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A Nation of Sexed Up Priorities

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The contemporary obfuscation of fiscal sodomy 

“We don’t need more sex – we’re already being fucked constantly by Wall Street and the government.” Jean Sheridan, resident of Evanston, Illinois.

“Murder is an individual crime, mostly isolated – financial murder is mass murder,so why not capital punishment? ‘Capital crime’ is what financial crooks pursue, in the hope that risk becomes manageable, and ‘capital punishment’ should be its consequence. This is no pun, nor is it onomatopoeic…” Financial Blogger, 2010

Before I proceed, here’s a brief legal description of sodomy:

[sodomy n. anal copulation by a man inserting his penis in the anus either of another man or a woman. If accomplished by force, without consent, or with someone incapable of consent, sodomy is a felony in all states in the same way that rape is. Homosexual (male to male) sodomy between consenting adults has also been found a felony, but increasingly is either decriminalized or seldom prosecuted. Sodomy with a consenting adult female is virtually never prosecuted even in those states in which it remains on the books as a criminal offense. However, there have been a few cases, including one in Indiana, in which a now-estranged wife insisted that a husband be charged with sodomy for sexual acts while they were living together. Traditionally sodomy was called “the crime against nature.” Sodomy does not include oral copulation or sexual acts with animals (bestiality).]

Sandusky will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars for sodomy, but, killing thousands of families, financially, gets a slap on the wrist. Is there something wrong with this picture? We, as a nation, are really screwed up with our priorities. Even if I deliberately wanted to avoid the Sandusky sex scandal trial I couldn’t – it’s on every radio program, cable, and networks, with panels of crowing legal experts debating the sordid odds, like in Las Vegas. I cannot understand this obsessive fascination with a man who wanted to have sex with boys. Sodomy has a long history… they, at least, have been doing it since the time of Augustus Caesar. I listened, and watched, in reluctant, and resigned amusement over the circus, and the cacophony of the Victorian-Puritan prudery over the media, almost feverishly medieval in atmosphere, in speculation, at the prospect of burning Sandusky at the stake. Don’t get me wrong – the sodomist got what he had deserved, But, aren’t we forgetting something? The sodomists of the financial world?

Sodomy on boys is gory business, but, sodomy of thousands by the rapacious fiscal perverts is downright murder. What does this tell us about ourselves when a seemingly sexually liberated society is pathetically obsessed with sex scandals, while the brutal violators of fiscal trust go Scott free? Every media outlet is rife with sexually oriented programs, nurturing two generations of sexual perverts, then, we turn around and go screaming bloody murder at one man – who was dumb enough to do it, and then get caught. It’s like screaming “bugs” in the Amazon rainforest. I have never seen such hypocrisy! Why are so we enamored with details of others’ sexual escapades… don’t we have our own? Oh, I see, it’s more fun when others are made bare.

Let me add this to the discussion: Sex is a global obessesion, from the middle-east, where sex is a man’s “devine” right and woman’s bane, where they prepare their children for sex in the infancy by the tribal and savage ritual of circumcision, to Indi,  across the waters, where Sex is an industry: Bollywood, which churns out lude sexual melodramas with hardly any redeeming value… corrupting the literate and the illiterate by selling lust. Europe and South America… enough said. The proliferation of pornography is a testament to how sexually voracious and perverse we have become.

While our sexed up society vibrates on in masturbation over Sandusky’s sentencing, the nation is being sodomized by the worst kind of abusers, slowly chipping away at the trust of the financial institutions, ultimately affecting our livelihoods. In my view, the worst criminals in the world are those who are greedy, who, find ways to systematically defraud the very people they are working for, whose pensions and retirement plans they are entrusted with. I hate to put it this way, and some would even claim that there is no moral equivalency here, but, there is. We are being sodomized, by the Wall Street elite, and the FED. Anyway, what is the sanity in a life sentence, when the criminal is already sixty-eight, and, the insanity of forcing a reformation on him, while in the prison? At his age, Sandusky will survive less than fifteen years… he may live a few more years if they provided him with some boys. This whole thing is a convoluted circus that actually seems like the conjuration of Giovanni Boccaccio, Laurence Sterne, or Philip K. Dick, in its surreal hilarity.

Sodomy, as designated by our contemporary laws is an individual crime, but, to me it is an individual fetish, that had been prevalent since man started recording it, thousands of years ago. It is even depicted in the arts, of various cultures, across the world. To take this hypothesis further, it is a societal fetish, that cannot be outlawed. Once, I was with my wife at her gynecologist, who had asked her, before prescribing the birth-control pills, “… is your husband having anal sex with you?” Later, the same day, I came to know that a total of 73 percent of both, married and unmarried men, had had anal sex with their woman, and partners. Sodomy is so prevalent, and such a ubiquitous practice that it is time we studied the “why” more, and leave it as something natural, and intrinsic to man’s nature, between consenting adults. I am not interested dragging you all into bed to discuss our collective carnal fetishes, but, investigate sodomy performed by unscrupulous financial perverts, which is a much “tighter” hole than Sandusky can ever dream of.

Why fiscal sodomy should be construed as a capital crime, and warrant capital punishment? Here’s the answer, and I don’t have to look farther than myself. I have worked nearly thirty years to build a business, a nest egg, and saved enough for my boys college, but when the Fed declared a recession at the end of 2007, I said to myself that it would last a few quarters, as my business model was great. Later, in the first quarter of 2008, did I learn about the national catastrophe unfolding, which was: The sub-prime mortgage meltdown that decimated the housing market, especially, my client base, who purchased my products for their homes. It also dried up the credit markets. I was actually affected quite severely, most in my business just folded up, or had declared bankruptcy. And, what enraged me is that I had nothing to do with my business going down the hole. These were evil forces of destruction from the financial institutions, led by men of callous greed, devoid of any decent and honest impulses. These men had pocketed billions, and are probably sipping wine on some private island, or a riviera somewhere, as I write this.

How about the older folks, who had labored and saved all their lives, only see their investments erode away to nothing, in a span months. This is triple whammy for the citizen taxpayer: first, the investments of individuals had dissolved, as a consequence we get on welfare to just survive, and then, bearing the tax bill in bailing out the crooks. In other words, we are actually bailing out the same folks who had destroyed our safety net, and our financial future! We bail out people for failing us. If this is not fiscal sodomy on the middle-aged and the elderly, I don’t know what it is.

This catastrophe was precipitated by a few individuals, from the private, and the government sectors, who traded and dealt in commercial paper, and mortgage-backed securities, and stocks. Nobody minds billionaires, who had made a bundle, selling gadgets we want, like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison or Mark Zuckerberg, but, I hate the general idea that someone could be billionaire just by trading, and displacing commercial paper, corporate and government bonds, and mortgages. It is even more outrageous that their commissions alone make them billionaires. They make no products, they employ few people, yet they control the financial underpinnings of the economy. People in such positions of trust have to be held responsible, with dire rules, and deterrents that thwart future sodomizers. We have thousands of pages “governing” the two holes on our bodies, one for defecating, and one for delivering… why are we so preoccupied with these two holes, when, the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) and the FED are bigger holes that spew fatuous writs on policing fiscal sodomizers? All the Sanduskys of the world won’t make up for the sodomy these fiscal perverts subject all of us to. Here some that will make you urgently put on your clothes:

**Ivan Boesky – indicted for insider trading, sentenced to 3.5 years, released in 2; $100 million fine, but still has over $100 million to survive on.

**Michael Miken – 98 counts of racketeering, securities fraud & insider trading, sentenced to 10 years, gets out in 2 with a plea bargain; fine $200 million, restitution $400 million, net worth: still $2 billion. .

**Richard S. Fuld Jr.- Lehman Brothers CEO – Fuld was responsible for buying 10% of the outstanding sub-prime mortgage assets, who packaged and resold to unwary investment funds.

**Joseph Cassano – AIG CEO/Financial products, sold billions worth credit protection in the form of Credit-Default Swaps (CDS) on US Sub-Prime Mortgages – a form of insurance that did not require AIG to put down any form of collateral; when the crisis broke, investment banks demanded the insurance money for their collapsing derivatives, AIG couldn’t pay, hence the $170 Billion taxpayer bailout. I was one of the millions who owned AIG in our mutual funds. Cassano resigned, pocketing $80 million cash, and $34 million in bonuses, plus a $1 million-a-month retirement package, and he denies everything.

**Angelo Mozilo – Countrywide Financial Chairman & CEO, referred to as the “worst of the American CEOs of all time” by Conde Nast Portfolio. Charged for insider trading – personally sold hundreds of millions of dollars in stock, while using shareholder funds to buy back the same stock to prop up the share price. Paid $67.5 million in fines, with a net worth of over $600 million. Other than Bernie Madoff, Mozilo is the only sodomizer to be criminally prosecuted and convicted, but again, the justice was too short for the hole he had left all of us in.

**Rajat K. Gupta – Worldwide CEO of McKinsey & Company was recently convicted of securities fraud, and insider trading, sentence is pending.

**Raj Rajaratnam – Hedge Fund manager, indicted for largest insider trading, and securities fraud in US history for Hedge Funds. Sentenced for 11 years, but probably will get out in 2, and enjoy his Chicken Masala in London, with his $1.8 billion. There are many like them out there.

If we are to sustain a democratic free market economy, we must at least create a system of surveillance, policing, and governing the financial transactions, and trading, with an iron fist. We must even consider doling out capital punishment (the electric chair or the lethal injection) on avaricious, and narcissistic fiscal sodomizers, who precipitate national catastrophes with their avaricious actions. If you want to keep the financial markets clean and healthy – fiscal murder, abuse and sodomy should deserve a proportionate punishment, even a death penalty, if thousands are financially destroyed.

Most financial marauders today are not afraid of what SEC and FED dishes out as punishment, they know all too well, that they could get out to enjoy their ill gotten billions. These fiscal sodomizers are experts at risk management, henceforth, they take the risk in raping everyone out there, knowing that they could have $10 billion for only risking 3 years of incarceration. Ask any poor sap if he could spend 2 years in the can for $10 million, you’ll get: “Hell yes, man… any time!” And here, Sandusky will get a life sentence for his 12 holes. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the victims, as I have children who could be victims to such animals, however, its nothing like getting screwed out of our life-savings, and then, turn around and bail out the same guys who had screwed the nation and us.



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