”, by Madhu Deolkar, ex MLC of Maharashtra State legislature, Mumbai. ]
“No Light at the end of the Dark Tunnel”

After three and half decades, when I observe the Indian scenario, things have gone for the worse; as my military veteran friend Colonel S.S. Rajan wrote “I don’t see any light at the end of the dark tunnel”.

My question to him was , will there be any, in our life time?

Coming to Brass Tacks: Political Hinduism has failed

Ultimately what impact these Hindu leaders and their organizations have made on the Indian scene? Were they able to transform the nation for the better? In this context one can only recollect the Historic comment attributed to Mr. Clement Atlee, {the late British Prime Minister; who was elected by the British People, after throwing out Sir Winston Churchill who helped to win the war for allies, in the war against axis forces headed by Adolf Hitler}, said, when he was asked a question: What impact did Gandhi and non violent freedom struggle, had in the British decision to give freedom to India in 1947?” He replied very slowly, “Minimal”.


Like Gandhi, contemporary Hindu Gurus too, do not have any influence on major political decisions, which affect Hindus much. They are virtual bye standers to earth shaking events that rocked contemporary India since Independence, be it the Partition of India, exodus of Hindu pundits from Kashmir 1, Mumbai Terrorist attack on the Taj 2 [& Oberoi Hotels and Jewish Chabbad house] ; the Attack on Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath; genocide of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh3; Kedarnath floods in recent times and the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state.

Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits “Time line”

“In the 1941Census, Kashmiri Pandits constitute about 15% of the Kashmir Valley’s Population. By 1981, they were reduced to a mere 5%

February 1986. Major Anti-Pandit riots break out in south Kashmir, Anantha Nag area. Pandits are beaten up, their women raped and several houses and temples burnt down.

July 1988: Two low intensity bombs rock Srinagar.
September 1989: Pandit political tika lal taploo is shot dead by armed men outside his residence.

January 1990: massive crowds assemble in mosques in the valley, shouting anti-India anti-Pandit slogans, hundreds of innocent Pandits is tortured killed and raped. By the year end, about 350,000 Pandits have escaped from the valley and taken refuge in Jammu and elsewhere. Only handful of them stays back.

March 1997: terrorists drag out seven Kashmiri Pandits from their houses in sangrampora,and, and gun them down.

January 1998: 23 Kashmiri Pandits, including women and children, shot in cold blood in wandhama villages

March: 2003: 24 Kashmiri Pandits including infants brutally shot dead in nadimarg village.

March 2012: Thousands of Pandits still languish in refugee settlements. After more than, two decade, the Kashmiri Pandit Community has not been able to return to their ancestral land. They are dispersed from Jammu to Johannesburg”.

[1] Rahul Pandita, pages 255 & 256: [Our Moon has Blood Clots. The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, 2013, Random House India].


I will cite just one example of a late Guru, who has built an international reputation and built a spiritual organization from scratch. This organization has spread it wings to more than 100 countries. The ashram is a centre of attraction where millions of devotees from all over the world came for over thirty years and provided employment for thousands, in the town and businesses flourished. It was a hundred crore business thirty years ago. The ashram was located in a salubrious place which he used to hold retreats during summer months, that was suited to his western devotees. This guru was a trend setter, for all the later day and upcoming Gurus, who copied the model, and modified it further.

When a flyover was constructed, in the vicinity of the ashram, the Gurus could have used all his influence to reroute so that it would not touch his Main gate. By not effectively intervening, the construction had come just outside the main gate of ashram; the big politicians who controlled the project did not care a damn, to consult the Guru, but just dug outside the main gate of the ashram. It was a conspiracy of the third rate by linguistic chauvinists and local congress politicians who crying for blood of the guru. The Guru could not do anything, to stop or reroute the bridge that was built right outside his international centre’s gate. This Guru had to ultimately leave the Iconic Ashram town, in order to keep up with his good-boy image, leaving a skeleton staff to take care of the premises. The town became a ghost town of no importance.

This resulted in enormous financial losses to the town. This Guru was a brand ambassador for India, and Hinduism, for many decades. He was also Guru to many top businessmen, politicians, including many presidents, and master blaster cricketer. Many Top foreign politicians were his desciples, and regular visitors to the ashram. This Guru was so influential that he even constructed 250 KM canal cutting across state boundaries all the way to bring drinking water to a water starving Metro, circumventing interstate water politics, which was an impossible task even for State governments. If this was the level of his achievement, domestically, his influence abroad was even more tremendous. India could have achieved much more domestically and in foreign if this Guru, and his good offices, were put to use by the government of India and its pseudo secular babus. If the netas only had paid more attention to his vision for Bharat Nirman, things would have turned out better for billions of Indians. If only had he been a born Christian, he would have received Noble Peace Prize! If this is the fate of one the top Gurus, what about lesser gurus?

{His death was grieved all over, and made public under the norms of ‘secular media hype’; the organization went into a bitter power struggle, primarily due to the failure on the part of the guru to organize a proper succession plan, for his organization. it is not known, how the establishment will keep out greedy politicians, and carry forward his mission in future of serving people. {He was a virtual government that cut across state boundaries and hence the silences of liberals are maintained?}

By neglecting Hindu Gurus, and their collective age old wisdom, who work unselfishly, India & its transformation is delayed. The short sighted political establishment of India not only lost goodwill, to rebuild India, and also lost an opportunity, to establish India as a Thought and Cultural leader. The establishment also destroyed the tons good will that the Guru had developed all over the world, a reputation built brick by brick over the fifty years. In this one episode which I have documented for the first time, how Hindu Gurus build India, and also build bridges across the world, in spite of having no official power to do so and the Impact of Hindu gurus and their work is well documented in working cutting international war zones like Bosnia, Pakistan, Afghanistan,etc. By a strange twists of fate owing to its adherence minority appeasement, and Nehruvian Secularism, {but Nehru himself has said positively about India and Hindu nationalism} But India continues to neglect Hindu Gurus, and consequentially has had to pay a heavy price domestically and also internationally.


Two incidents will suffice to convince even the most skeptical reader: A friend of mine went to Spain, where when he produced his passport, was accorded a very warm welcome, by the receptionist, who could not speak in English, but in gesture expressed her happiness to receive the gentleman, who hails from India, was the place of Birth of the Guru, (India) and that lady the adores the guru, and even had a big picture of him behind her, along with Shiva, on the wall, in the reception, was seen as turning point for this gentleman, who was having very poor opinion about this Guru, when he was in India, and had to change his opinion in Spain which is staunch Catholic country and one cannot change one’s religion there officially. The young receptionist confided that there are more than two million followers of this particular Guru, who wanted to converts to Hinduism, she later confided, but could not do so, due to official policies of the State. [The Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, a health buff, had sent a contingent of 500 members to an ashram of a Hindu Guru to learn yoga, pranayama and meditations, went unreported in the main stream TV channels].


Another friend who works for a Book publisher went to Frankfurt book fair. On seeing his passport and ID card, the security officials accorded him a big welcome, and allowed to enter the fair ground on a green channel, allotted for VIPS. This friend could not speak German. To his surprise, every day, the same royal reception was given to him while business delegated from China, Taiwan & Middle East were standing in long common queue. The fair lasted for several days, during this time this gentleman, had become a VIP in the eyes of other delegates, who were made to stand in the long Q, before security clearance. One day this who stands five feet three inches tall, gentleman, goes to the six foot five inch, burly German Security Guard, and asked him in gestures, pointing out to the long queue, why he alone, is accorded the favorite treatment, by pointing out the long Q.

The Security officer was so pleased, and replied in gestures, and in broken English, “You are Hindu”, “Good people” and showed a picture of Ganesh in his purse. One of those days, he invited my friend to his house and showed the many, Ganesh statues that adorned his house. He also led my friend to a shrine where he also had an altar of ceremonial Ganesh, decorated with flowers and agarbathis.

My friend had lunch a typical Indian lunch with him in his house, and was taken to a small shop, where the wife of the Security Guard wife sells books, agarbathis, pooja items, lamps, trinkets, pictures of their favorite Gurus and Hindu Gods. My friend was astonished. Later in the evening, my friend was invited for a Bhajan and Satsanghs, session in the house of the German friend. Many expatriated Hindus also assembled, and they had a reading from Bhagavad Gita

When the book fair came to an end, my friend was given a warm sendoff at the Airport with garland by the German friends. These two incidents show the tremendous amount of good will that Hindu Gurus have created abroad across cultures, which cannot be defined or explained by reason or common sense.


This is the strange schism; what I consider the collective failure of Hindu Society to remove this ideological and philosophical gap ; between the Hinduism in India, and the political State that is everything anti-Hindu while the cream of politicians, policy makers are Hindus, and the cream of Intelligentsia are Hindus. The Hindu leadership that proliferate around Hindu Gurus do nothing to bridge the chasm or change the political content of the state and make it more Hindu Friendly. These top Hindu followers are either expecting their Gurus to do some miracle for their personal gains, or the arrival of ‘Kalki Avatar’ to save them from Adharma, and save the people and the nation; while they themselves remain inert as stones, without any reaction or emotion to the continued attack on Hindus in India; thereby exhibiting all conditions of Stockholm syndrome. This is in short the state of affairs of the Hindu Society. [These are symptoms of a kidnapped person becoming admirer of their kidnapper, is widely present in a society enslaved for centuries].

WHY The Missions of the Gurus have not taken off:

One will find the central message of all Gurus, Starting from Swami Vivekananda, Bankim Chandra Chaterjee, Sri Aurobindo & Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi, were transforming India, reconverting Hindus to Hinduism and rebuilding the Hindu Society, based on the ideals of a Hindu Nation and a Hindu State. They spoke endlessly, and wrote thousands of pages essays, and composed thousands of poems to inspire and free people, socially, politically, spiritually & economically.

There are hundreds of Hindu Organizations committed to such ideals of their founders, with thousands of activists who are working for one or more such causes. Many of whom I have come across in my long association have contributed immensely to Nation building, Hindu Religion and Society. These selfless workers are the backbone of India, of any organization. Despite their contribution in terms of billions of man hours of work, and life time contribution, their efforts have not yielded results, in their own life time. Many were martyred in hostile states of India. The missions of the Gurus have not taken off. Hindus are not in control of their own destinies or the destiny of the nation. It is controlled by others. Hindus do not have any say in matters that affect their interests. If this is the state of affairs of Hindu Society, Hindus must take a deep breath, and ponder, what has gone wrong?

In five of the southern states they do not even have control over their own Temples. The fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution under article 25“Right to Worship article”, and the “right to establish maintain and administer temples” under article 26 which are guaranteed by the constitution is continually denied. Hindu Society is under slide and is under attack from within and without. While many Hindu Political leaders and Spiritual leaders are blissfully cocooned in their own world, building their organizations and even taking them internationally! Approximately forty percent of Hindu Population claim to be followers or desciples of some Guru or the other. This population is being lead by a leadership that has no clue what they are doing. This Hindu leadership has failed consistently on the following vital fronts:

1. In The Defence of Hindus
2. In The Consolidation of Land & Natural resources forests, coastal area, rivers, lakes
3. In the protection of depressed people, tribals and their interests
4. In Defending Hindu Interests abroad
5. In The failure to take Control of Hindu Assets
6. In The failure to develop a Coherent Political Philosophy
7. In not developing an alternate, to dependence on the Arab Petro dollars
8. In the failure to deal with theoretical States (like The Vatican and Saudi Arabia and their ideologues in India).
9. In the failure stop Chinese intrusions into Indian Territory.
10. In the failure to contain the Pakistani support of terrorists in Indian soil.
11. In The failure to consolidate Hindu money.
12. In The Failure capital to generate Robust Hindu Capital.
13. In the failure for Creation of a Robust Hindu Media, in print and TV
14. In the failure to diffuse the Hindu ideas on the one side and
15. In the failure to contain, the disinformation campaign carried out against Hindu Leaders like Narendra Modi, or Kanchi Sankaracharya and others.
16. In the neglect of The Army, Navy and Air force &
17. In abandoning the Manufacture of State of Art, Military Hardware and Software,
18. In the continued neglect of the Army, Navy and Air force
19. Ignoring war veterans is another major handicap and the sacrifice made by them.
20. In developing psychologically assertive behavior, policies and practices.
21. In the Failure to do Lobbying
22. In the Failure to have strong borders;
23. In the failure of Hindu Organizations that endorse the teachings of other religions detrimental to Hindus
24. Finally this analysis is about the dilemma that the average Hindu faces in the modern India and how his /her interests are continuously undermined, by their elected Hindu political leaders; bureaucracy; Gurus; Acharyas and organizations who covet his/her hard earned Indian or NRI money, but give nothing in return, in terms of value except, some palliatives in the form conducted temple tours, yagnas, yoga, asana, and breathing exercises.
25. The average Hindu wants peace, safety, security for his life and property, and his hard earned money, safety of his family members. This guarantee is not provided by the Indian state, be it to Indian Citizens, NRI workers, Students, Merchant Navy, Soldiers, Women and Children.
26. The Hindu leaders are shying away from these hard issues affecting Hindus living everywhere.
27. In the same time one has to acknowledge the immense work done by Hindu political & Spiritual leaders & NGOs all over the world.
28. The average Hindu Guru who peddles his ware is not aware of Hindu History, and he does not seek to convert his followers into Hinduism. He is not an evangelist like a Christian missionary. There are 73 basic differences between Hinduism and Abrahamic religions. (Not highlighted here).


This is in no way trying to demean or deny contributions of Hindu Gurus but only expose the chinks in the armour of their policies. Finally Hindus need an of outburst energy and fellow feelings, for the Hindu cause & develop a Hindu Vote bank. Hindu entrepreneurship must be fostered and Hindu capital developed. Hindus must know where to put their money, and for that we need to understand the forces of economy & politics that are at work.

“Errors can be rectified, mistakes can be tolerated, but blunders will lead to disasters. Hindu leaders who mislead others in public, may eventually mislead himself/herself in private, and lead the society into a never-ending pit”.

End of part 1.

Largest Hindu Population as of 2003:
India, 816,000,000
Nepal, 12,600,000
Bangladesh, 12,600,000
Indonesia, 4,800,000
Srilanka, 3,000,000
Malaysia, 1,600,000
Mauritius, 650,000
UK, 500,000
USA, 35, 000,00
Fiji, 335000
Trinidad & Tobago 280,000
Fiji, 335000
Trinidad & Tobago 280,000
Yoga practioners in the USA 50 million
Yoga practioners world wide 150 million.
But this strength has not resulted in Political Hinduism taking off the ground.


Mission of the Gurus

“Those who don’t learn from the mistakes, of the past are condemned to repeat them.”
—George Santayana

It is a fact of History that Political and Social & Spiritual Hindu movements have failed to yield desired results, and transform India, holistically Inspite of 150 years of hard work. Let us accept the fact.

Before that, let us define what failure is?

When you drive in a Car, there may be spark plug failure, which can be rectified, provided you know, what exactly was the problem, and also know how to open the bonnet, and remove the sparkplugs, clean it up, and replace it, and the car starts again, when you switch on the ignition. It may sound silly to use such examples, from everyday mundane affairs, to convey an idea.

Again when you drive, there may be a tire puncture, which can be solved by having the tire replaced on the spot, provided you know how to unbolt and change the tire, provided you are well equipped with a hydraulic jack, and your back up tire is in good condition. In the case of a sudden tire burst, due to a tire defect, while you drive along in high speed will end in a fatal accident can be called a failure. The strength of a chain lies in its weakest link, which is what I have taken up for study here.

Root cause analysis

Experts in failure mode analysis and SQC [statistical quality control] and defect prevention and source quality fields always refer to prevention as number one goal of all quality control activities. They seek ways and devise methods to prevent such defective tires from reaching the customer. Safety experts visualize probable events like sudden tire burst and create devices such as air bags, are put in place in the case of car accidents to avoid passenger casualties in fatal accidents. There are many incidents, where Passenger Jets have crashed due to silly mistakes of Pilots or traffic controllers. Both Human, Technical, Nature and Organizational failures have contributed to such accidents. The cause or causes of the accidents are identified after painstaking research and collection of data from debris, by agencies like Air traffic, airline safety board that look into such affairs. In the case of Space agencies, they too have suffered from critical failures, which resulted in collateral damages, and enormous financial losses. These agencies go into the root of the problem, identify the cause and fix the same; so that problem does not occur again.

For the want of a Ceramic Tile the Space Craft was lost:

In the case of a NASA Space Shuttle, that burned away as it entered the earth’s atmosphere, NASA’S Scientists traced the root cause to the falling away of a ceramic tile fixed on the external skin of the space craft that was intended, to prevent the searing heat from burning away – when the craft reenters the atmosphere . The failure of the technicians to fix the tile properly, had resulted in the tile getting loose and falling away had created a gap on the outer heat shell of the space craft, and the during the reentry into the atmosphere, the heat shield had failed and had burned away the billion dollar space craft, while the world watched the spectacle on their TV Screens, much agonizing to the Astronauts, and their families, and the NASA.

The failure of O Ring in the case of the Shuttle ‘Challenger’:

“A system has a chain-logic when its performance is limited by its weakest subunit, or “link”. When there is a weak link, a chain is not made stronger by strengthening the other links. For the Space shuttle Challenger, the weakest link was a solid rubber O-ring. On January 28, 1986, the O-ring in Challenger’s booster engine failed. Hot gas knifed through the structure; the rocket exploded. Challenger and its crew, the pride of the nation president Reagan called them, tumbled out of the clear blue sky and shattered on the ocean sixty-five thousand feet below.

If a chain must not fail, there is no point in strengthening only some of the links. Similarly for, challenger, there could be no gain to making the booster engines stronger if the O-ring was weak. There was little point in improving guidance, or communications, or increasing the quality of crew training, if the O-ring was weak.” [Richard Rumelt, “Good Strategy Bad Strategy”: Page 116, Profile books; London, 2013 Edition.]

Hindus have a History of disasters: Historical, Social and Political-mainly due to their ineptness; escapist tendency; propensity to philosophize; and above all failure to understand alien totalitarian ideologies, like Marxism, Communism & Leninism.

Traditionally Hindu philosophers were good at analyzing each other’s strength and weakness in their arguments before they could establish their school of thought by a process known as purva paksha, which has been in vogue since time immemorial. It is not known how come, they failed to study & refute these alien ideologies, which could have been nothing but a child’s play for intellectual capacities. When they were debating among themselves they also forgot to closely scrutinize, the exclusive doctrines of Christianity like “Outside the Church no Salvation” & “eternal perdition to the unbaptised”. They also did not study Islam which was unknown, and its unique claims, as the final word, and the teachings of the last prophet of Allah.

As Sun Tzu says the weak links determine the strength of the whole chain. Here I am going to examine, without personal likes and dislikes, the weak links in the whole chain, that primarily lies in the Behavior of Hindu leadership, that has lead to the gloomy state affairs prevailing in the country in politics, in Government, in administration and in bureaucracy

A. Some Questions posed to Hindu Leaders

Hindu organizations have to wake up to the fact that they are more than their names. They are representatives of the teachings of the gurus, collective behavior as well, and what impression they have made on the public mind, and what they really are!

Hindu leaders, Hindu workers who want to prioritize ‘Hindu activism’, must be reminded of the following; the really good advice by Warren Buffet, to his business managers “business manager doesn’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘this is the day that I am going to cut costs’ any more than he wakes up and decides to practice breathing’’. [Warren buffet’s management secrets, Page 45; 2012, Simon & Schuster UK.]

The Mohamedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is a precious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying from within”
—Will Durant

Monotheistic indignation is selective, with esprit de corps working at full tilt. The Jews have their covenant, the Christians their church, the Muslims their umma. The three brotherhoods operate outside the law and enjoying an ontological and metaphysical extraterritoriality. Among members of the same community, everything is permissible and justifiable.

— Page 174, Michael Onfray

As we know, the crew of Enola Gay dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima on august 6, 1945. In a few seconds the nuclear explosion caused death of more than a hundred thousand people, women, the old children, the sick innocents whose only crime was being Japanese. The crew returned safely to base: the Christian god had protected these new crusaders. We should add that Father George Zabelka had solemnly blessed the crew before its deadly mission! Three days later, a second atomic bomb struck Nagasaki, and killed eighty thousand people. [–Page 190, Michael Onfray, In Defence of Atheism, The case against Christianity, Judaism and Islam; French editions grasset & fasuuelle, 2007,US English edition Arcade Publishing Inc, UK edition in 2007 by Serpent’s Tail. ]

‘Hindu autism’, or ‘Hindu activism’,

I have repeatedly asked senior members in different organizations why Hindu organizations do not deliver? Why they do not function effectively? Why they do not function with an evangelical zeal? Why they have a laid back attitude? Why they are not able function well in the political arena? Why they are not able to commit 100 percent for the Hindu cause? Why they are diffident in calling themselves Hindu? Why they are endorsing alien ideologies posing as religions? Why they are unable to create a cohesive Hindu Psyche? Why they are not able to create a Hindu Vote bank? Why they are not able to create a Hindu polity? Why they are not able create a constitution that is wedded to the ancient Hindu Vedic ethos? Why they are unable to do away with the imported Westminster model? Why they are unable to come on a single platform, and issue a statement when tragedies such as Kedarnath floods strike? Why are they not able to create a forum to resolve major caste conflicts, and issue statements to the press when burning issues like intercaste marriages surface? Why a Hindu majority parliament does not discuss Hindu issues? Why they do not have Hindu Religious affairs ministry that will take care of the Hindu Interests? Why Hindus are not able to exercise control over Hindu Temples and religious places? Why they are not able to construct their own Temples in important places of significance? Why they are unable to influence the politicians? Why they are unable to start their own media? Why they are not able to deal with a hostile media/ finally why they are unable to defend their own turf? Have they delved into the root cause for these failures? To the questions our leaders have failed to give reasonable or convincing answers. In the beginning, it was very difficult to convey the very idea that Hindu organizations have failed collectively. In my own way I have studied several Hindu Organizations, found them efficient but not effective. The problem with the Hindu Organization is they do not make it a point to study their failures, in order to identify the root cause and eliminate the same. They continue to do what they are habituated to do in a particular way for thousands of years. Hence they are prone to success in their traditional areas, and repeated failures in some unknown areas. Hence it is important first to identify some of the factors that lead to colossal failures.

Our Gurus are burdened with the legacy of Gandhi, made to fit into his role; the French Scholar Alain Danie’lou complains:

“Gandhi: At that time appeared on the Scene an enigmatic character-shrewd and ascetic, ambitious and devout-one of the Gurus who seem to exercise an incredible magnetism over the crowds and often lead them disaster…Gandhi had much in common with the Gurus who, in our times fascinate so many otherwise people. Practically it was with him alone that the British Government ultimately decided the future of India, in which independence came about in the most disastrous way imaginable, leading to the partitioning of the country, one of the greatest massacres in history, the elimination of social system, and traditional culture, the suppression of the princely caste, the genocide of primitive tribes, and the ruin of the artisan castes and their transformation into a miserable proletariat. All this was presented as progress. Hindu Scholars looked upon Gandhi as a sort of Anti-Christ, and made thank offerings when he was assassinated. But it was too late. When he was alive none dared oppose his baneful influence….The policy of the Congress Party, guided by this strange ascetic, led to the triumph of the merchant, industrial, and capitalist class.” [Alain Danie’lou, Page. 312; A Brief History of India, published by Inner Traditions India, English Edition, 2003.]


What I am going tell is will shock many. I am going to describe in great details in the following pages, the roots of the “naivety of spiritual sameness”, evolved in degreed as practiced by Gurus for 150 or so years. The first step was “Sarva Dharma Samabhav” of Gandhians, and the misuse of the “Vasudaiva Kudumbakaham”, evolved into the “Myth of Universalism”, and matured into “Pseudo-Secularism”; leading to “My Brand of Universalism”. It is now sought to be vigorously established, by mutts of various orders, to accommodate Semitic creeds and give the halo of spirituality for ideas that in came with invasions of idol breakers and those that were later imposed during colonial rule. As a result we are going to see graphically what went wrong during the churning period with the formation of the Hindu mind, in the last century. It was de-scripted and re-scripted slowly, over the last century and half, when it was emerging from long slumber. At this crucial time a good number of books were written; discourses given that were centered on making the tolerant Hindu even toothless, when individual assertion was crying need of the day, and when the nation was gasping for leaders. Though many leaders emerged, this notion of “beyond the thresholds of toleration” was hailed as a virtue, and nailed into the Hindu brains that made a paradigm shift from self defence to surrender, oneself to the assassin’s sword, without combat. The popular notions of ahimsa entered the popular minds, imagination and language of common people, and stories told to children. This entered lexicons. News papers idealized it in vernacular languages; news papers, in schools, colleges, and in bureaucratic manuals of the administration.

It also enters the religious discourses and whole generations were fed on the staple diet. One has to work hard decipher what went into the whole lot of programming of the “Hindu mind and Thought processes”. This in turn fashioned the thoughts, words, and deeds and that acted as stumbling blocks during the critical period of events in History that shaped the Hindu mind and thereby the destiny of the Hindu nation. The fiend planted in crores and crores of Hindu minds over the 150 years, have now become big banyan trees, that threaten the very structure now, and how to do uproot them ?What is the way forward? How to stop the free-fall of Hinduism? It is a fact of History. Why Hindu movements have failed to yield desired results Inspite of 150 years of hard work? That I repeated asked senior members and bigwigs in different originations. They failed to give reasonable answers. In the beginning it was very difficult to convey the very idea why and how Hindu organizations have failed collectively? There was emotional response and standard replies and justifications but there were no satisfactory answers. I have closely discussed with many the finer points of their organization and the dilution of standards and it always ends with either they appreciate the line of thinking or it is timed out. Finally I devised a small story line to convey my ideas .With them I use the train example they enjoy the story and also appreciate it and in general accept it as largely true when it came to their own organization. I have used the example with senior leaders, humble followers of a broad spectrum of organizations.

Workshop to a Vice Chancellor

When I opened up the topic with a Vice Chancellor of a Hindu University, in 2005, on the day of his appointment to the new chair, he switched off the phone gave me three hours straight attention without interruption and told his secretary to keep the door closed and keep away visitors. Finally when we broke for lunch, he expressed this was probably the best diagnosis he heard about his organization. When I started exploring Hindu Organizations and their History and people who founded them and what they are now, shocking facts emerged. The root cause of the problem afflicting Hindus is their own making. It is another long story how these Frankensteins were created, by Hindus leaders in the first place that came back to haunt Hindu Society at a later stage in different levels and will indefinitely into future. Roots of the query go back to 1976.


The paper attempts to decipher the phenomena and attempts to discover the casual links, using root-cause analysis diagrams, and complex tree of process engineering management approach to trace the root cause bug in the social, spiritual and political context. How the bugs were created in the first place? These were planted at the discussion stage, by planting ideas in the mind at calculation stage, which gets carried over to vetting, detailed design and final approval. Who are the stake holders? How they manage to create the bugs that were transferred to the blue print to execution? Now, the bugs have already entered the assembly line and the construction line. It has the entered the piping, the Structures, man-machine interface, Power controls, and the sophisticated control and instrumentation? How it entered the assembly Design, development and application and over looked safety? How it gave a hitch setting of an entirely new set of reaction in the processes, operations, coupled with wrong wiring, wring piping, wrong lay out, poor maintenance and chain reaction that brought down the entire neighborhood as in the case of Bhopal Gas tragedy. It is a systemic failure, societal failure and political failure. It could happen in India only.
Poor India- Poorer Hindus

I was wondering what could be the root cause of the persistent tribulations of poor India and even poorer Hindu society that is always kept on tender hooks by the Incident after incidents. What is wrong with us? As a management consultant who specialized all his life in Total Quality Management, Zero Defects Programme, Six Sigma, CMM, Deming Quality, for MNCS and billion dollar companies it shook me, where the policy is- mistakes are not tolerated. Here is an author Rajiv Malhotra, who is espousing Hindu cause, Hindu civilization and that was the reason why I spent my money to purchase his book but here the author is making civilizational blunders of a deeper and lasting order. I discussed this with many scholars. One of them who opined: “errors can be rectified, mistakes can be tolerated, and blunders will lead to disasters and will be ridiculed”. Though I took that statement at the statement with a pinch of salt also did not believe in the axiom told; I again called my friend and told him about the prevalence of mistakes. He requested me to concentrate on the positive sides of the book, which I did for the next two months. I have audited large companies in a variety of industries, where my reports are viewed at the top levels quite seriously and given the due respect.

B] The Hazard of Universal Philosophy practiced by some leading Hindu Organizations:

Hundreds of Hindu organizations that came up within the last 220 years have been promoting vigorously their own ‘brand of universal philosophy’, and they are becoming prisoners of their own creation which has no sanction in the Vedas, Brahma Sutras, or the Gita. Not only are they becoming victims of their Frankensteins but are also letting loose the monster of universalism on millions of naïve followers. The example cited above and ‘public snub’ Hindus are receiving, in regular dose somehow is not getting recorded in their brains. Hindus are not somehow not learning, un-learning, and re-learning from their blunders.

The Ungrateful economist

Example like the ungrateful economist Amartya Sen, who was given Bharat Ratna by the then PM Vajpayee & BJP Government now campaign with USA that BJP’s Modi not to be given visa to that country.

1] Hindu Gods are not jealous gods:

In order to investigate reasons for Hindu failure one must probe Hindu Psyche there by exploring ‘Hindu Psychology’, ‘Hindu Behavior’, and Hindu Habits’ that allow one to live and let others to live- is being exploited by enemies & aliens:

Traditional ‘Hindu Behavior’, ‘Hindu Psychology’, Hindu Habits , likes and dislikes, that comes into play in how an average Hindu behaves, which has been moulded by Neethi sastras – that has become ‘traditions’, that is followed in families and that has become culture and form part of the Mosaic of Hindu Psychology. The Hindu Behavior is moulded by Hindu beliefs about their existentiality, and belief in Karma, and in impermanence of life in the world however great one may be. This has been embedded into the Hindu Psyche so much, Hindus however nominal they may be, have these concepts ingrained into their life style, which is vastly different from the behavior of the followers of Abrahamic religions and totalitarian ideas.

The enemies of Hindus know this too well that attack Hindus on this point, which they consider to be weaknesses. The Middle Eastern Abrahamic religions are based on “desert memory “says, French author Michel Onfray:


2. Mistaken notions of Achievement: Functions, birthdays, Yagnas, Music evenings, book release events, for end results:
There is no one pointed agenda on the Guru’s diary
I am seeing ever iconic Hindu spiritual leaders indulging in populism, cheap publicity, vain spending, Bollywood, type celebrations and fritter away their energies. These meaningless activities do not add value either to their individual reputation, what ever it may be, ashram or the sampradhayam which they may or may not represent. Also they do not quiet synchronize with the sanctity associated with spirituality in the minds of bye standers, passerby, visitors, or strangers who happen to watch the spectacle. These celebrations have become an end in itself. I was even surprised some of these organizations believe in mysticism, magic to get back into political power without putting any hard work.

3. Simplicity and Austerity of Kashyam has been Replaced [with the Pomp and Power of Vatican Popes]:

An Example

A saint after performing a four day Yagna goes back to his place of stay in a SUV (sports utility vehicle). The SUV is having bars on the outside for roof of the vehicle, and also running boards, where his seven or eight elderly orthodox Brahmin devotees wearing dhotis, bare chested, with tufts on shaven heads, cling on the outside, defying all safety rules and road regulations, making a spectacle of themselves . Their assumption of being a contingent of body guards black cats to the saint was laughed at by passersby, as all of them were travelling on an SUV foot board were clinging dearly for their lives, with all their orthodox insignia blaring from their bodies, and how can they fool themselves that they could assume the role of black cat commandos, who cling on the cars and vans that carry political leaders? People on the street were openly commenting on such ugly display of pomp, show and power mongering from saints. It is even surprising how reputed saints allow such “comical display of body guards”? The saint himself may not bother if his followers want to cling to his SUV, but there are road rules which saints have to obey. This is nothing but buffoonery!

4. Building a Larger than life Image, an example:

We have heard only political leaders, sportsmen and cinema stars have larger than life image. Some parts of it may be genuine; some deliberately built and craftily placed by his media managers. But this disease has spread all the way into ashrams of all type that saints seek to deliberately cultivate such image. The Ugly spectacle of saints on platforms or stages that resemble a fashion model’s catwalk on a ramp does not go with their stature! A saint goes to the gathering of thousands of followers. (The ramp is a platform where fashion model take a cat walk displaying the latest model). Saints do not take a ramp. These saints not only take a Ramp, but also stage manage, their body movements, they swing and sway, their body movements and the flow of robes, hand gestures well rehearsed and choreographed, with the sound and psychedelic light display. Another saint goes on with heavy Korean drums, which go into heavy beating creating a psychic shock among the million followers. These displays of pomp, power, choreograph of sound and light, are projected as mark of saintliness. Is it? Another saint also walks the sinful ramp, but he does it differently. The entire path which he takes is strewn with flowers, and the atmosphere is made into something like foggy morning or morning mist by spraying scented water from mobile fountains. Followers walk along the path and make the air again smoky by adding scented powder to burning embers. The adding of mystical aromatic powders to the burning charcoal, creates a mystic atmosphere, through which the million strong devotes have to have darshan of their beloved saint.

5. Americanisms & Snobbishness:

Ever since the days of Maharishi Mahesh yogi, who popularize meditation, and Swami Prabhupada introduced Krishna Bhakthi in the west, American Slang, American mannerisms, American way of Life, have been added to the traditional Hindu Ashrams. The other day I was watching a video of a Saint, who was addressing his gathering, comprising mostly Indian Hindus in a Detroit car park, speaking in American accent. Speaking in American or British accent is one thing, and copying Americanisms and way of life and attitude is another thing. In some Ashrams it is not only fashionable; one must speak in the nasal drawl, to be part of the elite member of the group.

6. Slaves of the Western World:

For over thirty years I have observed those who come from America are given preference in Hindu Ashrams, over Indian Hindu devotees. It is strange; all sorts of Hindu Swamis became slaves to Americans.

7. Dollar Rush:

They have come to heavily depend on “sponsors” to meet their expenses and hence meet the whims and fancies of the sponsors and indulge like medieval sultans in various activities that do not add value to message or to their purses.


In certain Organizations, it is considered a virtue for its members to keep moving from place to place without any actual result accomplished. This organization spends enormous amounts of money on wasteful movement alone without any purpose. Modern Neuro Psychiatrists call it Hyper Active Attention Deficit Syndrome. (I had gone to meet that famous Guru. He asked me to sit on the stage along with others in front of the huge gathering. When a critical aspect was discussed, the guru had vanished in jiffy from the stage it is very difficult to meet or discuss an important issue with Hindu Gurus of any importance, unless you wiled high levels of Influence).

10. Jet Set Gurus:

Jet set Gurus are another category by themselves. In private discussions I found they are not even aware of the pressing problems that Hindus, Hindu Religion and India are facing as these Gurus spend most of their time abroad, where conditions are ambient for their organizational work and more money could be generated simultaneously they have less and less and less time for the pressing problems that surface at home front, which are left to be taken care by nature.

11. Law of Atrophy:

Unfortunately they have forgotten one thing though they may emulate Swami Vivekananda, who also travelled abroad, his primary concern, was for India. He had spent lot of his energy and time for improving the Hindu Lot. In the case of Modern Jet set saints, India, Hindus, and the problems that afflict Hindu Society remains in the periphery. Unfortunately this sort of Indifference is costing Hindus dearly. In the absence of a command and control structure, and presence of vacuum at the highest levels, it is individual Hindu on the street, a Rambo in action, now play a vital role now in rescuing Hindus from the brink. The Gurus except very few do not have a clue, as what they show do? If they do not address real issues, issues won’t address themselves, is the law of atrophy!

12. Pigeon era communication:

In these days of conference calls and video conferencing, the organization still believes in dragging people from all over to a central location for regular meetings which could be organized thorough electronic means, in these days of advanced satellite communication.

13. Red-tape in Ashrams:

There is certain organization spread all over the country, which is a Cross between a Private FMCG company and Government Department. I have seen volunteers struggling to match with the ever increasing demands of the organization to submit reports after reports- even attendances of members to Bhajans are demanded, and reports are submitted. The organization is obsessed with reports, and reports dominate the discussion. This organization leadership has failed to understand that the workers are volunteers and they are not paid workers, and they have other duties to do for their own survival.

14. Babudom in Ashrams:

Several retired babus have found ways into ashrams and run the ashrams and its institutions as Government departments. They have to be identified and weeded out if the organizations have to deliver it goods to Hindu society. I know of an organization where a retired Army General was running the show as if he would run a garrison! Dear this was an ashram and not an army Unit. The other gentle man nurses it like his personal United Nations Organization.

15. Proverbial ‘Black Sheep’ in Hindu ashrams, posturing as desciples.

A retired babu mother rabbit a senior secretary level Govt of India official , aging 75 + who lives in India, shuttles between New York and Chennai, first denied the petition was ever filed; when news paper reports were shown , he retracted. He denied that these reports were not accurate; when accurate reports were produced he did not accept the same and said that the supreme court would not have not issued notices; when documentation was produced to prove that the case was registered against the State Governments and Notices were issued, he went into a denial mode and continually declare with all malice, and predict Hindu activists, who have taken up a case for autonomy to Hindu Temples, will not succeed ultimately.


These Marxist babus continue get entrenched into Hindu Organizations and dominate the scene even after retirement and proximate themselves (owing to their previous top positions) with top gurus of Hinduism; they also and prove to be the proverbial stumbling block, for Hindu activism and Hindu Empowerment. For this cause for which many have sacrificed their plum jobs in the prime of youth and have spent their time and money in filing more than 1500 RTIS (Right to Information). Armed with the findings on the mismanagement of the HR & CE they have hired some of the best legal brains in the country and fighting the case in the Supreme Court.

In a recent petition filed in the Supreme Court, by the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, Versus the State Governments of Tamilnadu, Andhra and Pondy, this mother rabbit, a retired babu, who led a full comfy life as a bureaucrat, for which he was paid fully all his life, and now a getting full pension of the Government of India,[instead of helping the youngsters who risked their lives and filed RTIs] and guiding them, with his experience and intelligence, is proving to be a proverbial thorn in the flesh. He claims to be a “Disciple of the Swami Xyz who was part of the team of petitioners, and yet predict the case will be lost; it is time for the gurus to show the exit door to such black sheep, if at all they hold any position in Hindu organizations. These people are more dangerous than external enemies. Gurus must exercise caution with these spies in are friendly garb.

17. Exhibitionism and Christian type publicity:

It is good to exhibit your wares and explain it to the public. It was a novel idea, and an innovation. But when ideas are implemented in the field, they need to be constantly improved and fine tuned. “Stiff ideas”, with “fixed rule book” behavior on the part of this organization, has lead to a saturation point. They have organised hundreds of Hindu organizations under one banner. Fine! What next? They are groping in the dark after a million people attended their fairs; they found it difficult to convert all these ‘footfalls’ into a potential Hindu Minded Hindu organization and a Hindu Vote bank.

18. Dying Declaration of some Hindu Organizations:

Due to free space made available by the organizers of the exhibition,- many Hindu Organizations who’s dying declarations would be “that they are not Hindu”; are not affiliated to Hinduism but they are but “only Spiritual organizations”, that render, “Social service”; they are nothing but, Secular, and “a-political”, these jargons and what not! These organizations shed their identity temporarily, for the sake of participating in the exhibition.

End of part 2.

Mission of the Gurus
REINTERPRET THE SASTRAS In the light of modern times

18. “Jealous” God of the Old Testament has penetrated some Hindu Cults

There is a specific Hindu organization that starts with the English letter ‘R’ that prevents Hindu from offering Shraddam, or offer Tarpan to ancestors. Many Hindus are members of these cults have abandoned their traditional observances; they are even forbidden from keeping a pooja room, and worshipping Hindu Deities. There is another strange cult that claims to be having the most perfect prophetess, who is dead for long, who has declared that Shiva, Rama and Krishna have to reach their perfection yet, and this cult which allows only the photo of the prophetess / patron saint allowed to be kept on the altar, and other Hindu deities removed.

This is nothing but the jealous god of Bible entering into the Hindu arena. My Guru is better than your Guru, your guru no guru. His teachings are better than your Guru’s teachings. Better come to our organization. This is happening at street level talk among followers. This is nothing but semitization of the Hindu mindset. Hindu beliefs are slowly sanitized by such cults, which prey on hapless Hindus.

The HDAS and some Traditional Hindu Organizations must sit with a team of experts to examine these cults, which are getting out of control. They have to find out how much they are rooted in the basic texts of Sanathana Dharma, and how much not? They have to bring about some sort of coherence and consonance with basic Hindu teachings, which are getting distanced from the main teachings and concepts of Hinduism.

The ordinary followers of these Gurus who are drawn from Hindu Stock are being misled. Hence it is the bounden duty of Hindu Dharma Acharyas, to go through with a fine comb the basic teachings of these gurus and identify places of consonance and dissonance. Many Hindus are members of these cults; have to be brought back to Hindu fold. There is specific Hindu organization that prevents Hindu from offering Shraddam, or offer Tarpan to their ancestors. Many Hindus are members of these cults; have to be brought back to Hindu fold.

Traditional Hindu Gurus, like Sankaracharyas who are held in high esteem, must convene a meeting, and warn such organization of dire consequences, if necessary through taking it up legally.

Reinterpret Dharma sastras in the light of Modern times

19. In the digital age, where youngsters are increasingly glued TV, Internet, face book, SMS, etc. The traditional relations that parents had with their children are getting diluted. Spouses do not have time to even see each other and spend time with children for long time. In this new world, Gurus and ashrams must convene experts in sastras, and define the role of sastras in modern life, as relations are getting complex and diluted, and how they need to be adjusted to cope with modern times in the view of Dharma Sastras.

20. Protecting the Geo-political interests of Hindus

Hindu Demography that is showing a slow decline; Hindus are abandoning their parents in droves due to foreign craze. They are also abandoning their ancestral houses in villages. They are losing their land also to real estate and gulf money, which buy the land and allow it to remain fallow instead of resorting to cultivation. I have been observing these phenomena since 1985, in Thanjavur District, where cool green paddy fields have either disappeared or sold off in despair or purchase from Hindu farmers with gulf money, only to be abandoned. Hence it is important for Gurus to collectively address these issues and to renew the contact with youngsters and establish faith in the Hindu system, and also rewrite outdated portions of the Sastras as was done in previous eras. They must also advise youngsters to return to India in good numbers, and invest their saving in real estate, land and property, which is being taken away.
21. Shun exhibitionism and Christian type publicity:

It is good to exhibit your wares and explain it to the public. It was a novel idea, and an innovation. But when ideas are implemented in the field, they need to be constantly improved and fine tuned as the Japanese call it ‘kaizen’. Stuck up in “fixed rule book” behavior on the part of this organization, has lead to a saturation point. They have organised hundreds of Hindu organizations under one banner. Fine! What next? They are groping in the dark after a million people attended their fairs; they found it difficult to convert these ‘footfalls’ into a potential ‘Hindu Vote bank’. They simply have not concentrated on the process of visiting Hindus to vote for a Hindu party!

22. Dying Declaration of some Hindu Organizations:

Due to free space made available by the organizers of the exhibition, many Hindu Organizations who’s dying declarations would be “that they are not Hindu”; are but “only Spiritual organizations”, that render, “Social service”; affiliated to Hinduism is nothing new . These organizations shed their identity temporarily, for the sake of participating in the exhibition.

23. Hindu Organizations with a strange twist:

The founding philosophy of Hindu saints that are embedded in the core philosophy of the organizations could not be changed or altered by the followers. Hence it is impossible to make any policy changes or, major revisions to the organizations policy where “religious symbols of all world religions are included”, and strangely 99 percent of the followers are drawn from the Hindu fold, who do not object to such exuberant notions of other religions and indulgences. Those organizations whose core teaching was borrowed from Ramayana and Mahabharata, nevertheless called themselves “universal, A-Hindu”, “A-political”, and will keep religious symbols of all religions in their alter, without any similar reciprocation from other religions.

24. Spooky Cults masquerade as Hindu Philosophy:

There are some cults, do not have semblance, to any standard Hindu Philosophy, texts or beliefs incorporated into the teachings – the founders and gurus have in most cases replaced Hindu deities. A particular sect with its HQ on a Hill Top has thrown in a strange concoction of theories and mysticism, and meditation rolled into a unique cult. They agreed to form part of the “Unique Hindu identity”. But the core philosophy of their HQ remains, spooky, and reflects nothing of the Hindu Original Teachings. Who benefits? These organizations definitely benefit hundreds of Individuals who either are followers, or profess to be followers, or have a pact with the teachings of the Gurus.

25. Cheap Organizational Egos:

Hindu teachings always stress on removing one’s ego, before one can have the grace of Bhagwan and gain Gnana. But surprisingly Hindu Gurus, do not seem to have heard this. One should see them behaving in the conclaves organized by the VHP or HDAS, they quarrel over the tallness of their thrones that reflects their stature. Leave this alone, on philosophical points they have not hesitated to walk out of meetings. A Hindu Organization got even split vertically on a dispute over the assets& territories ‘

26. Mistaking Cults, for Hinduism.

Many Hindus are held hostages within certain cults and are unable to even think clearly, they go any length to defend their cults, and do not critically examine their cults. They become fanatics of the gurus and do all sorts of things prohibited by rational mind and Hindu Sastras. An estimated 40 to 50 percent Hindus are captive audience of some Gurus or the other. These Gurus instead of contributing to the prospering of Hinduism, Hindus and the nationhood, do exactly the reverse- they develop an organization that becomes like sore on the Hindu body. Ultimately it is these cults that will pose the ultimate danger to traditional Hinduism that has been in existence for more than thousands of years.

27. Untrained Gurus:

Many Gurus have not received proper training in any of the Hindu Scriptures. Most of them have picked up their knowledge on the street side, without any proper discipline. In the public arena, there are just handfuls of Gurus who have received training in the Gurukulam Style. The rest are street smart players who know how to play their cards very well. Some times when to go on a debating table with Semitic religions, without having an iota of knowledge of both the systems, they end up as big losers, getting a bad name and loser image for Hinduism.

28. Marketing Spiritual experience:

Many Gurus advertise and sell spiritual experience through certain yogic exercises. This yoga in the past was reserved strictly for forest dwellers in the Rishi kutirs. Now Five Star High tech yogis make a fast buck with brand names for themselves with certain unique experiences well packaged and marketed. Yoga is multibillion dollar business. Business houses, hire these gurus to provide training to their over fed and over paid hyperactive executives some rest and relaxation as corporate incentive and a trip to a Hill station.

29. Commoditization of Yoga, Meditation and sacred Hindu music:

Yoga, Meditation, Hindu Spiritual Music, and Ayurveda have become commodities, that sold by anti-Hindu organizations, seeing huge business potential in them, in the absence of any command structure within Hindu Religion. What was meant for individual improvement and well being is now being used as money spinner by good, bad and ugly in the field.

30. Gurus of different cults who won’t sit across the table:

Many of the sampradhays won’t sit across the table with their arch enemies, but will not hesitate to have back door meetings with Vatican nuncio and Muslim mullahs. It is a fate that such Gurus are heading various mutts. If the Gurus do not see eye to eye or sit shoulder to shoulder, the attitude of Sishyas are even worse. They will consider their Gurus, who are definitely mortal beings, immortal Brahman. These followers who operate within the boundary of a certain organization will not come out and work for a general Hindu cause or participate in a general agitation or protest. This is how it is now almost impossible to have a seamless Hindu organization, wedded to Hindu cause alone!

31. Hindus are Sitting Ducks:

Hindus are stuck within certain organizations and cannot cross the boundaries. There are some organizations that specifically forbid members from becoming members of other organizations, or even reading the literature of other Gurus. This is nothing but fossilization of Hindu religion. Hindus are sitting ducks to terrorists individually who are randomly picked and assassinated; but also for not only victims to Natural calamity and social conflicts ; Hindu Gurus; when such attacks happen others are nowhere in sight when serious caste conflicts raise their ugly head. They do not go and sit with parties and assuage the feelings and calm the trouble emotions. Most Hindu Gurus remain aloof and keep away from troubled areas. Many Hindu Gurus are also victims to deadly attacks on them.

32. The new Continental Cuisine:

Pop Psychology, Americaanitis, Self Improvement & motivations psychology along with Quick Wits & throw in some Zen Philosophy, spoken with voice modulation amplified and sound mixed, now passes off as Hindu Philosophy.

33. The guru who subscribes to out dated AIT {Aryan Invasion Theory

It is surprising that many urban Hindus are playing into the hands of these Gurus, who exploit the gullibility of the followers and run successful organizations. All that they require is good command of English, some witty jokes and entertain the audience. These Gurus actually pose a big problem for Hindu society as they wean away traditional Hindus from the fold and make them into a flock that follows the shepherd. These Hindus lose their moorings and become de Hinduised. One such Guru openly subscribed to the outdated Aryan Invasion theory. When this author questioned him in private, he answered, it was needed to survive in the prevailing times.

34. Innovations in Universalisms:

For Hindus, whoever they may be, there is a problem when they toy with idea of starting dialogues with Semitic religions under the banner of ‘Universalism’ or ‘Advaitha’ even in their own turf, they have no idea what Semitic religious are , they are setting a very dangerous precedent . But MNC Ashrams are stubbornly refusing to consider such ground realities and are busy promoting their ‘innovations in Universalism’ without caring a bit on the Historical & social consequences, of their ill-advised teachings, and the adverse impact on the Hindu society and global geopolitics for Hindus. Clueless Hindus are becoming more and more alienated wedded to some gurus, cults and are getting uprooted.

35. Hindu Missions abroad are stubbornly refusing to put themselves in the line of Fire:

If the Hindu Missions wedded to their own “Delusions of Universalisms” are stubbornly refusing to put themselves in the line of fire, I hope at least some of their members will. During the Partition of India, in 1947, an old Hindu Institution that was in Lahore was deluged by fanatics, who slit the throats of the inmates and monks. The monk, who escaped from Lahore by air route to Delhi, started batting for those very religions that, had slit the throats of his brother monks; this he consistently did for over fifty years, and towards the end of life after ailing for several years, this pseudo secular monk confided to his care takers, and regretted that he did not do enough to Protect Hindu Interests.

36. Hindu Intellectuals are unable to reach out:

Even though Hindu intellectuals are able to write tactical books, there are inadequate mechanisms available, for them to ‘advertise’, ‘promote’, ‘endorse’, and get support for their work. Their reach is very poor even according to Hindutva standards. There marketing capability of these organizations are varied, and in general not able to sell their ware except for a limited audience. They are not able to reach out to the hostile and hyper active media, and convince them.

37. Even our deities desire praise:

“The deepest principle in human nature is to be appreciated”
–William James, 1901 “In varieties of Religious experience”

The least that a humble Hindu activist or good worker expects is a word of Praise. They put themselves in the line of fire .Hindus are miserly in expressing their appreciation. Many loyal Hindu activists with years of hard work do not expect monetary rewards from their organizations but a genuine word of appreciation, even that is hard to come by. Hindus and Hindu organizations are so poverty struck at heart, that they abhor appreciating good work and even see it as stumbling block- when Hindu Prayers that they chant every day – is full of praise for their chosen diety. Hindu leaders are generous in their condemnation and miserly in giving a pat on the back of their followers. These organizations do not have team work and score brownie points over each other; do not hunt for talent and nurture leadership or promote them. They only want obedient followers and Venetian blinded Bhaktas.

A well trained adherent of a great Dasanami Sect Sanyasi of a modern Gurukulam, expresses his desire to go to Pakistan, to study Sufism!


It is important for Hindu Gurus to know a bit of the three religions and the ‘people of the book’. In Feb 2013, I attended a lecture of a senior Hindu Sanyasi, fully trained in his sampradhayam, after finishing the lecture, in a posh hall; he was surrounded by his desciples. This Sadhu was telling his close followers that he was going to Pakistan, to study Sufism. The teacher is having his own notions of Sufism- poor teacher, even poorer desciples.

I wish the guru of the Sanyasi, and any of the followers, who happens to read this article show the following quotation from the American Scholar Richard Maxwell Eaton, in his book Sufis of Bijapur (the Hindu name was Vijayapuri) to the Sadhu. For some time this book was banned by the insecure Government of India, headed by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Dr .Eaton Richard Maxwell wrote: “In sum, the warrior Sufi may be seen as one of the earliest products that arose from the contact between Arab Islamic and Indic (actually Hindu) Indic civilizations. In their psychological appeal, philosophical underpinnings, and historical development, these two civilizations are diametrically opposed. Where the one is ardent, dogmatic, and austere, the other is reflective, synecretic, and sentimental. Where Arab Islam centers upon the submission to a single discipline and perceives society, the universe, and the divine in terms of unity, Indic Hinduism diffuses into an aggregate of metaphysical systems, folk beliefs, customs, symbols, and traditions that collectively perceive society, the universe, and the divine principle in terms of plurality. By the early fourteenth century the Arab Islamic and Indian traditions had only just begun their long and torturous process of fusing into what later was to become “Indian Islam”. Hence the warrior Sufi did not represent a synthesis of the Islamic and Indic traditions, but only a transplant of the former into the world of the latter”. [Page 38.]




Judaism, Christianity and Islam- the three Abrahamic Religions have different views on their fundamental beliefs, their shared history and origins. They share common features like “One God”; “One Book”; “One Messiah”; “One Savior”, & “One prophet”. They do not even agree among themselves on basic these vital parameters. They do not agree on who ‘THE REAL GOD IS’ .Now that we have seen the basic differences, that we can take the comparison to the next stage. They do not share their Gods with others. Their books are mutually exclusive. They have exclusive Messiahs, Saviors and Prophet. They differ on the Concept of God, nature of human existence, nature of creation, concept of time, Angels, Demons, good and evil, heaven and hell, fate of believers at the end the of time, and non believers who will be consigned to eternal damnation. The one thing they all share is that, followers of their own religion, will go to heaven or paradise and followers of the remaining two religions will go eternal damnation (eternal hell) at the end of their limited timed universe. Hence they struggle among themselves to gain supremacy to convert the other followers. Over the years the Jews have changed, and become less dogmatic. But that cannot be said about the other two religions. Both Christianity and Islam have tried without success to exterminate Jews from the face of the earth, but failed. These mutually incompatible templates clashed with each other for over 2500 years. This is the historical legacy that we must keep in mind. We Indians are mostly unaware of these theologies that some Hindu Sadhudo not dare to get into debates.


How can three religions be equal if a] Christianity claims that Islam and Hinduism are false religions, and b] Islam claims that Christianity and Hinduism are false religions, c] Hinduism makes no such claim? To be equal don’t they need meeting of minds on such fundamental issues? [Page 12, RKM Propagating the opposite of what Vivekananda and Ramakrishna had said, Yashodharma, July, 2013; Maanoj Rakhit Publications, Mumbai.]


Their conceptualization of time is very tribal and very Middle Eastern. Their visualization of the Universe, Time, and Earth in their religious texts is based on chaotic views – juxtaposed – with superstitions beliefs – and infused with intolerance – and imposed with cruel authority, with deep political colorings and maneuverings; these texts are presented as the ultimate authority on their religions, in a historical context; on the hapless people of who are followers of the religions in the middle East and elsewhere. Unless one learns the basic templates of each of the Abrahamic religions, it will be futile to club them together in one Middle East basket. It is important to see these religions as their followers do see; believe; practice; hear; and live. Unless we see it the way they see the world and the other two Abrahamic Religions who populate the world, it will be difficult to understand how they view each other, within the Abrahamic tradition. It is important to know how Judaism, views Christianity? How Christianity views Judaism? How Islam views Judaism and Christianity? How they view each other separately? An analysis of these categories will lead to the first fundamental shift in our understanding and lead differentiation. This analysis will bring out how difficult it will be to put all the three into the same basket of ‘Abrahamic religions’ as the followers of these categories will stiffly oppose tooth and nail any such comparison to dump them all into one basket.


Any short walk across the narrow strip on the Galilee, the lanes of Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Ramallah, where the three templates collide – what reading tomes on Middle East will not convince even the most skeptical, a 15 minutes’ walk will be enough to convince even a layman that all is not well. Any adventurer can take the exercise to the next level to go through the streets of Teheran, Baghdad, Karbala, Peshawar and Kabul. The more ambitious may organize adventure tours to Serbia, where the people of three belief systems (three templates) fought murderous wars in 1998, in the heart of the ‘modern civilized’ Europe. I believe such tours will convince followers of Sanatana Dharma, that they fare well, on matters of civilization; that a man on the street, can teach a lesson or two, on matters of ‘Nyaya’ & Dharma to university professors and political leaders there.


The guided tour to AUSTWITZ & BREMAN CAMP if expanded further could include a visit to German Library and study Nazi history a little bit. A study of Adolf Hitler, why he exterminated Jews as an ethnic group, will shock them beyond belief, as to what they are dealing with? Are they Human Beings or Asuras? (I am not providing any answer here as to why Hitler eliminated the Jews. I am not aiming my article at those knowledgeable individuals who know all these before but most of Indians readers have to do their own research). This will be first lesson in interfaith dialog by a Hindu person with catholic religion. [Comments]A Critical Review of Rajiv Malhotra’s “Being Different” by G.P Srinivasan Page13.]


Hindu Intellectuals too falter in trying to be politically correct .In Being Different Rajiv Malhotra debates with “Abrahamic Religions” on behalf of religions which he again groups in a basket called the “Dharmic Religions”. Although it may be elating to make such intellectual comparisons, and though the debate opens up flood gates, of similar comparisons, he actually debates with only one of the Category of Abrahamic Religions, namely Christianity and to some degree with Judaism, minus Islam in “Being Different”. He groups the Indic religions under one umbrella as Dharma Group. When I discussed this categorization of Indic religions, with knowledgeable people, scholars, with deep knowledge of Sanskrit, and Tamil, (the two extant oldest languages in India, that preserve the ancient Hindu Scriptures), they opined that It will be better to catalog Indic religions as Vedic Dharma. They would like to define themselves as Astika , or followers of Vedas, and Vedic Dharma, (who are believers of Iswara, Vedic deities, Karma , and punar janma, Jivatman, Brahman, karma khanda and Gnana khanda of the Vedas) and on the other hand they would like to define Buddhism and Jainism as Nastika Religions. This is how traditional revered Hindu Rishis, Acharyas, and learned scholars define themselves, with reference to Buddhism and Jainism even though they both share common ancestors. But Rajiv Malhotra has puts all the three Astika and Nastika Religions, into one Indic basket, for the sake of convenience even though these three religions, share many features, like concept of Infinite Time, Yuga cycle, Dharma and Karma, Papa and Punya, many births, methodology of Tapas and Moksha. Buddhism and Jainism do share many of these features but not share the same platform with the Hindu Pantheon of Hindu Gods, and their expressed disbelief in Vedas, especially karma khanda, though they may share many similarities of the Gnana Khanda. They do not have Upanishads, Brahma Sutras or the Bhagavad Gita. The ancestry of Sanatana Dharma, Jaina and Buddhist, converge, on common ancestors and principles of Dharma, and move away, based points of disagreement in philosophy, based on logic and debates and political patronage. Though there are many similarities and differences between Vedic/Astika categories and Avedic/Nastika categories, Rajiv Malhotra has conveniently overlooked these differences, just as he ignored the differences and similarities in the Middle East basket (composed of Judaism, Christianity and Islam). [Comments in italics]: A Critical Review of Rajiv Malhotra’s “Being Different” by G.P Srinivasan Page15.]

45. Temple tank full of sewage water:

In July 2012 I had a friend from Malaysia, who wanted to go to a Temple, which is in the name of a diety known to heal diseases, in Thanjavur District, where Mani Shankar Iyer was a MP from the constituency, three terms. I found the entire temple strewn with garbage .The temple tank even worse, with floating oil and the holy water stinking. My friend from Malaysia was horrified to see the damage done to temple by mal-administration by the HR & CE in Tamilnadu. (The Department of Hindu religious & charitable endowments).

46. The MP who has no control in his constituency!

In the evening we had an opportunity to meet the Sitting MP (Member of Parliament), Mr.O.S.Maniyan, of the constituency, in the Railway Station, and expressed our concern about the unhygienic state prevailing in the precincts of the Holy Temple. He expressed his helplessness on the unhygienic state prevailing in the temple, and tried to justify the whole thing due to Temple employees’ labour union, that disturb the everyday activities of the temple. Neither the administration nor the Mutt that hereditarily control the temple had any control on the state of cleanliness. Another friend who had come with us had gone ahead and took a dip in tank, soon after became sick and with increased temperature started vomiting! We had to treat him in a hospital.

47. Hindu Spiritual leaders aid and abet anti-Hindu ideas:

Recently, one my friends took me to a religious class of school of Hindu philosophy, that is being organised one of the mutts. Most of the participants are sincere souls who are the late fifties. The classes are conducted every Sunday, for the entire day, and sumptuous free lunch is even provided to the participants. The course runs for nearly two years, and participants are expected to attend the classes and endure the whole length, and even pass a test, to be declared fully qualified after which they are given Diksha into the philosophy and rituals and pooja of the particular school of Theology.

48. A Hindu Sect incorporates anti-Hindu comments into their text books:

Later when I opened the texts given in the course, I found several unparliamentarily utterances made by that school, against several Saints and Seers, whose philosophy was different. This particular group, wanted to organize a state level seminar. Their budget was limited. The group leader approached a traditional mutt, for premises to conduct their seminar, whose founder saint, who lived hundreds of years ago, had been abused in the text books prescribed, by the former When this was noticed by the later, he called the group leader, and asked him to bring all his course material, and read out the passages, where these “Dravidian Political Abuses”, were present! The manager of the latter mutt, summarily asked the former to remove forthwith all the abuses, made against their founder, and if that is removed from the text books, he would give the premises free. The issue is still running.

49. Money Bags and decision making In Hindu Organizations:

It is the money bags that control the decision making in Hindu Mutts and Organizations. There are vested interests and cartels that run the organization virtually like Mafia. Real estate, Land, Investments, Property are discussed in the second tier followers. Close circle control the destiny of the mutt and its employees and followers, which was unheard of in the previous centuries. While these organizations continue to grow, the real Hindu Society of ‘aam admi’ man in the street is dying for want of attention. The temples are languishing. Their property is being looted. Devotees are short changed.

50 Absence of Debates on Hindu issues

Problem with Hindu Bhakthi Channels: They Don’t Debate on Serious issues that affect the Hindu Society. They are content with conducting Bhajan Competitions, for youngsters. The Pravachans and discourse broadcasted by various gurus in the channels do not take up issues in an evangelical manner, issues that affect the Hindu Society at large are never addressed by the Spiritual leaders, who are of course parochial, and are yet to come to the broad platform of Hindu Society.

51. “Good Boy Syndrome “of Bhakthi Channels:

Two years ago I specifically asked the CEO of Sankara TV, Mr. Krishna Kumar “why they are not discussing important issues and debate them from Hindu View point”? He replied that they do not want to get into trouble, and “do not want to lose the good name which they have earned from Asthikas”.

Neither the TTD Bhakthi channel that is run out of Hindu donations has anything practical to offer to the people, by way of health tips. All that it offers is a series of Programmes of religious and spiritual nature, which is in itself laudable, but beyond that it offers nothing. The north Indian Hindi Channels are either ashram specific, that offers so many Bhajans, Kirtans, Pravachans on Ramayana and Krishna leela, keep the devotes glued, but they also do not educate the Hindus on the threats to Hindu Society and India.

52. Pet Projects of Moneyed Gurus & their Desciples:

In many places rational views are replaced by undue ritualism, and wanton spending on pet projects. While thousands of ancient temples are uncared for, new leaders construct modern temples, with amassed wealth, God knows from where they get the wealth? In the process real core Hindu issues are not brought to the foreground and discussed. Money for Hindu issues is not allocated. These channels are content to earn the name “good boy”, from the anti-Hindus and pseudo secular wadis. The pet projects are dished out from Bhakthi channels.

The programmes offered by several saints of the North are rich in tapestry, pageantry, decorations and devotional themes but offer no intellectual discourses. Famous speakers in the south, who come every day on TV channels, also do not discuss on issues that affect Hindu Society politically, legally and economically. There was a saint from AP who conducted huge Yagna, spending 45 lakhs, very recently.

53. Thousands of Hindu Temples languishing:

But both the TV Personality and the saint would not donate single paisa for legal protection of Hindu Temples. Again ,this is mentioned in order to stress on the amount of money available to Hindu Society, which is not put to use for priority cause, because the adviser to the Mutts, see every penny as a way to Moksha and not as a way to Save Temples or Save the Hindu Society on this earth. Again for the birthday celebration of saint in 2008, Rupees 55 lakhs was spent on extravaganza by the Ashram, and payment to many film troupes performing on the Stage, and very little could be spent for politically, and legally empowering Hindus. Billions dollars of Hindu Icons worth are in foreign Museums, and are being stolen from temples, and these antique dealers continue to flourish under the shadows of Hindu Temples.

54. Failure of Millionaire & Billionaire Hindus:

Even Billionaire Hindus have not thought of setting up a powerful Media and News paper for Hindus. Billionaire Hindus don’t think it is a wise proposition to set up a TV channel or a News Paper so far. Even the very Hindu institutions, set up by patriotic Hindus are now in the hands of Anti-Hindus. Hindu institutions have been deliberately eroded from within and without. There is general failure of moneyed Hindus to help their poor and sick brethrens, deprived sections, and tribals. Those who are part of Hindu Institutions are Hijacked and Controlled by Anti-Hindus: Hindu Institutions and Hindu Money donated to Hindu cause are moving into the wrong Hands and Hindu Money is put to unproductive use by those who control the flow and sometimes even for harmful use. That is the root cause of all the maladies that Hindu Society is suffering from. Hindus do not have control of their own money; The Hindu does not have control of their own Temples and the land; Hindus do not have control of their affairs of the temples. What a shame?

55. Hindu institutions are closing down their shops:

I personally know many good Hindu Institutions have either closed down or are in verge of closing down due to lack of patronage, money and above all lack of successors. Modern day Hindus do not have respect even within their own families that their wards do not want to pursue their father’s line of work, what ever it may be, and would like to strike off a different path. They perceive working for Hindu cause means poverty and suffering. Lack of a support structure in Hindu Society makes it even more difficult, for them continue on the lines of their fathers/mother who worked for a particular cause.

56. Christian Propaganda That the world would end in December 2012:

The propaganda that the world would end in December 2012, has failed and these type of panic creation are built within the Abrahamic Creeds. Such predictions have failed repeatedly in the last 150 years. Present Chaos and unpredictability in world Economies & Environmental Degradation is built in within the Abrahamic religions, in a mindset moulded & an economic WHICH THEY HAVE DESIGNED BASED ON Human GREED and accumulation as could be seen from the COLLAPSE OF LEHMAN BROTHERS, Enron Corporation, panic of Y2K, problem in the year 2000, Computer Viruses, THAT COULD BE TRACED TO ROOTS OF THE Abrahamic mindset that created these problems. The WORLD VIEW, the concepts of God, armeggadon, end of time, messages of prophets, covenants, crusades, thousand year wars, jihads, reformation wars, the two world wars etc. culminating in the holocaust. The present orderliness of western society has nothing to do with the Judaic creeds and need not be confused with the chaos that prevailed for over the 1000 years of dark ages imposed by the Vatican on the hapless people of Europe. The oppression by Vatican lead to a counter movement called reformation in Europe. The French revolution that arose out of renaissance ideas uplifted the French. It was common sight of People dumping shit in the middle of London streets till about 1850s. The French revolution against Louis the XIV and the subsequent beheading of the royals by guillotines and the spread of ideas of liberty equality and fraternity were turning points. The present status of the west is due to separation of the Church from the State. The French revolution and the spread of Protestantism and the doctrine of discovery lead to rampant colonization of the Americas, Africa and Asia, the new world and extermination of the red Indians and slavery of the African People. On the other hand Vedic metrics were HIGHLY disciplined way of presenting religious concepts in the six anghas of Vedas. Stability is built within the Vedic system of world view and cosmic rhythms on which the system is based. The grammer as in Panini’s sutras and Tamil Tholkappiam were highly measurable. The Hindu society was highly structured and organized around Universal Time and natural cycles. This was not based chaos but based on universal rhythm. It is the Old Testament; BIBLE etc are full of unintelligible ‘TOWER OF BABBLE’. The differentiation between basic Hindu scriptures and Hindu society has not been clearly demarcated by Hindu Critics. The scriptures have maintained high standards of perfection, even in literary level – the trace elements of coherence or reasoning or even common sense one cannot find in Abrahamic religions. The Indian society had become chaotic due to 1300 years due to foreign invasions that fractured the social systems. We cannot justify the resultants of history; by refusing identify with the incumbents of the damage and correcting the same instead of blaming and orienting the presentations to suit western palate.

57. Petty Politicians- novae rich & famous- Marxist-media, cine-stars, TV serials, sports channels, IPL cricket, cell phones, & SMS [Short text messaging], lure of foreign jobs, keep Billions of Hindus glued, and who let their political destinies be contolled by others.

Petty politicians control the destiny billion strong Hindus as Hindus are weak ideologically and have failed in developing mechanisms and institutional structure to express their displeasure. They are unable to develop a coherent system that will respond to any political event and act as deterrent before the menace spreads toxins all over. Hindus lack a political philosophy, and spread that ideology. Anti-Hindu ideologies are sprouting and becoming huge trees. Hindus do not pluck the poisonous weed when they are tender saplings and watch them to grow forgetting Chanakya Neethi.

It is much lamented that Hindus lack competencies to organize themselves to think and defend. This job is left to few writers, columnists and E-mail warriors, while elected Hindu political leaders are trying to woo the very enemies of Hindus into their camps. Many Hindu think tanks are dry, dead, or redundant, or mostly inactive.

The senior Hindu leaders who are now are out of the race or are aspiring for the top job, thereby creating no space for aspiring Young Hindus, in the upward spiral. Many are weak to question these elders who won’t retire nor allow opportunity for the next generation. Petty minded people and power hungry politicians now control the destiny of billion strong Hindus and Hindus have no choice but to kick them out.

58. Hindus lack the ability in state craft; diplomacy; building institutions that will help to build a nation and the State and they are now in a pitiable state that they have to reclaim their religion, temples, nation, and state from political mafia & media terrorists. This they have to do it in the interests of their children & grand children.


Hindu organizations have been living on the donations of goods hearted donors and they have not realized the dangers of living on donors’ money. They themselves have not created “Hindu Economic Fund or Hindu Capital”; in Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Rupees. The urgent need is hence forth to create a legal agency to coordinate and work with all Hindu organizations, and assess their needs and raise funds for Hindu causes. Without funds Hindus will not be able to take any step forward.
Hindus do need to develop a fund management agency organised along professional lines, to raise and manage and Secure Hindu funds globally.

Hindus suffer from a disease called POH syndrome that affects their spiritual hearts. It is called the poverty of heart syndrome. It is not that Hindu lack money, but they want to hoard it and donate it to temples, which will be eaten away by government anyway, but they will not donate for Hindu activism, or any Hindu cause that will alter the course of events and become a milestone and even turn tables, and change the course of History.

62. Developing a Hindu Media:

The virtual absence of Hindu media has come in handy for anti-Hindus. The lack of Vision on the part of leading Hindutva organization to develop a pro Hindu media has been utilized to the hilt by anti-Hindu forces. Hindus have left the ground open, for others to come and graze. It is time for them to drive out the aliens in the media, and take control of the existing media, by investing heavily in them, and buying shares etc. For that funds are required. Hindus have been discussing for more than decade in several internet forums, about starting their own media. All that they have are few websites, some spiritual channels, and a net based TV. When there is every sort of debate on every issued under the sun, why there is no Hindu Discourse in Indian Media on issues that affect the Hindu Society?
63. Kicking the habit:

It is not kicking the cigarette butt but doing away with tapping the key board, and doing the real work: Several good minded Hindus are good cyber warriors. This is core issue that stifles Hindu activism. Several Hindu activists are born E-mail warriors. There are several stages one has to cross. As swami Vivekananda wrote “It is good to be born in a Church but bad to die in it”. Tapping the keyboard, and clicking the mouse, and scoring over the opponent and gaining brownie points are addictions, which one has to overcome if he or she can become full time matured activist who can do lasting work, however slow it may be one has to start on the path.

64. Who will remove the rubbish?

When I went to meet an International Guru, in his HQ, the road leading to the ashram was full of garbage; rotting vegetable waste, not removed for weeks from some local market dumped on the road that the car started skidding on the slush unable to get a good grip of the road. When once we were reached the gate and went inside the ashram it was pleasant and nice. I asked myself a question “who will remove the rubbish on the highway to the ashram”?

65. This is the Dilemma of that an average Hindu activist faces in contemporary India:

This is not only a dilemma, but also a challenge and an opportunity to change the course of History to remove the accumulated garbage. Hindus have reached the bottom most level and can go no further. Either and we can choose to go up, or decline further, and die. While Hindu leaders and their followers are busy cleaning up, an already clean Ashram, on their way to Moksha. Many Hindus believe that Mysticism, Mantra, Miracles and Philosophy, will save them, from the sewage, that will soon flood into their ashrams from outside. Hindus in order to remove the rubbish on the way to their ashrams, must question, why the ashram alone remains clean inside, and not the roads leading to it? This will also explain why the mission of the Hindu Gurus to transform India, has failed despite hard work, which they have put in for more than 150 years, and the missions and organizations which they have founded, have collectively not been able to remove the garbage that has collected outside their ashram, for that they have get down from their ivory towers, reconvert Hindus into Hinduism, before they can own up the roads, leading to their ashram and clean up the nation.
End of part 3

Mission of the Gurus
Save Hindus & Hindu Civilizations from Extinction In the most modern digital era

By understanding how the Red Indians who were Real Owners of The United States of Americas were slaughtered and vanquished, and apply your mind to learn lessons from the same, and educate Hindus, that the same fate does take place to people of India in this era. Survival in the past does not guarantee that survival in the future.

“It is, however painful to consider, that all the Indian tribes once existing in those states now the best cultivated and most populous states , have become extinct. If the same excuses continue, the same effect will happen; and in a short period, the idea of an Indian on this side of the Mississippi will only be found in the page of the historian”.

—Henry Knox, Secretary of War, 1789.

“Whenever the United States has made the Indians some presents, after a time they have said we must give them such a piece of land; and after this a good many presents then a large piece of ground “.
—Gemo, the Indian Chief, 1801 on greed for Land

“There are three gods-one brown, one white and one black”

–Onim, a prophet chief of the Mosley Indians, in 1810.
“We hope it will please the Great Spirit that the white people may let us live in peace, we will not disturb them, neither have we (have) done it except when they came to our village with the intention of destroying us”

–Tecumseh, the Indian leader on his mission.1811.

The annihilation of our race is at hand, unless we unite in one common cause against the common foe. Think not Choctaw that you can remain passive and indifferent to the common danger and thus escape the common fate. Your people too will soon be as falling as leaves and scattering clouds before the blighting wind…”

—Tecumseh on the impending doom, Address to the Choctaus, 1811.

These fine talks are to amuse and deceive you, they are going to take your country beyond St.Johns. The old people will be put to sweep the yards of the white people, the young men to work for them and the females to spin and weave for them”.

—A fugitive Negro, warning to the creeks, 1813.

I am tired of fighting. Our Chiefs are killed the old men are dead. It is the young man who says yes or no. He who led the young men is dead. It is cold and we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My People, some of them, have run away to the Hills and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are-perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children and see how many of them I can find. May be I shall find them among the dead. Here me, chiefs. I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever.

—Chief Joseph {The red Indian chief}-the last speech he made to his warriors, 1877.

[Idaho was the home land of Nez Perce, a peace loving and civilized people. Determined to occupy this territory too, the United States directed them to a reservation that was allotted for their settlement. However the Indians refused to Vacate. In 1877 as federal forces took the field against them, their chief Joseph assembled some 200 men and 350 old people, women and children, and led them towards Canada to escape slaughter. Chased by four columns of federal troops, the Indians covered 1321 miles in seventy five days…before they were cut down just south of the Canadian border. Finding the struggle futile the Indians laid down their arms. The triumphant Americans exiled this chief together with his followers to a malarial area in Oklahoma. The last speech, he made to his warriors, reflected upon the anguish of dying Indians.]

The Indians presented no threat to the United States, yet the Seventh Cavalry rounded up 350 tribals, two thirds of them were women and children and assembled them near a military camp in South Dakota. After all were disarmed, the cavalry opened a deadly fire killing all men point blank. Women were pursued as far as three miles over the plains before they were pierced to death. Young Girls knelt and covered their faces in terror, but were not spared. The little children could make no bid to escape and fell easy victims to the assassin’s sword. At the end of the massacre the Americans gathered the mutilated bodies together and threw them into a pit. This was Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, which together with other tragedies sealed the fate of the Indians. No more the Continent was that of the Red People.

In the early days of the glory, when an American Went to a tribe, as Daniel C.Sanders observed: “If hungry, he is fed; if he is naked he is clothed, if cold he is warmed, he lives upon the best they have; and nothing is required as a reward for all the favours they lavish upon him. But in return the whites labeled their benefactors as savages and eliminated them; even the small children were slaughtered.

Despite the magnitude of their crime the Americans have sought justification for the liquidation of Native people, usurpation of lands, expulsion of the tribal population and exposure to death in barren lands. Accordingly they relied on the charters issued by monarchs of Europe, settlements with the tribals and the divine will. But all these claims lacked legitimacy for, the monarchs had no title to the Indian lands and as such their charters had no legal authority. That the United States entered into numerous settlements with the tribals but they were never free from charges of corrupt and fraudulent practices. As mentioned earlier, it was a common practice to invite susceptible tribals , entertain them with fire water and prevail upon them to sign away land. When these documents were written, vast areas were included without their knowledge. If councils were convened to approve transactions; they were filled with chiefs who were created for that purpose. The conflict between traditional chiefs and created chiefs ended in bloodshed and mutual killings.

As a last resort, divine authority was invoked to justify fraud and injustice. This was called manifest destiny. If Jehovah ordained America for the White men, the Red Men repeatedly asserted that the Great Spirit gave the continent to HIS Red Children. The conflict between the alleged mandates of Jehovah and that of the Great Spirit nullified the American Claims. As a result the Americans (White European Christians) found themselves in possession of an ill-gotten territory. What added to their Crime was the ruthless policy that was formulated and pursued with official mandate for the total liquidation of the native population. [1]

The Destruction of the Indians if the Americas were, far away, the massive act of genocide in the history of the world; That is why, as one historian aptly has said, far from the romantic heraldry that customarily is used to symbolize the European settlement of the Americas, the emblem most congruent with reality would be a pyramid of skulls.

Moreover the important question for the future in this case is not “can it happen again?” For the genocide of the Amerindians never stopped. For the genocide in the Americas, and in other places where the world’s indigenous people survive, has never ceased, (including India). More than 40000 people have simply disappeared in Guatemala before 1986 and before that another 100000 had also been openly murdered. This is equivalent, in the United States, of more than 4,000,000 people slaughtered by government decree…almost all those dead and disappeared were Indians or direct descendents of the Mayas. Today as five centuries ago their homes and villages are bombed and razed-while more than two thirds of their forest lands have now been intentionally burnt and scrapped into ruin. [2]


1] Treachery and Terror against Indian tribes of U.S.A. Prof. K.Rajayyan.
2]: American Holocaust: David E.Stannard.

End of part 4


2014: Mission of the Gurus
To keep out the weed, chocking our canals

“With foes unprincipled and false ‘tis vain to seek accommodation: agreements bind them not; and soon they show a wicked transformation…

–Vishnusarma, 200 BC, Kashmir, Pancha tantra, translated by Arthur.W.Ryder, 1924 dating from 1199 AD.

‘’Where absolute superiority is not attainable, you must produce a relative one at the decisive point by making skillful use of what you have.”
–Karl von Clausewitz [On war 1832].

A system has a chain-logic when its performance is limited by its weakest subunit, or “link”. When there is a weak link, a chain is not made stronger by strengthening the other links. For the Space shuttle Challenger, the weakest link was a solid rubber O-ring. On January 28, 1986, the O-ring in Challenger’s booster engine failed. Hot gas knifed through the structure; the rocket exploded. Challenger and its crew, the pride of the nation president Reagan called them, tumbled out of the clear blue sky and shattered on the ocean sixty-five thousand feet below.

If a chain must not fail, there is no point in strengthening only some of the links. Similarly for, challenger, there could be no gain to making the booster engines stronger if the O-ring was weak. There was little point in improving guidance, or communications, or increasing the quality of crew training, if the O-ring was weak.
It is an excellent strategy, Hindu Organizations are so myriad and mammoth and that do work coherently for the common good that they spread their resources thin, an excellent strategy, rather than concentrate resources, to divert attention, to appease internal needs for diverse causes and security and ward off unwanted external attention gazing at them.

Even huge and complex organizations like the US Army, uses ‘tactical diversion’ to ‘pay off internal and external interests’. When it comes to brass tacks, such mind boggling organization, the US Army actually focuses on its actions, as it demonstrated by US Navy Seals in pinpointing the exact location of Osama Bin Laden, a high profile target, who was living in a high security residence outside Abbotobad [ a military cantonment in Pakistan under the protective wings of Pakistani military establishment.]

Having Conflicting Goals, dedicating resources to unconnected goals and accommodating the whims and fancies of the donors and incompatible interests are the luxuries of the rich and powerful, but they make up for bad strategy. Hindu organizations exactly indulge in these forms of luxury, despite failures; the leading organizations will not build intense strategies, but will generate grocery lists of desirable outcomes, and at the same time, ignore the need for developing competence in coordinating and optimizing their resources.

Good Strategy requires leaders who are willing and able to say a ‘big no’ to a wide variety of actions and interests. “Strategy is at least as much about what an organization does not do as it is about when it does”. [Richard Rumelt, “Good Strategy Bad Strategy”, page 20].

The mantras for Hindu organizations, is to identify a strategy and learn:

Finally what is Strategy?

“Deter conflict-but should deterrence fail, to fight and win the nation’s wars”
Mission Statement of the US Department of Defense

“One Agency One community: An agency undeterred in its core capabilities, functioning as one team, fully integrated into the Intelligence community”

Mission Statement of CIA

Strategy is about action, about doing something central to getting result. The kernel of a Strategy must contain action. This is about coherent action. There is no need to point to all steps that must be taken as things progress.

The mission statement of CIA is “One Agency One community. An agency undeterred in its core capabilities, functioning as one team, fully integrated into the Intelligence community”, nowhere did the statement mention that detection and assassinating Osama bin laden was number one priority. Fundamentally the problems that Hindus face can finally be traced to leadership, organization, resources, Money, structure, communication, strategy, and leadership and a coherent approach.

There are no linkages between various Hindutva political organizations and spiritual organizations. It is but rare for them to have day to day discussions on mundane issues, evolving issues, or complex issues, though they may regularly have internal meeting pertaining to their individual organizations. There appears to be no regular meeting of minds at the top level, to exchange ideas across the broad platform, politically and in the absence of day to day information exchange for chalking out responses to specific events, there is virtually no response coming from Hindu leadership.

There appears to be no working group that focuses on inter-organizational exchange, Inspite of huge advantage that could accrue with the leveraging of communication technology. Most of the gurus live on a high altitude stratosphere in a mutually admiring society, with many ex-bureaucrats, on guard, to prevent the Gurus from venturing into areas other than spiritual, and hence they are oblivious to the events. They lead a virtually insulated life. It normally takes several hours to get through the ashram bureaucracy, to send an S O S to a guru! Hence the kernel of a strategy is the diagnosis of the problem – develop a guiding policy, set up a coherent system, steps to be taken for the action.

The primary impediment is in our inability to respond for any event like the midnight attack on baba Ram Dev on June 3rd 2011. Any action that is taken by Hindu Leaders is either too late, or too little. Inspite of all these hurdles is due to the extraordinary efforts of individual activists, who go beyond their call of duty, to take up the job and get results. Unfortunately the usually apathetic leadership, and the system in which they live, do not reach out to these small organization and individual organizations and help them. Let us simplify these three components into three factors:

1} Strategy:

A good strategy works by harnessing and applying power which will have the maximum result.

2} Leverage:

Getting a good leverage through synergy of factors is another issue, where one plus one will have the greatest effect.

3} Timing:
A sense of timing is another critical component.

These are the mantras for Hindu organizations; collect information; honing the mental and analytical skills of the members, that will help them to get maximum results with minimum investment of time, money and effort.

For that collecting, processing and sharing of information across a platform of organizations is vital. This is to some extent available as news and information portals, and regular individual email services from friendly list, served by independent analysts, who do an excellent job, Inspite of their physical age and other natural factors, that would deter normal individual from venturing into such fields –the the job of several organizations put together.

The Honing of Skills

To get results one needs the strategic intent and leverage the same that arises from a mixture of acute anticipation, honing of skills acquired over the years, in analyzing fuzzy information, and filling up the dots intuitively, and getting insight into impending an event; and in anticipation taking corrective action crucial to a critical situation that is still developing, or yet to develop, and harnessing available resources, and taking the burden of doing what is most pivotal, in the prevailing situation, that has to be understood intuitively in nano seconds , without any guidance from higher ups, and making an intense application of one’s energy, efforts, reaching new levels, to grapple with the situation at hand, and seize it with required force, to get the required result. Hindus have to upgrade their tactical, strategic and analytical skills. Finally strategy is about deciding in a second what is really important, and to achieve that we need to focus our collective resources and acting coherently on that one objective. The late US President, John.F. Kennedy’s call to put a man on the moon, by the end of 1960s is often held out as a bold push out into the unknown. Kennedy’s speech is a land mark one, made in 1961 is available on the net remains, a symbol of precision & excellence.

Save Hindus & Hindu Civilizations from Extinction
In the most modern er is  Rashtra Dharma of The Gurus

Hindus have got stuck in the muck. It is time to get unstuck. For that Hindu Gurus have the greater  duty – Rashtra Dharma – to play- unite Hindu Organizations on a common platform, and “Dredge India of the Congress-UPA Weed”, that is blocking India and save Bharat  & Bharateeyas of the last surviving civilization, from becoming extinct before our own eyes in the most modern digital & satellite era.

“Where absolute superiority is not attainable, you must produce a relative one at the decisive point by making skillful use of what you have.”

–Karl von Clausewitz [On war 1832].

End of part five

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End of Final, Part 5.

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11 Responses to "Who will remove the garbage on the road to the Ashram?"

  1. Ramesh TR says:

    An article painstakingly written with more stress on truth and reality than anything else. I thank
    Shri G P Srinivasan to come out in great detail of the rot Hinduism is facing within. With so much planned
    and orchestrated attack from outside against Hinduism one would imagine Hindu leaders would unite the
    guard it from within. But alas the truth is as painted by Srinivasan. I hope our Hindu leaders and Gurus
    read this article and strive towards a correction.


    Sri G.P. Srinivasan has given a timely clarion call to all Hindu Dharmacharyas, Gurus, heads of Missions and Hindu social organizations to wake up from their deep slumber and to act to save Hindu society and nation from the grave threats staring at them. Even during the long struggle for the emancipation of the Motherland from the clutches of Muslim invaders and later from the European colonialists, the role of religious leaders and spiritual leaders were little except some glorious exceptions like Guru Gobind, Samarth Ramdas, Vidyaranya, the Sannyasins of Sannyasi Revolution in Bengal, and the inspiration given by modern saints like Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita, Swami Rama Tirtha, Sister Nivedita and Subramania Siva. The vast majority of sadhus, sannyasins and spiritual leaders confined themselves to their mutts and missions and dared not to come out in open to give a national leadership to the Hindus. Even after Independence, when the new Government of India that came into existence declared itself secular, called the nation a secular nation and the process of systematic erosion of the Hindu ethos and onslaught on Hindu society by forcible conversions and conversions by inducements started, most of the sadhus, sannyasins and gurus have remained silent spectators hesitant to come out for the salvation of the Hindus. As a result, the whole Hindu society lost all the values cherished by the nation since times immemorial and turned into a congregation of non-Hindu people, scattered and goalless.

    The two thousand years of slavery and the spread of Semitic religions like Christianity and Islam in India thickened the veil of ignorance. Even in that condition, Mother Bharat bore in Her womb spiritual giants who engineered reformation and renaissance movements in the Hindu Nation. In the modern period, great men like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Dayananda, Swami Vivekananda and Mahayogi Aurobindo appeared on the horizon as blazing suns spreading dazzling light. But the monumental work of even these mahatmas is being undone by the so-called followers who create in the very name of these mahatmas cults and superstitious beliefs to drag the people once again into the ditches of darkness. Consequently, we find today that the Hindu society is divided into many sects, cults and religious groups, sometimes each one of them claiming an independent status. Even those who accept themselves as part of Hinduism try to distort the basic tenets of the most ancient Vedas and Upanishads to suit the convenience of their sectarian interests. Each sect or spiritual group tries to imprison its followers through fear or favour inside its narrow shell. The heads of these groups also try to engender fanatic and fundamentalist outlook like that of the Semitic religions to make their followers look down upon other religious beliefs and cults with hatred. These so-called spiritual leaders discourage their followers from gaining a thorough and scientific understanding of Hinduism by reading the works of other spiritual masters and institutions, from listening to thinkers not belonging to their own group and from attending other congregations. They want their followers to confine themselves to their own groups and are afraid that they may lose them if their devotees are exposed to the thoughts of other groups. The net result is that there are no Hindus today, but only followers of different groups and cults. What we need today is an order of militant monks like those of the Anand Math of Rishi Bankim Chandra. There is no salvation to the Hindu society unless Hindus are prepared to die for their Dharma and Maatrubhoomi. Those who do not have love and respect for their Dharma and Maatrubhoomi and are not prepared to sacrifice their all at the altar of the Mother are to be deemed as Mlechchas and Chandalas even if they be in very high and respectable positions in the country and society. True Hindus are today a minority in our Motherland because of the centuries of slavery which the Hindu society has passed through. Our work should be first to consolidate the true Hindus and then try to “Hinduize the Hindus” as great men like Swami Chinmayananda have attempted in the modern period.
    The swamis who preach the so called ‘sarvadharma samabhaava’ misinterpret the Hindu scriptures and say that Islam, which explicitly declares that Allah alone is God, Islam alone is religion and all those who believe in other faiths are Kafirs who are to be annihilated in Jehad or holy war, and Christianity, which openly declares that Jesus alone is the way, that those who do not believe in him go to eternal hell and that the mission of Christian churches is to wipe out every other religion and bring the Kingdom of Christ in every country, are equal to Hinduism, which is not a religion but a way of life which proclaims that whoever worships the Ultimate Reality in whatever name and form worship the one and only God. It is not that these sadhus and swamis do not know what is Hinduism and what the truth is, but they are deliberately making such statements and propaganda because of their urge to gain the support of the so called secularist politicians of the country and to woo the rich and influential people belonging to other religions and countries to fill the coffers of their mutts and religious institutions. They are the least interested in the Hindu society and are concerned more about their mutts, missions, cults and their religious institutions and their own name and fame.
    If we take a survey of the various Hindu organizations spread all over the world and founded by those Acharyas, in the recent period, who have climbed to the pulpit of VHP and other Hindu congregations and given clarion call for Hindu unity, and the number of members from their organizations who have actually joined or at least morally supported the cause of VHP or Hindu unity, the cat will be out of the bag. Very few leaders of sampradayas, mutts and missions honestly want their followers to join a wider Hindu organization and work for it, for they know that, in that case, they will lose their herd and their hold. They give lip sympathy to the cause of Hindu unity, but their bloated ego, false prestige and the fear of losing their identity and importance, prevent them from joining hands with other leaders of mutts, missions and sampradayas to form a wider organization, especially if someone other than themselves is to head such a joint congregation. How long this hypocrisy of the so called Hindu leaders will continue?
    This sadhu thinks that it is time to launch a strong and vigorous Hindutwa front in the political field. We may be dubbed ‘extremists’, but it doesn’t matter. We need uncompromising Hindutwavadis who will not run after power by making compromises with the unpatriotic minorities and with the so called secularist Hindus. These people must be guided by Sadhus and Mahatmas of the highest order like Samarth Ramdas and Vidyaranya who will never directly interfere in administration, but exercise their control over those who are in power. We are optimistic and we hope that day will dawn soon when real Hindu Rashtra will be established all over Akhand Bharat.

    In view of the forthcoming National Elections in 2014, it is time for Hindu Dharmacharyas to give a rousing call to all their followers, and Hindus in general, to wake up and rally round the Hindutwa forces so that Mother Bharat will once again emerge as Hindu Rashtra. We hope the masterly research work of Sri G.P. Srinivasan titled “WHO WILL REMOVE THE GARBAGE ON THE ROAD TO THE ASHRAM?–MISSION OF THE GURUS” consisting of five parts throwing light on Reconverting Hindus into Hinduism, Dealing with Frankensteins of Hinduism, Reinterpret the Sastras In the light of modern times, Save Hindus & Hindu Civilization from Extinction In the most modern digital era, and Dredge India of the weed, is the need of the hour and we hope it will create an awakening throughout the nation. Vande Mataram!

    Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan
    Founder Trustee:
    Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram & Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre,
    Sri Guruji Golwalkar Hindu Resource Centre and Sister Nivedita Academy
    Sri Bharatamata Mandir, Srinivasanagar, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore 560 036
    E-mail: ; Phone: 080-25610935; Cell: 94482 75935


    Hinduism (Santhan Dharma) is the oldest, surviving philosophical system (civilization) in the world. It is universal, has no founder, and has no strict rules or regulations. It is widely respected, and has 1.5 billion followers or more around the world.

    Mr. G.P. Sreenivasan gives us an accurate commentary about its past, about the current state of affairs and future directions for Hindus to practice, preserve and promote Hindu civilization for the benefit of India and for the world. We are living in a digital world where consumerist capitalism, religious dogmas, fundamentalist conflicts are intertwined and undermine our efforts live in harmony and peace.

    In the five section book, G.P. Sreenivasan vividly describes Hindu past, reinterprets it in the light of sastras, and provides demographic profile, details of Judaism, Islam and Christianity and challenges posed by Islam and Christianity, and pseudo-secularism. He is of the view that saving Hindu civilization, we must dredge India. Sreenivasan gives a clear, correct and comprehensive account of current malice and present directive to save Hinduism from extinction for the benefit of the entire humanity.

    It is a ground breaking work, an elegant and illuminating analysis of the central conflict of our time. Hinduism is faced with religious extremists of Islam and Christianity and pseudo-secularists. These diametrically opposed but strangely intertwined forces in India are tearing apart—and undermining our culture, democracy, and the national culture. Our nation is built by our heroes. Our Rishies, Sadhus and spiritual leaders. Our Vedic culture is rapidly declining in India. For thousands of years we were under constant brutality from Islam and European Christians. As a result, so many practices were crept into India. G.P. Srinivasan in his book clearly depicts who will remove the garbage, filth and dirt from the streets to the Ashram?

    On the one hand, capitalist consumerism, jihad terrorism, coercive religious conversion and polices of pseudo-secular government is creating obstacles in peace, progress and self-actualization of Hindus. On the other hand, Hindu Swamis are preaching and making every Hindu into a zombie.

    Who Will Remove the Garbage to the Ashram? G, P. Sreenivasan, has described the political landscape in India, and the powerful and paradoxical interdependence of enemy forces in our country. In this important book, G.P. Sreenivasan, points out the alarming repercussions if we fail to remove potent dirt for our survival.

    This book is an excellent work of persuasive originality and penetrating insight—-who will remove the GARBAGE on the Road to Ashram? Holds up a sharp, clear lens to the dangerous chaos faced by HINDU civilization created by our enemy agents and pseudo secularist Hindus.

    Critics and Intellectual leaders have already heralded GP. Sreenivasan’s work for its bold vision and moral courage. The book is an essential text for anyone who wants to understand our troubled present and the crisis threatening our future.

    G.P. Sreenivasan’s book “WHO WILL REMOVE THE GARBAGE ON THE ROAD TO ASHRAM? Is well worth reading. He gives an in depth analysis of Hindu civilization, its past and present trends and future directions. His writing is compelling, impressive and a thorough engaging look at the current state of Hindus.

    Who will remove the Garbage on the Road to Ashram? Is a distinct milestone in the analysis of current trends in Hinduism studies? ITS explanatory perspectives on the demographic, socio-psychological and historical, politico-economic causes of the decline of Hindu civilization are exceptionally insightful, and incisive. The psychodynamics of the Hindu powerlessness and civilizational decline are presented here with a depth and clarity rarely seen before.

    The main thesis of this book is that the existence of Hindus in the world in psychologically and politically mandated by Christians, Muslims and their cronies, the pseudo secular Hindus. The degradation and powerlessness of Hindu communities is designed to maintain the Islamic power and dynasty rule in India.

    WHO WILL REMOVE THE GARBAGE ON THE ROAD TO ASHRAM? however, moves beyond the blaming victimizer. Its meticulous exposure of psycho-social- and political and intra-psychic dynamics of Hindus is startlingly revealing.

    I may say that Sreenivasan’s book “Who will remove the garbage on the road to Ashram? Is very persuasive and concentrating insight. I like Sreenivasan’s work for its bold vision and moral courage. This book is an essential text for anyone who wants to understand our troubled present and the crisis threatening our future.


  4. There are three kinds of Hindu Gurus in India.The First category is Saatvik Gurus, they operate in a defined environment of spirituality with the sole aim of praying for the Loka Kshema and they Bless those who go to them for guidance and Blessings.They thru their mutts do lot of charity for public good and strictly avoid taking part in any political activity.Though the first type is very few and far between in India and elsewhere they cannot be compelled to play an active role in the consolidation of Hindus which has religious overtones.The Second type of Gurus who are more powerful than the first type are to be called Rajasic Gurus who wield enormous clout because of their large following and money power.These are the people who have played havoc in India and never attempted any concrete step towards establishing a Hindu Rashtra.While they have utilised every opportunity to consolidate themselves and their mutt thru millions of Hindu followers, their quid pro quo to those who follow is NIL and on the contrary they have even gone to the extent of antagonising the interest of Hindus by freely mixing with people of abrahamic religions and equating them on par with Sanathanis.Then the third type are Tamasic Gurus who though wear the spiritual Garb lead a luxurious life and waste everyone’s time in the country.The effort of GP Srinivasan is to make people aware of the Second and Third type of Gurus and compel them towards the Consolidation of Hindus and thereby establishing a Hindu Rashra which is important not only for the survival of India but for the entire World.

  5. I have gone through the booklet. It is excellent.

    IT is very important to ensure that it should be seen as an appeal by people for leadership by and seeking guidance from gurus in difficult times.


  6. Krish Vasudevan says:

    very thought provoking comments by Sadhu Rangarajanji.


  7. Krish Vasudevan says:

    Dear Sir, It is an eye opener for the entire hindu community which is like a horse with its eyes trained to focus only on certain objects by being blissfully unaware of the surroundings even if it is detrimental to its own existence.I sincerely hope the so called Hindu community leaders break their shackles and trod the path of Dharma for the sake of hindu dharma at least now.


  8. Sri.Mumukshu says:

    Dear GPSji

    Here is my concise words of appreciation for your book in my pen name

    “This is a very introspective and important work worthy of reflection by every practising and active Hindu working in whichever capacity for the well-being of their Gurus’ work and legacy – serving in any ashram or in any hindu cultural organization! Our contemporary Hindu society is going through the paroxysmal spasms of rediscovering the greatness of our aadhyatmic heritage as well as in living it and scaling to levels beyond what we now have. Sri Srinivasan’s passionate entreaties in this work is a very important validation of the urgent need for each one of us Hindus to volunteer and contribute the maximum in any which way. Very informative and absolutely needed.” – Sri Mumukshu (

  9. Brig.VA.subramanian says:

    Dear Srinivasan,

    Firstly, my sincere compliments for the pain staking effort that you done in listing out the various deficiencies prevalent in our Hindu society.

    I have done a superficial reading only – and have learnt so much already. Need to do a more detailed reading to offer any concrete suggestions.

    One of the reasons for the failure of the hindu society is that as Lord Macaulay desired, we have lost our self esteem in the last millennium – possibly from 1010 AD.

    Many of our ‘gurus’ do not really qualify to be one.

    My grandfather, often mentioned that all of festivals, etc are actually have two distinct identities. One is the religious aspect, which we should follow – unfortunately many of the purohits themselves are unable to clarify the aam admi’s doubts on the reason for various rituals. That then is a damper to follow such rituals. Second part of a festival etc is the social part – which really has no limits and purely depends on the person concerned. Personally, I am not for combining the two always. Similarly, the spiritual gurus should concentrate on the religious or spiritual aspect only. Other committed persons need to involve themselves in cleansing the cobwebs from our minds, and change our mindset.

    we need to realise that if we need to throw the garbage out, we need to pick it up with our hands and do the throwing. Remote control may not be as effective.

    This is at the moment.

    Best ishes.

  10. I read that part of the article which is titled as “Practical Problems in Dealing with Hindu Gurus”.

    It confirms my basic impression about today’s “successful” gurus that they are basically satellite versions of Vatican, trying to give it a Hindoo outfit to rope in a large section of Hindoodom, without the expertize which Vatican has developed over the centuries, but these new crops of Hindoo gurus are in haste to acquire more than they can chew, and fall prey into the hands of the coterie who effectively run the show by taking due care of all needs of the guru, who gets them with or without being worthy of it.

    These “successful” gurus are learned souls (book learned), and offer to their followers the superficial knowledge that they themselves have acquired by reading and listening. How can there be a place for independent thinkers in his/her domain that they rule with the assistance and guidance of their select few विश्वासपात्र…

    Cristian Missionary System, over the century, has already made the ground fertile for this kind of gurus to thrive, and media makes them a celebrity.


    The opening of your BlogSpot gives a very comfortable feel with pastel colors around.

    Not for the BlogSpot but for my curiosity, would you mention if it were Sri Sri RS?

    Maanoj Rakhit

  11. rakesh says:

    Thank you for taking the time and putting the effort in writing this blog, i am sure that a lot of hindus are living thru the emotions that you have shared in your blog, we see an emerging leader for India and hindustan in form of modi, hopefully we might also get a spiritual leader who would be able to guide us on the right path.

    thank you and pls continue ur good work

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