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Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

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Summary: “America is disintegrating. The “one Nation under God, indivisible” of the Pledge of Allegiance is passing away. In a few decades, that America will be gone forever. In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to our parents…..”

First, little about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests

Export of Protests – From America to London, Rome, Europe and going Global

Discontent in America is growing..big time …and now it is being exported too…The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement Hit London yesterday. A crowd of a few thousand protesters angry at the handling of the financial crisis noisily gathered near the London Stock Exchange. Throngs moved through the area’s narrow thoroughfares chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose money? Our money!” Others marched in the area of Paternoster Square, adjacent to the cathedral and the exchange.

Folks, this is all about the anger of a common man on the street “Six-pack-Joe” (call him a sheeple because these are the people that get slaughtered in the End-Game, you and me included)..Here in USA this movement has already spread to 200+ cities and people have started protesting everywhere. For long time I have been talking about Global Civil Unrests. It is going to spread into several more cities and across several more countries…This is the future and it is coming !!! ……Dont say you were not warned. This is exactly what I have been taking about while CNBC, Fox News and CNN were telling us that we are into recovery and everything is going to be normal in couple of years. Oh Really? Read my prior posts Why London is burning?…Root of the Global Unrest, Egypt in America?…Oh Really? or America’s declining living standards, You haven’t seen anything yet and Welcome to the future. My entire blog is here

The same talking heads on mainstream media are confused now….The other day one of these talking heads was saying the “protesters” was a leftist mob. So today this leftist mob has gone to London, Rome and Madrid for protesting? Anyway, the Protests/Riots in London, Rome and all other places is all about the deteriorating Global economy and they are going to continue to Grow, Grow and Grow. When common man looses everything including his job and food he gets on to the street….As of now, not even 5% of people have any idea about how far this is going to go. You are watching a collapse of a civilization in a slow motion!!! You can’t believe it yet – right?

The fact of the life is – The biggest Ponzi scheme of the world called “FIAT Money” is coming to an end and we are going to wakeup in an entirely different word than what we have seen in last several decades.

This whole story about “Occupy Wall-Street and Cities” deserves a detailed discussion…These protest are not going to go away, in fact the discontent is going to continue to GROW! So we shall have ample of time to talk about it in the future.

For today, here are few must read items about the widening impact and the globalization of the protests, unrest and the riots

….Anyone remebers Egypt few months back?

Occupy Wall Street reaches 1-month birthday

The month-old Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow, with nearly $300,000 in the bank and participants finding satisfaction in the widening impact they hope will counter the influence on society by those who hold the purse strings of the world’s economies.

Video: Occupy Portland Protesters Sing ‘F*** the USA’...

Day of ‘Global Revolution’ comes to London

Protesters inspired by the growing ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement in the U.S have today have taken over the City of London. Thousands have descended on the area known as the Square Mile – under the banner ‘Occupy the Stock Exchange’ – for a ‘peaceful protest’ against the global financial system. They had planned to take Paternoster Square, where the Stock Exchange is located, but police cordoned off the area prior to the protest. A notice was put up stating the square is private property and access would be restricted. Police sources said a High Court injunction had been taken out to prevent members of the public from accessing the square

…riots in Rome

Hundreds of hooded, masked protesters rampaged through Rome in some of the worst violence in the Italian capital for years Saturday, torching cars and breaking windows during a larger peaceful protest against elites blamed for economic downturn.

Protesters in Lisbon surround parliament…

About 40,000 people marched in Portugal on Saturday as part of a global day of protest against the financial elite and hundreds broke through a police cordon around the parliament in Lisbon to occupy its broad marble staircase.

And this news item that is 15 days old:
PIC: Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Tahrir Square, Egypt

If Wall Street is starting to look like Tahir Square, it is because America is starting to look more and more like Egypt – with a handful of super-rich, and crumbs for everyone else. Leading economists note that rampant inequality was one of the main causes of the Great Depression and of the current economic crisis. Indeed, given that inequality in America is worse than Egypt (or Tunisia, or Yemen or most Latin American banana republics), and that social mobility is lower in America than in most European countries….

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Let’s get back to the Economy. The primary focus of today’s post is the current status of the GLOBAL economy in general and Europe and America in specific.

First: about a new book being realized on October 18th – Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? – By Patrick Buchanan

The author writes: “As the faith that gave birth to the West is dying in the West, peoples of European descent from the steppes of Russia to the coast of California have begun to die out, as the Third World treks north to claim the estate. The last decade provided corroborating if not conclusive proof that we are in the Indian Summer of our civilization.”

America is disintegrating. The centrifugal forces pulling us apart are growing inexorably. What unites us is dissolving. And this is true of Western Civilization….Meanwhile, the state is failing in its most fundamental duties. It is no longer able to defend our borders, balance our budgets, or win our wars.”

America is disintegrating.The “one Nation under God, indivisible” of the Pledge of Allegiance is passing away. In a few decades, that America will be gone forever. In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to our parents.This is the thrust of Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower.The author of six New York Times bestsellers traces the disintegration to three historic changes: America’s loss of her cradle faith, Christianity; the moral, social, and cultural collapse that have followed from that loss; and the slow death of the people who created and ruled the nation.

Drudge reports says “The books reads as if its been written to be left behind in the ruins, only to be found by a future civilization.”

Chapter 1: The Passing of a Superpower
Chapter 2. The End of Christian America
Chapter 3. The Crisis of Catholicism
Chapter 4. The End of White America
Chapter 5. Demographic Winter
Chapter 6. Equality Vs. Freedom
Chapter 7. The Diversity Cult|
Chapter 8: The Triumph Of Tribalism
Chapter 9. ‘The White Party’
Chapter 10: The Long Retreat
Chapter 11: The Last Chance

Read West is dying in the West – book review of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” on Drudge Report

Here are some important stories from last couple of weeks that you should not miss.

Rare to avoid a War in the next 10 years – We are talking about a a war ladies and gentlemen…a Big one

“We were talking about the crisis in eurozone. He told me ‘You know, after all these political shocks, economic shocks, it is very rare indeed that in the next 10 years we could avoid a war‘. A war ladies and gentlemen. I am really thinking about obtaining a green card for my kids in the United States”. I’m not sure whether the US will be a much better place to ride out the storm if the European banking system collapses, as it will be only a matter of time before the US is exposed as being just as financially and fiscally ruined as the EU.

..and here is the recent bankruptcy filing by a CITY in USA.

Harrisburg, Pa., Files for Bankruptcy Protection – “They were tired of being humiliated and denigrated,” he said of the council members who voted for bankruptcy on Tuesday. Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection is “a much better forum if you really want to address the financial problems of the city,”

So what do we do when bankruptcy arrives? We do a garage sale…America is thinking exactly the same

US thinking of Garage sell to raise cash…Garage Sale of Islands, courthouses, airstrip, roads, buildings, land — even the airwaves. Among the listings: Plum Island, N.Y., off the North Fork of Long Island, which the government has already begun marketing as 840 acres of “sandy shoreline, beautiful views and a harbor.” As former home to the federal Animal Disease Center, it may need a bit of “biohazard remediation,” making it a real fixer-upper.

folks, I have said it many times, We have been living in history’s biggest PONZI schemes that the world is just beginning to wake up to.

The fact remains that we are going down, down, DOWN over the coming months.  We’re going to be seeing major banks go under, market crashes, food shortages, government shutdowns, and SYSTEMIC FAILURE. Yes, I believe that before this mess ends, the financial system as a whole will have collapsed. What’s coming is going to make 2008 look like a joke. If you have yet to prepare yourself for what’s coming, now is the time to do so. Whether it’s by moving to cash and bullion, opening some shorts, or simply getting out of the markets altogether, now is the time to be preparing for what’s coming

The Coming Downgrade Of The American Lifestyle And How To Prepare For It

Valuable Items: Aside from the basics (food, water, shelter) there are items that you can be certain stores will quickly run out in times of economic distress. Many of these items have dual purposes for survival and for bartering. For example, one of the reasons gold is so valuable is its intrinsic value- there is a limited quantity, it does not easily get ruined and it is dividable. These items you may not be of use personally to you, however in tough economic times, these items become valuable and can be used for bartering.

“Only Painful Ways Out Of The Crisis”

very soon a government near you will force you to hand over a third of your wealth, here is the rest of the terrifying analysis of what will happen to the world in order to get it back in order: ..the middle- and upper-class, which, if BCS is right, have a ~30% one-time tax on all their assets to look forward to as the great mean reversion finally arrives and the world is set back on a viable path. But not before the biggest episode of “transitory” pain, misery and suffering in the history of mankind. Good luck, politicians and holders of financial assets, you will need it because after Denial comes Anger, and only long after does Acceptance finally arrive.

Here’s What Will Happen Next

Folks, the indicators are everywhere. We can stick our heads in the sand and play pretend, or we can face reality and take action to insulate ourselves as best we can. Ignore the warning signs to your detriment. The next leg down is going to be fast, volatile and violent – and the United States will be right in the middle of it. Here’s What Will Happen Next. As the global economy stalls and then moves into recession, unemployment will worsen… and political tensions will greatly increase. I expect large-scale civil unrest in both Europe and the U.S.

An entire system of global trade is at risk

Governor of the Bank of England, this week called the current financial crisis “the most serious…since the 1930s, if ever

Greece Falls Into ‘Death Spiral’…

The country finds itself in a vicious circle—a death spiral, some would say—in which it is borrowing ever more to keep up on its existing debts, crushing growth in the process and thereby worsening its all-important ratio of debt-to-gross domestic product. Springing the debt trap would not be a miracle cure either: a manageable level of borrowing is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for Greece to start restoring competitiveness and resume growth after three years of economic contraction.

Meltdown: The secret history of the global financial collapse – “A Global Financial Tsunami”

“Meltdown” series from Al Jazeera: we once again stand on the verge of yet another Great Financial crisis. And although our politicians and leaders refuse to learn from the past, we are confident our readers are far more intelligent. Which is why here is the next part in the Meltdown Series: “A Great Financial Tsunami.” Because while insanity may be doing the same thing over and over expeting a different result, sheer idiocy is constantly refusing to learn from the past, and expecting a present which “is different this time.”

Horrific Economic Crisis That Is Almost Here

The quotes that you are about to read show that quite a few top financial and political insiders know that things cannot hold together much longer and that a horrific economic crisis is coming. We built the global financial system on a foundation of debt, leverage and risk and now this house of cards that we have created is about to come tumbling down. 

What’s the use of saving money?

How years of ultra-low interest rates have punished savers, rewarded spenders, and now might be smothering any hopes of recovery. Welcome to the world of ultra-low interest rates, where profligacy is richly rewarded and saving is, well, for suckers. Those who’ve opted to be austere with their personal finances have found themselves on the losing end as governments and central bankers have worked to get people to borrow and spend in the wake of the global recession.

Nine American Cities That Are Going Broke

A number of the municipalities on the list are facing shrinking tax bases possibly exacerbated by the recession and high unemployment. Some cities, such as Detroit and Pontiac, have had their economies devastated by the recession. Their populations have decreased dramatically and struggling major tax-paying corporations have contributed much 

This economic collapse is a ‘crisis of bigness’

Living through a collapse is a curious experience. Perhaps the most curious part is that nobody wants to admit it’s a collapse. The results of half a century of debt-fuelled “growth” are becoming impossible to convincingly deny, but even as economies and certainties crumble, our appointed leaders bravely hold the line. No one wants to be the first to say the dam is cracked beyond repair.

Middle class annihilation one penny at a time…

Middle class annihilation one penny at a time – 64 percent of Americans do not have adequate savings for an unexpected $1,000 expense. The crushing blow to income and household wealth. The American middle class is furious and this is reflected in how people perceive their failed government but also a financial system that has largely profited from the failures of millions.  A recent Gallup poll shows that only 13 percent of Americans actually approve of Congress and the way they are handling their job

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

Stay prepared, stay hedged, stand strong. World Bank chief: Global economy in ‘new danger zone’

Video about “Civil Unrest and Economic Chaos: The End Result Of Our Fiat Currency System


A Dose of reality:

This section is for those still living in “Santa” and “Tooth-Fairy” world. Some stories about the changing landscape of “Economy related crimes” in America  Please read on… Few years down the road these will be common crimes in our neighborhoods, that time dont say “I did not know this”

DA warns of ‘greatest spike in crime of the last several decades’ for LA…

Los AngelesCounty’s top prosecutor is predicting doom and gloom with a prospect of thousands of convicted felons being diverted to the county’s jail system rather than state prisons.

US postal workers steal brick of pot from mail package…

When a suspicious package arrived last month at a New York Citypost office, it was set aside for examination by postal inspectors since the 12-pound Express Mail package appeared consistent with parcels that had been previously used to ship narcotics across the country. The cardboard box was placed for safekeeping on a supervisor’s desk in the Queenspost office. But before the package could be examined by investigators, a postal employee allegedly took the parcel from…

Mob of 100 rob restaurant customers in Philly

Flash mob of 40 rips off Philly Sears…

Teen Mob Of 50 Hits Chicago WALGREENS…

Farm thieves target grapes, avocados — even bees…

Scrap Metal Thieves Make Off With CA Vineyard’s Irrigation System…

‘Gutter Grabbers’ Target Main Line Homes For Copper

Thieves Steal Hundreds Of Gallons Of Gas From Underground Tank


Chicago: Thousands Without Power After Thieves Steal Copper Ground Wires… 

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Why do I write all this? I just want to make, all those interested, aware about where we as a society are heading, so that they can protect their future generations to a possible extent. It is going to be very very ugly before it will be better. In my view, our children's world is going to be entirely different than what we have seen. We have already consumed the resources of our future generations. What we have left for them is an empty bag and the consequences of our actions (without the knowledge that it is us who are responsible for the mess our children will be in) ...while I write this I also wish that I am absolutely wrong...and our future generations will live in a better world than ours. DISCLAIMER: All the content of my blogs is presented for educational and/or informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be mistaken for professional investment advice, nor is it intended to be taken as such.

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