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Congratulations Joe-Six-Pack!!! Celebrate – Financial Armageddon is averted (err…postponed)

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Congratulations Joe-Six-Pack!!! Have you heard the good news?  Financial Armageddon is averted.  The economic collapse in Europe has been cancelled (…for now).  Everything is going to be fine and wonderful. The prosperity is about to return to Europe and the Western world. CNBC and other financial channels world-over are telling us that the economic crisis in Europe is over. Global stock markets all soared this week on this news. The Dow was up nearly 3 percent on Thursday. Global financial markets are at the peak of optimism. The stock market is in Financial Disneyland.

Time to Celebrate. Lets have a party (who cares about the bill, we shall get more debt to pay when the bill arrives)

(Update on Nov 01, 2011Wheels Come Off Euro Plan in Just Five Days)

As I have mentioned in several of my blogs earlier – The western world (and the globe in general to some extent) is in debt up to its eyeballs right now and the only option they have is to kick the can down the road. This is not going to solve any of the problems. The only thing the Central banks and governments can do is to ALTER the timetable for the coming collapse – READ IT AGAIN – They will be able to ONLY change the time-frame for the collapse, they just can’t avoid the collapse!!! Nothing is under their control except the ability to pretend that things are under their control (till sheeple will continue to believe in this fallacy).

Let me repeat few statements from my earlier blogs (Things haven’t change and they will not change for a long period of time):

The fact of the life is – The biggest Ponzi scheme of the world called “FIAT Money” is coming to an end and we are going to wake-up in an entirely different word than what we have seen in last several decades.

There is a dead-end somewhere down the road…And there is butcher sitting over there….

The global addiction to debt is going to have some very, very serious consequences. …Social unrest, riots, revolutions, poverty and crime are going to be repetitive events in the future world. Welcome to the future!

Tick..Tick..Tick…The Debt bomb is ticking…Financial nuclear meltdown of the US Dollar (and other major currencies) is in progress…that will wipe out wealth of millions of middle class families world over. There will be no place to hide when the meltdown completes. and more here

How many people believed when I mentioned this years back, that this will happen? Zero, None, NADA: While the Europe is burning, Occupy Wall street movement in USA is Getting Stronger by every passing day. Surprisingly, even the snow and arrival of winter is not stopping these people from protesting in various cities all over the USA….and TODAY: Citizen MIlitia shows up with machine guns wearing military fatigues to protect the Occupiers from the Police: Can you believe this is happening in USA? Read my first blog in 2010 “here is a report about the US Military preparing for a ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’. Obviously not many believed when I mentioned this. Simple logic is: How can it happen to the Superpower of the World?…Isn’t it? That is exactly what the Sheeple say. Most of the Americans still believe this movement is going to die. It is possible this may die, but there will be many more movements that will be born in the future.

This is the reality folks…and this is happening, right now, right here.. This is where the DEBT bomb brings us. Anybody getting the meaning when I say “Tick..Tick..Tick…The Debt bomb is ticking…”? Unfortunately we have yet to see a lot….A lot more. Are these the first signs of revolution in USA? We shall see. This is one of the reasons I have always advised people to be “Prepared for in the future”. Anybody serious yet? Anyone having doubts where all this is going?

Watch this video of the first signs of what is going to be the future like:
USA Citizen militia shows up at OWS Phoenix With AR-15s

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Occupy Denver tension escalates dramatically

The simmering tension near the Colorado Capitol escalated dramatically Saturday with more than a dozen arrests, reports of skirmishes between police and protesters and authorities firing rounds of pellets filled with pepper spray at supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Officers in riot gear moved into a park late in the day where protesters were attempting to establish an encampment, hauling off demonstrators just hours after a standoff at the Capitol steps degenerated into a fight that ended in a cloud of Mace and pepper spray.

New dimention to the protests?

Oakland protesters call for city-wide strike…

Activists with Occupy Oakland are promoting a general strike across the city Wednesday and are urging other groups nationwide to organize similar events. The Oakland group announced on its website that it is planning a march to the Port of Oakland, the nation’s fifth busiest, to “shut it down before the 7 p.m. night shift.” The website says the strike will be “against the growing gap between the rich and everybody else.”

Here are some interesting stories (signs of the current times) you should not have missed:


First, a Dose of reality: (for those who are still living in a “Santa” and “Tooth-Fairy” world)

Please note: These news items are NOT from any third world country but they are current news from the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” – The Super Power United States of America”

How in the world does that happen to America you ask?… My Friend, thy name is the ultimate guillotine called “Debt” that hasn’t spared any Superpower in the past!!!

Thieves steal truck with President’s equipment

OBAMA SPEECHLESS: HIS TELEPROMPTER STOLEN BY THIEVES! NBC12 has uncovered one of those stories that makes you think: “How in the world does that happen?!”  A truck filled with President Obama’s podiums and audio equipment was stolen in Henrico just days before his visit to Chesterfield. We confirmed an investigation with the U.S. Defense Department.  There are still a lot of questions.  The biggest one being did the thieves intentionally target the President’s truck or did they take advantage of a crime of opportunity and give a big “uh-oh” when they saw what was inside.

Woman Stole Crosses to Pay Electric Bill

A Torrington woman who is accused of stealing crucifixes and a Madonna medal from the gift shop of a religious shrine told police that she stole them to pay her electric..

Suspects in 18 robberies turned to crime ‘because they were hungry’…

Philadelphia police have arrested four people that they say are responsible for 18 robberies across the city since August. Investigators are calling this particular crime spree “a sign of the times.” “One of the individuals said they were hungry; they did it because they were hungry,”

Thief uses crane to steal car from dealer’s lot…

A thief used a crane to literally lift a Jeep Wrangler off of a northern Indianacar lot Sunday. A surveillance camera at LaPorte Chrysler captured someone driving a truck with a crane onto the lot, then circling around to park next to the 2008 Wrangler. The thief hooked the Jeep with the crane and loaded it onto a trailer. The entire operation, which occurred at6:40 a.m. Sunday, took all of six minutes.

Two charged with stealing entire bridge…

State police have arrested two men accused of stealing a steel bridge from a secluded area in Lawrence County. Some people in Lawrence County believe Covert’s Crossing might have been haunted. The historical society, in a video about haunted spots in the county, says some residents claim that a beautifully dressed woman haunts the bridge on prom night.


For those who have any doubts about where we as a society are heading. 

An appeal for all Sheelple: you don’t need to read the following stories. Please continue to celebrate the aversion of Armageddon, because everything is going to be perfectly wonderful….until the guillotine arrives on the scene.

There is a 90% Chance Of “Collapse Of Global Civilization”

The population of Earth has doubled since Paul Ehrlich first warned the world that there were too many humans. Three and a half billion people later, he is more pessimistic than ever, estimating there is only a 10% chance of avoiding a collapse of global civilization. “Among the knowledgeable people there is no more conversation about whether the danger is real,” Ehrlich told the Guardian. “Civilizations have collapsed before: the question is whether we can avoid for the first time [an] entire global civilization… of having the whole mess collapse.” The idea sounds melodramatic, but Ehrlich insists his vision only builds on famine, drought, poverty and conflict, which are already prevalent around the world, and would unfold over the “next few decades”. “What it would look like is getting to the situation where more and more people are living in uncertainty about their future, subject to all kinds of disease”

Standard of Living in the US Falls at Sharpest Pace Ever

Americans’ Standard of Living Drops Sharply

Discontent in America is growing..big time

Thousands in Chicago protest financial industry Mounting anger over joblessness and income inequality snarled rush-hour traffic in downtown Chicago as thousands of teachers, religious leaders, union workers and other protesters marched on Monday. Chanting “We are the 99 percent” and “Tax, tax, tax the rich,” demonstrators marched on Michigan Avenue and gathered outside the Chicago Art Institute where a U.S. futures  industry trade group was holding an evening cocktail reception.

Occupy Wall Street protests continue worldwide

Rallies rippled across the globe on Saturday as more than 900 cities in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America took part in the worldwide demonstration, including Washington, Toronto, Denver, and Chicago….In cities around the world, a fraction of the protesters who joined the rallies Saturday were hunkering down for a second night of “occupation.”

Time to stop! There is just too much to write..

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Why do I write all this? I just want to make, all those interested, aware about where we as a society are heading, so that they can protect their future generations to a possible extent. It is going to be very very ugly before it will be better. In my view, our children's world is going to be entirely different than what we have seen. We have already consumed the resources of our future generations. What we have left for them is an empty bag and the consequences of our actions (without the knowledge that it is us who are responsible for the mess our children will be in) ...while I write this I also wish that I am absolutely wrong...and our future generations will live in a better world than ours. DISCLAIMER: All the content of my blogs is presented for educational and/or informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be mistaken for professional investment advice, nor is it intended to be taken as such.

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