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Gujarat riots and the ‘secular’ Galahads of justice!

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‘The law will take its course’ is an oft heard cliché, when politicians explain away the misdeeds of their comrades-in-arms. But political discourse in India has a new norm for Hindus and Hindu organisations in general and Narendra Modi in particular. When it comes to Narendra Modi, the law can not take its course; should not take its course. It has to instantly convict him and send him to jail. The norms of jurisprudence do not apply to him.

The inhuman burning of 59 Karsevaks do not matter to the secular jihads. The 254 Hindus killed in the riots as against 790 Muslims do not count.

The fact that the number of Hindus arrested, 27, 901, was almost four times the number of Muslims (7,651) detained during the post-Godhra riots is of no consequence! That a large number of the detained Hindus are still in jails for nine years does not matter. But if they are Muslims, they are ‘languishing in jails without trial. What inhuman justice system?’

As the Gujarat government wrestled with angry mobs during the fateful three days before a modicum of normalcy was restored, police fired 10,000 rounds of bullets killing 93 Muslims and 77 Hindus. We were told of Muslims sheltering in relief camps but how many knew that during the riots some 40,000 Hindus also sought refuge in relief camps.

These are some of the vital statistics of the ‘genocide’, ‘pogrom’ or what have you, according to ‘secular’ commentators who allowed their imagination and their ability to spin yarns run riot.

An NGO for Jihad!

Can we ever imagine a scenario in which Pramod Muthalik (of Sri Ram Sene) is as much indulged as the foul-mouthed head of a discredited NGO is feted? She is on a jihad mission. Her jihad is to see Narendra Modi safely behind bars. It is her end. The means do not matter. To achieve her end she will stop at nothing. She coerces witnesses. She locks them up till they are tutored to spew venom. She perjures. She suborns discredited police officers. She insists honest police officers should be fired. She casts aspersions on a Supreme Court appointed special investigation team. She is a law unto herself. She is the gospel. She screams. She swears. Obviously screaming and swearing and a private jihad pay. She is awash with funds.

Truth does not matter!

The ‘goddess of adultery and incest’ spun yarn after yarn and spread canards about barbaric acts perpetrated by Hindu mobs in Gujarat. In the aftermath of the tragic killing of Iqbal Eshan Jaffri, she invented the story of his daughters being stripped and burnt alive in the attack on his residence. Only, Jaffri had only one daughter not daughters and she was not in Ahmedabad on the fateful day but in far away US. Jaffri’s son who was also away on the day confirmed this. But for your writer, facts do not matter. She is in any case a writer of fiction. She did not bother to pause and think what her canards could to the already inflamed passions and spawning hatred between the two communities.

The Gulmarg incident

What happened on February 28, 2002 at the Jaffri residence in Ahmedabad’s Gulmarg Housing Society?

A mob gathered there even as a number of Muslims took refuge in it. Jaffri called a number of authorities but before anyone could respond the mobs outside and inside the house began pelting stones at each other. The numbers of people that were inside the house (200-250) and outside the house (200-20,000) vary according to different sources.

In panic, Jaffri opened fire on the mob outside killing two and injuring thirteen. Jaffri’s panic reaction virtually brought the seize to a head. The frenzied mob set fire to the bungalow killing 42 people including Jaffri.

‘Glass ceiling’ has a new ‘secular’ meaning!

But what followed the tragic incidents was the bizarre reaction of the left-lib crowd, human rights wallahs and the media. Human Rights Watch a New York based NGO published a dossier (how else do they collect their doles?) in April, written by a Smita Narula. She wrote of an eyewitness who was hiding in the third floor and “had been observing in minute detail all that was going on in the ground floor”. Nicole Elfi wonders whether the “floors between the third and the ground floor were transparent”. Well, haven’t we heard of glass ceilings? Narula seems to have hit one in New York. Her eyewitness saw ‘four or five girls were raped, cut and burned…two married women were also raped and cut’. All this was supposed to have happened at 3.30 P.M. although the building itself was set on fire at 1.30P.M. (See Godhra: The True Story by Nicole Elfi )

And after the Supreme Court judgment of September 12 the script is being re-written for the actors to play their parts yet again: the NGOs, the fiction writers, the bleeding heart liberals. For them the law simply can not take its course. It has to take their intended course!

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One Response to "Gujarat riots and the ‘secular’ Galahads of justice!"

  1. Mayank Patel says:

    Good article full of facts. The large question “What level of force should government use in civil-riots?” The standard-answer is “Minimum non-lethal force, and complete protection of human rights” and standard-strategy is “Temporarily withdraw police force from troubled area to avoid confrontation”. Mayor Walter Washington is roundly applaused for using minimal force and not allowing even a single shot to be fired during 1968 Washington DC riots. Eisenhower was condemned for suggesting that police should fire in air.

    Based on standard approach, Modi should be criticised for being too tough on rioters, instead pseudo-Secular’s want more blood. Late President K R Narayana lamented, in a rediff interview, that “Military was not given power to shoot rioters”. Let the history show that when Punjab Governor Michael O’Dwayer gave military “power to shoot” it resulted in Jallianwalla Massacre and riots spread to gujranwalla. So called human-rights organisation have double-standard “Minimal force in J&K, Minimal force against Maoist, and Maximum force against Hindus”.

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