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Is the Qur’an copied from Bible?

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Now a days, many Christian apologists, Ex-Muslims, and Critics of Islam claim that Qur’an has copied its sources from Old Testament and New Testament. But as usual, Islamic scholars need to defend Qur’an from being discredited of being a true Revelation from Almighty. In this article, we will see what evidences and proofs Islamic scholar bring to refute the claim, that Qur’an is being copied from Bible, also we will give a look into real sources of Qur’an if not OT & NT. So, lets start with what Islamic site say about it.


Closing their ears and minds from hearing and accepting the Qur’an, and being also ignorant of the Bible, the nearest forgery to proclaim was that the Qur’an was being borrowed from the Bible or some Biblical source. However, at that time, Christianity was almost totally out of the scene of Makkah. In the Arab Peninsula, Christian presence was confined to three locations: among the tribes of Al-Heerah in the northeast near Iraq, the Roman-occupied kingdom of Bani Ghassan in the northwest, and the Abyssinian reign of Yemen, far away from Makkah. Jewish presence was mainly in enclave settlements in and around Madinah.

Makkah being devoid of any real source of Biblical information, the pagans of the time could find no better candidate than a non-Arab Roman blacksmith boy earning his living there. They claimed that he was the source of the Qur’an, dictating it to Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) out of his meagre Biblical education! The mockingly fabricated fallacy soon faded away among the pagans themselves. Years later, in the peak of the fierce hostilities of the Jewish tribes of Al-Madinah, and amidst their repeated attempts to defame the Prophet, spread rumors and work out plots to eradicate Islam, no such claim (i.e., that the Qur’an copied the Bible) was ever raised. [Source]

I have seen the first line of the above quote many a times, it actually refers to those who criticize Islam, or question Islam. Muslims hate people demanding evidences to prove authenticity of Qur’an and Muhammad’s prophet-hood. They give absurd examples in evidence to support their claim, and when the questioner is not convinced with their replies, Islamic scholars and common Muslims say, that their Hearts and Eyes are sealed, and they can’t see the truth. Even Allah replied people with same sentences, when Non-Muslims at the time of Muhammad, were not convinced with evidences of Muhammad’s prophet-hood and his message, see Quran 6:109-111. However, I agree that at the time of Muhammad, there were no Christians in Mecca, but this does not prove that Qur’an is not copied from Bible or Jewish sources, because I don’t have any Buddhist friend, nor any Buddhist lives in my neighbor and neither I have read much about Buddhism and its sources, still I know a lot about Buddha and his peaceful religion. This proves that we don’t need the subject to be with us to know about it, we can also learn through hearsay and fables. Later in this article, I’ll show how Muhammad came to know lots about Christianity and Judaism. The above source however accepts that Jews were present in Medina. As per the site, Meccans only blamed the Roman blacksmith was the only source of the Qur’an, which is obviously not true, and very soon I’ll show that too. So lets start searching the truth.

We don’t need to work very hard to prove that, whatever Muhammad was preaching was not new or unknown to his people. On one occasion Ibn Hisham records that Muhammad gathered an assembly, then he summoned them to God most High and read Qur’an there and reminded what would befall the nation that remained destitute of faith. Then Nadr Bin Al-Harith rose up and told them about Rustam the strong and about Isfandiyar and the kings of Persia. Then he said, “By God! Muhammad is not a good story-teller than I am and his discourse is nothing but tales of ancient.” For which Allah replied in Qur’an 25:5-6.

This incident proves well that Meccans were well aware with what Muhammad was teachings, so this gives us a slight hint that Muhammad must have copied his messages from other sources which were know to other Meccans too. But our issue at hand is to see whether Qur’an copies anything from Bible or not. It wont be wrong to say that very rarely we find any such message in Qur’an which is directly copied or incorporated from OT & NT , but yes, without a shadow of a doubt I can say, that Qur’an copies its sources from Jewish and Christian myths and fables, and Apocryphal Gospels.

Birth of Jesus Christ

Muhammad in Qur’an says that it was forbidden for Mother Mary to speak for 3 days, and Jesus was commanded to speak while in cradle. These stories are not in original Gospel, but is mentioned in Qur’an. See 3:41, which reads:-

He said, “My Lord, make for me a sign.” He Said, “Your sign is that you will not [be able to] speak to the people for three days except by gesture. And remember your Lord much and exalt [Him with praise] in the evening and the morning.”

And, Qur’an 19:29-31:-

So she pointed to him. They said, “How can we speak to one who is in the cradle a child?”[Jesus] said, “Indeed, I am the servant of Allah . He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet. And He has made me blessed wherever I am and has enjoined upon me prayer and zakah as long as I remain alive

To draw sources of this story, Tisdall quotes Arabic Gospel of Infancy, which is also known as Injilu’t Tuffuliyyah, in the first Chapter of that work we read:-

1 The following accounts we found in the book of Joseph the high-priest, called by some Caiaphas: 2 He relates, that Jesus spoke even when he was in the cradle, and said to his mother: 3 Mary, I am Jesus the Son of God, that word which you brought out according to the declaration of the angel Gabriel to you, and my father has sent me for the salvation of the world.

[Arabic Gospel of Infancy, Ch I, Verse I-III]

This account is identical with the above quoted Quranic verses, but this not the only one. Tisdall further says, that the the ‘Arabic Gospel of Infancy was translated into Arabic from Coptic in which it was composed. We all are well aware that Christian Governor of Egypt, sent Muhammad as a present two Coptic Girls, one of whom “Mary the Copt”, became his favorite concubine. Muhammad probably learned these legends from her. (1)

Apart from this copy, there is a literal copy from New Testament. As the Quranic verse 7:40 reads:-

Indeed, those who deny Our verses and are arrogant toward them – the gates of Heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter Paradise until a camel enters into the eye of a needle. And thus do We recompense the criminals.

Now compare it with Luke 18:25, which reads:-

For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

and, Matthew 19:24, which reads:-

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Now the question is how Muhammad came to know these verses if Qur’an is not revealed by God himself. Ali Dashti in his book, gives answer to this question too. He says, “Muhammad in his childhood used to meet Christian Monks and priests in his Syrian Journeys. In Mecca itself he exchanged visits with followers of scriptural religion. He had sat for hours in Jabr’s shop near hill of Marwa, and was in constant touch with Khadija’s cousin Waraqa B. Nawfal, who is said to have translated some parts of New Testament into Arabic. (2)

Islamic scholars lastly claim that Qur’an is not copied from Bible, because Bible has internal contradictions and Scientific Errors, but Qur’an does not have those. But again, this claim is just another claim like Qur’an is Miraculous or Muhammad’s ascension to 7th Heaven. We see, there are thousands of contradiction and pseudoscience in Qur’an too. So if Qur’an has errors or contradictions, then it simply proves that Muhammad created it, with the help of Legends or Fables from Jewish-Christianity sources.



(1) Sources of Qur’an by Tisdall, Page – 169 – 170

(2) 23 years by Ali Dashti, Page – 22-23

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One fine evening, I was with one of my very close friend. We used to talk on hot issue like terrorism, corruption and Patriotism. Meanwhile he came up with topic of Islamic scholars who fool his audience to convert ignorant mass into Islam. I was not aware of anything about Islamic doctrine and ideology at that time, but I really had deep interest in theology. Like a Novice, I raised some objection on Islam, and I was really quite confident about my allegations. But he was successful in answering those allegations quoting Dr. Zakir Naik. This made me watch Dr Naik's videos and Peace T.V. Very soon I realized that something was fishy with his talks and claims. I planned to study sources of Islam by myself. After completing my High Schools, I gave almost all my time in studying sources of Islam. In between, I came to know some famous critics of Islam, like Sham Shamoun and Dr. Ali Sina, for whom I have lots of respect. Going through debates and articles of Ali Sina, I realized the real evil of Islam and it gave me much strength to carry on my own research. After going through loads of Book about Islam, I planned to start writing by myself, and for the first time I started writing publicly against Islam on August 2011. WordPress gave me a good opportunity to start my Blog, and now I have turned it to a registered site, hoping the end of death cult of Islam very soon. The reason behind calling Islam a death cult, is very obvious, which you can find in my articles, addressing terrorism, and Wars of Prophet Muhammad. Till date after studying the sources of Islam, I haven't face any such situation which made me feel sorry for writing against Islam. I hope, this cult ends very soon, leaving the rest of world in Peace and Harmony. 'Rahul Raj'

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2 Responses to "Is the Qur’an copied from Bible?"

  1. Amanath Hussain says:

    dear people…. for your thinking

    if Quran copied from bible why its against the bible… for examples read below…. says jesus died on the cross ( mathew26:50,john 19:30)
    but quran totally says he didnt die ( nisa 4:157 )

    2.The Bible says that the Original Sin was committed by Adam and Eve when they ate from the forbidden tree. The Quran tells us that the Original Sin was Satan’s arrogance when he didn’t obey God, when God ordered him to do So

    3 – Why doesn’t the Bible mention that Noah had two wives, one was disobedient, and she died. And another which was saved.

    4 – Why does the Bible say that Noah’s ark is in Ararat but it was discovered in Al-Judyy, as the Quran says so?

    5 – Why does the Bible say that God afflicted women for Eve’s sin, and the Quran doesn’t tell us such thing.

    6 – Where does the Bible tell us about the story of Aad and Thamood ? The town of Thamoud has been discovered in Saudi Arabia–it’s located in a place called Mada-in Saleh. And recently, the town of Aad has been discovered with the help of NASA’s satellites. Check the link :

    7 – Where does the Bible mention Prophet Saleh ?

    8 – Where does the Bible mention Prophet Huud ?

    9 – Where does the Bible mention Prophet Shu’ayb ?

    10 – Where does the Bible refer to Al-Khidr ?

    11 – Where does the Bible mention Luqmaan ?

    12 – Why doesn’t the Bible mention the story of the Cow that happened between Moses and the Jews.

    13 – Where do you find in the Quran any reference to Hosea, Malachi, Micha, Jude, Nahum, Nehemiah, Obadaiah, Esther, Joel, Ruth, etc ?

    14 – Why doesn’t the Bible mention the story of Thul-Qarnayn.

    15 – Why doesn’t the Bible mention the story of the People of the Cave?.
    16 – Why doesn’t the Bible mention the story of Antioch in Surat Yasin?.

    17 – Why does the Bible say that Jesus was crucified, and the Quran says that he was saved?

    18 – Why does the Bible say that Abraham sacrificed his only begotten son, Isaac, and forgets that he had another son called Ishamael, who is older than Isaac?.

    19 – Regarding the dream Joseph had in Genesis 37, why is it fulfilled in the Quran and not fulfilled in the Bible? Could it be because that Joseph’s mother died before Joseph had his dream? Bad prophecy.

    20 – Why is it that the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit had sex with Mary, and the Quran tells us that the Angel who visited Mary told her that she will bear a son, and he is ONLY informing her of what God has decreed?

    21 – Why is it that the Bible tells us that Moses was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, and the Quran tells us it was Pharaoh’s wife?.

    22 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that Lut was a pious prophet, and the Bible tells us that he had sex with his daughters?

    23 – Why is it that the Quran tells us in Sura 19 and 20 that Moses was a special chosen prophet who was raised under God’s supervision, and the Bible tells us that he died because he didn’t disobeyed God?

    24 – Why is it that the Bible says that it is written with the false pen of the scribe in Jeremiah 8:8, and the Quran tells us that it has no discrepancies?

    25 – Why is it that the Bible tells us that Pharaoh did not drown, and the Quran tells us that he drowned, but Allah left his body as a sign to mankind. When they dissected Pharaoh’s body, they found out that his body had too much salt inside it. You say the Quran is copied from the Bible? I say you are ignorant! Read the Quran 10:92.
    26 – Why does the Bible tells us in Genesis that God had to take a walk to find Adam, and the Quran tells us that God’s knowledge doesn’t require that He walks?

    27 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that Jesus spoke in the cradle, but the Bible knows nothing about the childhood of Jesus?

    28 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that Jesus made miracles by giving life to statues made from clay?

    29 – The Quran tells us that Aaron is innocent; he did not make the golden calf, but a man called Al-Samirri (A person who organizes songs and joy) made it, while the Bible tells us that Aaron made the Golden calf.

    30 – why is it that the Quranic Laws state that the thief’s hands should be chopped, and the laws of Moses say something else?

    31 – Why does the Quran say lash the fornicators 100 times, and the Bible says stone them.

    32 – Why does the Quran orders us to fast in Ramadhan and the Bible doesn’t.

    33 – Why does the Quran tells us that the inheritance share of the man is as twice as much as the woman, and the Bible has no such law?

    34 – Why does the Quran tells us not to transgress in wars, and the Bible teaches us to kill every living thing including plants (Joshua 6).

    35 – The Bible teaches us to kill unbelievers, and leave to ourselves YOUNG virgins who never knew a man (Numbers 31). Why isn’t such thing present in the Quran?

    36 – The Quran tells us to free slaves to enter heaven in Surat Al-Balad. Why doesn’t the Bible say such thing?
    37 – Why is Satan called a FALLEN ANGEL in the Bible, and not in the Quran?

    38 – Why does the Quran tells us there are Jinn (Some are good and others are bad), but the Bible doesn’t mention Jinn?

    39 – Why is it that the Quran tells us to perform Hajj to Makkah, and the Bible doesn’t tell us such thing?

    40 – Why does the Quran tells us that Abraham and Ishmael built the Kaaba, while the Bible says no such thing?

    41 – Why is it that the Bible condemns David as a murderer, and the Quran tells us that he was a pious sinless prophet?

    42 – Why doesn’t the Bible tell us the story of Solomon and Balqees?

    43 – Why doesn’t the Bible tell us that Solomon had Jinns who worked for him, and the Quran says so?

    44 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that Solomon had soldiers from the Jinn and the Bible doesn’t say so?

    45 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that Solomon understood the speech of the birds and the Bible doesn’t say so?

    46 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that Solomon understood the speech of the ants and the Bible doesn’t say so?

    47 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that ONLY female bees get the honey, and the Bible doesn’t say so?

    48 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that the Quran mentions different levels in Paradise, and the Bible doesn’t say so?

    49 – Why is it that the Quran tells us that there is a tree in hell called Zaqquum, and the Bible doesn’t say so?

    50 – The Quran mentions Thal-Kifl as one of the prophets. Can you find his name in the Bible?

    there are thousands of differances between the bible and quran read the quran and ask the guidence from almighty God… specially you cant compare the bible to quran with the modern science its… you can see the debates on the net under the topic of quran and modern science…. God bless you…… peace be of you….

    amanath from qatar.

  2. barakah says:

    this rahul raj is so missguided.
    To husain thanks,may reward u

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