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Purpose of Life and Absolute truth

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  1. Introduction     
  2. Purpose of Life and Education*
  3. Immortality and Absolute Truth
  4. References  and Notes

The star (*) represents more information can be found in references and notes.  

Purpose of Life and Education*

The purpose of life, the reason to exist, from birth to death, is to learn. We are here to learn of God’s Truths in His works. We are here to learn to live in peace and in harmony with all of God’s Creation. What better way to know God than to look for His Truth in His Work. It takes very little insight to realize that all life on earth must learn and that failure to learn guarantees extinction.

Although learning does not guarantee immortality, it does point in the right direction. Perhaps life created earlier in remote reaches of this universe is more advanced than ours; and perhaps we were the earliest life created, but in either case, we have much yet to learn.

There are those who claim a soul; I am inclined to agree with such a concept. It seems that learning to breath, to move about, to find food, to communicate ideas, and to reason would be fruitless without some form of immortality. Thus, one should consider a soul, spirit, or form of being beyond the physical body – and there is evidence that points in this direction, too.

If we are here to learn then our duty is to learn and our duty also is to teach. As we discover the many truths of the universe, regardless of how simple the truths, we are obligated to pass the truths along to the whole of humanity.

This is done in many ways today, but the written word is most common. We can know only that we can perceive. Many of us, as we perceive, record our perceptions. Since man learned to write, he has recorded what he perceives and many great books of knowledge have been written and, sadly, many have been lost. But all told, we still have many books of TRUTH available to us today.

It then becomes imperative that all human beings learn to read and in turn, study, read, and record the Truth’s as they are discovered, regardless of the risk, as Copernicus did when he discovered the solar system. Remember, too, that to this very day, mankind knows no absolute TRUTH. Regardless of our position in life, we are still both student and teacher, forever.”

Meditation and Prayers 

Vedic science and Gita suggested that the purpose of life is to live a virtuous life.*

Nature has endowed us with involuntary urges and responses.* It is hard but most times we manage to control urges. Instinctive or otherwise human responses to uncontrolled primal urges may qualify as errors and sins. That’s why occasionally to err and sin is human. Training, learning, meditation and praying are tools employed by humans to rectify errors and sins by understanding values of virtuous living.

Life evolves with time. The requirements for living a virtuous life may change with knowledge and continuous learning. Learning is fundamental to living a virtuous life.  


Ideally each of us seeks immortality on earth or to escape from the cycles of reincarnation once we depart to the world beyond. Beauty is immortal and perfection. European Renascence period (14th to 18th century) and prior to that the Vedic periods (2,500+ years ago) offered glimpses of perfection on earth*.

  1. Based on Greek mythology, the ideals  of perfections for body are presented in statues of Michelangelo (male)  and Venus (female), etc.
  2. Vedic scriptures have described many  such mythical persons. In numerous caves inIndia,  Tibet,Pakistan, and other kingdoms inHimalaya, we see amazing sculptures and paintings depicting immortal beauty.


One interpretation is that through mythology the ancestral scholars communicated truths to enlighten us. An out growth of learning process was development of religion. Abrahamic religions appeared in the West and Vedic religions appeared in the East.

Unlike eternal God and solar energy, life on earth is limited by cycles of birth and death. Life is evolving from generation to generation and immortality on earth is punctuated by the generational cycles. Select scientific information of relevance to the concept of judgment day, human frailties – errors and sins are presented in notes.

Absolute Truth 

We all continue to search for absolute truth. A question is do we know absolute truth?

I believe we do. The absolute truth is that the solar energy is the common denominator for all life – animate and inanimate. Energy is morphed into various forms and phases: material, spirit and soul, etc. Soul is infinite and omnipresent. Materials or life have limitations of birth and death. Mechanisms for morphing of energy are mystery.

The Einstein’s empirical relationship, E = mc*2 states that the square of the speed of light is constant (c) and it is equal to the ratio of energy (E) to mass (m). The inter conversion of mass and energy must conform to the speed of light as per Einstein’s relationship. Hence energy is the absolute truth.

Conversion of energy to mass is a mystery. Only now, physicists – scientists – have developed technologies that they claim are means to unravel the mystery. Search for the solution to the mystery continues.*

There is only one God. God is infinite.

Energy is one as is God. Is God absolute truth?

Infinity is only one. God and energy being infinite are one and the same. If energy is absolute truth so is God.

Mass or materials, both animate and inanimate are perishable with limitation of birth and death. Materials appear (birth) with conversion of universal energy and disappear (death) by returning energy to universe.

Unlike God and energy, in a sense the absolute truth is that all materials have limitations of birth and death or they are perishable after a finite life to return to infinite.

References and Notes 

  1. Mr Charles H. Tankersley: Private      correspondence (November 2011); permission was granted to publish it here.
  2. Kishan Bhatia, “Vedic Science and Knowledge Yoga” 1123 1205 2011, (3,658 words)
  3. Primal  urges are responses to the body chemistry. Body chemistry induces a  variety of responses and medical scientists are exploring this very  complex area of scientific research.
  • Seminal  Plasma Chemistry is described in a Scientific American article by Jesse  Bering. An  ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen By Jesse Bering | September 22, 2010|
  • Chemistry  induces a variety of emotional responses in copulating couples. Chemistry  of male ejaculations is better understood and in time scientists may also  develop comparable understandings of the female ejaculations. Conception  happens in the womb only if conditions are right after the male and female  ejaculations.
  • Composition of male ejaculation  includes an average of 1% – 5% sperms (observed under microscope as flagellating  gametes) and rest is seminal plasma containing more than 50 identified  chemicals. Each of seminal plasma chemicals is responsible for specific  body response.
  • Chemistry happens as morphing of  energy into body matter proceeds. The primal urges induced copulation  encounters may lead to conception. Driving force for life in every human  body is the soul. It is reasonable to expect that in the conception  process some energy is morphed into the force that is the driving force  for individual life and described as soul, spirit or a form of being      beyond the body.


  1. Conversion  of energy to mass is under study at the European Large Hadron collider at  the CERN particle physics laboratory. Scientist reported (December 12, 2011) preliminary evidence for Higgs Boson, which is an elementary  particle dubbed “God Particle.” Signal was detected at ~126 GeV (giga  electron volt). The Higgs Boson is about 126 times  heavier than a proton and 250,000 times heavier than an electron.




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