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Heritage and Awakening

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The blog addresses following topics:  

  1. Introduction
  2. DNA and Human Rights
  3. Genetics and Sanskriti
  4. Heritage and Awakening
  5. Arab Heritage
  6. Awakened Europeans and Jews
  7. Israel and Arabs
  8. Overcoming Persecutions
  9. Hindus and Islam
  10. Second Muslim Rule in South Asia
  11. References and Notes



Europeans and Arabs are proud of their faiths, heritage and culture. So are Jews, Hindus, and Zoroastrians to name a few more. Unlike other faiths, Muslim and Christian clerics proselytize to compete globally trying to convert all of other faiths. For establishing homogeneous religious faith in multiethnic imperial states Europeans and Arabs have proselytized for more than 1,500 years.

In my previous blog, “Proselytizing and Political Ideology: Truth vs Revisionist History,” I contended that political ideologues of Christianity and Islam turned to proselytizing to build imperial powers after adopting a state religion. The idea was that political administration was facilitated if most if not all citizens followed same faith, even if they were multiethnic. The idea that uniform (homogeneous) faith facilitated political administration was flawed as the ethnicity come with heritage associated with the genetic DNA and evolution takes many generations.

DNA and Human Rights  

Unlike Christianity and Islam the Vedic, Jewish and Zoroastrian faiths have existed for several thousand years. Appearance of faiths in tribal cultures is related to establishment of agricultural societies, starting about 8,000 – 9,000 years ago in the Fertile  Crescent region (Palestine, western Middle East or the ancient area of Lower and Upper Egypt, Phoenicia, Assyria and Mesopotamia) according to Professor Jared Diamond. Agriculture spread to the rest of the world from Fertile Crescent region, which is a crescent shaped fertile land along northern borders of Saudi desert.

Tribalism has existed for more than 400 generations; the Vedic, Semitic Jewish and Zoroastrian faiths for more than 200 generations; Christianity for 100 generations and Islam for 70 generations. Primal instincts including sexual desires/urges and freedoms, etc are basic human nature. The inherent dignity, the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world according to the UN Charter; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Constitutions of progressive democratic nations recognize basic fundamental rights. Imperialism designed to influence heritage of multiethnic societies through manipulation of faith is destined to fail; European, Semitic Jewish, Arab, Vedic/Hindu, Chinese, etc cultures and societies have existing for more than 200 – 400 generations. Christianity and Islamic imperialist political ideologues in last 1,500 years have failed to wipe out other faiths in occupied lands.

Genetics and Sanskriti  

Genetics and heritage are interrelated and the duo drives tribalism and faith related cultural, social and political beliefs. The Vedic literature preceded the development of the genetic science. Vedic scriptures described sanskars as deep impression. Sanskars means impression left by a previous thought or action; latent tendency; impressions stored in the mind that form the basis of our beliefs, attitudes and personality. Sanskriti is always present in subconscious; it comes naturally and often waits for awakening.

Acquiring sanskars is a continuous process. It comes from our past life experiences – hence it is genetic heritage and origin – and it is also what we are gaining in this life. In our childhood and even today, whenever we interact with people and environment, our indriyas or sense organs are receiving so many stimuli, the conditionings, the deeper impressions which remain as residue in our subconscious and it is called sanskars or ‘samskaras’. Vedic people are identified with Vedic sanskriti, Vedic sanskars or Vedic culture.

Heritage and Awakening 

Heritage like sanskriti can not be erased and it can be improved upon in life. Sanskriti staying dormant in subconscious can be awakened at any instant. It represents genetic make up of every individual. It takes generations to evolve. My blog, “Proselytizing and Political ideology: Truth and Revisionist History” also mentioned impacts of awakening and love. Not every awakening and love blooms perfectly.

Six awakened persons called rare ones were identified. One more awakened person was Guru Nanak and that makes it seven rare ones. Five of seven were responsible for developing a new faith. Rare are awakened persons like Gautam Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Jesus, Mohammed and Guru Nanak. Each of these rare awakened ones bloomed perfectly and made historical advances in a life time during last 2,000 – 3,000 years. Two others that bloomed perfectly included Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein.

Gandhiji is father of modern non-violence methods for political and social gains and uplifting; he non-violently challenged power of British Empire for India’s independence and challenged Hindu society for various social ills in South  Asia. Albert Einstein, a German Jew by birth and a naturalized American citizen with the theory of relativity is the father of modern theoretical physics.  Gandhiji and Einstein are two rare ones as each has motivated and help to induce awakening in communities to bring about advances in human endeavors.

  • Einstein revolutionized scientific thinking with a theory of relativity. The theory sowed the seeds of advances in space research as well as all other scientific disciplines.
  • Gandhiji empowered Indians to awaken and solve problems related to human degradation all      across India.


This blog recognizes the courage of awakened people as a community. The political opportunists in occupied lands tried and failed to force fit their lifestyle to conform to their ideals without recognizing limitations imposed by an awakened community with rich heritage, culture and societies.

Arab Heritage 

Genetically, heritage of Muslims experienced a radical shift once all Arab lands and women became property of victorious Khan Armies from Central Asia. Khans induced 40 generation of genetic mutations in Arabs. Khans were descendents of Genghis Khan (1162 -1227). Central Asian Mongol-Turkic Khan armies occupied Persia (1218 to 1223) before the westward march to defeat the Caliphate in Baghdad and occupation of Turkey with Eurasian populations of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

My blog on imperial bigotry traced select history of Arabs to refute revisionist history. Most male (age 12 and above) descendents of Arab tribes of the 6th – 7th centuries were captured and beheaded (in 13th century) by the Khans. Consider:

  • From 1219 to 1294 Mongol-Turkic Khans occupied most of Middle East including Persia and parts of Eurasia – Georgia, Armenia and Southern Russia.
  • Khans belonged to the nomadic Mongol-Turkic tribes of Central Asia and they were widely speculated to be followers of Shamanism and Tengriism. They were religiously very tolerant and interested in learning philosophical and moral lessons from other religions. To do so, they consulted Buddhist onks, Muslim clerics, Christian missionaries, and the Taoist monk Qiu chuji.
  • Starting 13th and early 14th century Khan’s and their armies converted to Islam dominated by Islamic  orthodoxy. A characteristic of the orthodoxy dominated ruling elites is that they ‘close themselves in and close others out’.


Many Persian Zoroastrians fled to escape Arab occupation of Persia, started by Arabs (8th-9th centuries) and completed in 13th century by Mongol-Turkic armies. Some Zoroastrians such as Parsis and Iranians immigrated to pockets on western coast of South Asia and to rest of the world to escape from brutality of Arab and Mongol-Turkic armies.

Sunni tribals of 21st century are dominated with genes of Mongol-Turkic Central Asian. Technically or genetically, they are different from Semitic Arabs of 6th to 13th century. Persian descendents – Shia and Sufi Muslims with Arab, Mongol-Turkic and Persian genes – ruling Iran in 21st century politically don’t see eye to eye with Sunni Arabs.

The Salafi-Wahabi ideologies followers – Pakistan – exploit jihad, terrorism and extremism to further imperial and colonial ambitions for extraterritorial expansions. Most Pakistanis have genes of Hindus converted to Islam. Some Pakistanis as a breed are dominated with genes inherited from Hindus, Arabs and Mongol-Turkics.

Awakened Europeans and Jews

Europeans converted to Christianity in 3rd century but retained their European roots and heritage – cultural, social and political practices. They did not adopt Semitic Jewish tribal norms and customs. They tried and failed to force fit their beliefs on majority of people in occupied lands – Middle East, Africa, Palestine, and South Asia, etc.

Europeans and Romans for centuries tried and failed to wipe out Jews in occupied Palestine and Africa. In European lands Roman Catholics and other Christians created Jewish ghettos (4th to 19th centuries) to isolate Jews for persecution. The WWII may be called the European tribal war and it was responsible for murders of six million Jews in death chambers for the holocaust organized by the fascist Nazi Germany. Some say, to atone for the Nazi holocaust, victorious Christian tribes with the 1947 UN charter, sanctioned establishment of Israel by partition of the British colony of Palestine.

Israel and Arabs 

Establishment of Israel in 1948 did not sit well with Arabs. For the Ayatollahs ruled Iran and some Arab orthodox Muslims holocaust is a fiction. Arabs nations and Iran have wowed and for 63 years failed to destroy Israel.

Like Nazis the orthodox Muslims of lands – Arabs, Pakistan and Iranians, etc – would like to wipe out Jewish people from the globe. Hate and intolerance dominates for the mission to destroy Jews in Christian evangelical and orthodox Islamic lands. All that waste of energy –  5th century to present – as Jewish people and Israel have survived persecutions and prospered.

Overcoming Persecutions 

In some colonized lands (Americas, Australia, etc) European settlers did managed to wipe out practically all native nomadic and aborigine populations to completely take over the entire continents for the settlers. Unlike nomads and aboriginals, Jewish society and culture gave to the world a faith described in the Old Bible, which is the primary source of religious beliefs for Christianity and Islam.

Jewish communities are small in numbers. Jewish Ghettos of Romans (5th century) to the Middle Ages (through 15th century) were followed with deaths of 6 million Jews in the German Nazi holocaust (1939 – 45). Similarly Jews have paid a heavy price for survival in lands of Muslim Caliphates (7th to 13th centuries), the Ottoman Empire (1,299 to 1,923) and 20th century to present in the 56 lands represented by the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference). Arab nations have formed an ocean of Islamic population around a tinyIsrael.Israel has managed to hold its head high for last 63 years.

Many Persian Zoroastrians fled after occupation of Persia, started by Arabs (8th-9th centuries) and completed in 13th century by Mongol-Turkic armies. Some Zoroastrians such as Parsis and Iranians immigrated to pockets on western coast of South Asia and to rest of the world to escape from brutality of Arab and Mongol-Turkic armies.

Hindus and Islam 

Many Hindus, in addition to wives and mistresses of Mughal army, converted to Islam but India remained predominantly Hindu land. Many Sufi Barelvi sect rituals have Hindu origin. South Asian Muslims during their rule tried, persistently attempted and failed to wipe out heritage rooted in South Asia colonized by Mughals and other Muslim rulers for more than 900 years (950 to 1858).

Muslims of South Asia of the Sufi Barelvi sect developed unique South Asian culture and social practices. A blog by Dr. Manzur Ejaz offers details on the Sufi movement of South Asia. Muslims flourished as Sufi’s under Mughal Akbar rule. Aurangzeb (1618 – 1707) was sixth generation Mughal dictator of Sunni persuasions; his brutal rule in India failed to eliminate Hindus and set up the stage for the demise of Mughal rule of India. Muslim rule ended (1858) with colonization of India by British India Company.

Pakistani ruling establishment abhor Mughal Emperors and Princes, who tried to blend with Hindus. They glorify Sunni Aurangzeb, who brutally dealt with Hindus.

Second Muslim Rule in South Asia 

Muslim rule was revived in parts of the British India in 1947 after the British Raj designed the partition of British India. Pakistan appeared in two parts, East and West Pakistans, separated by more than 1,300 miles of India. Dictators (1947 – 1971) with Punjabi and Pathan cultures of West  Pakistan ruled with a brutal force the East Pakistan dominated with Bengali culture. Beset for 24 years by cultural, economic and political rivalries Pakistan disintegrated in 1971. In 1971 East Pakistan reincarnated as the Bangladesh and West Pakistan was reincarnated as Pakistan. Reincarnated Pakistan at age 40 in 2011 is a politically dysfunctional nation ruled by the BACWAS establishment made of Punjabis, Sindhis and Pathans.

Islamization of Pakistan started with an address to the nation by Dictator Zia ul Haq on December 2, 1978 and the ruling establishment is obsessed with homogenizing the entire population.  The zeal for acquiring Arab identities and political ideologies of HT and JI it has created a monster state that we see today. By discarding South Asian heritage Pakistanis are turning into an entity that is neither Arab-Mongol-Turkic variety nor a relatively peace loving Sufi Barelvi genre.  The changes touted by the revisionist history of Pakistan are only skin deep as the generic South Asian heritage cannot be eliminated in short time (1971 – present) that Pakistan has existed.

References and Notes

  1.  Jared Diamond, “Guns, Germs, and Steel” The Faiths of Human Societies, (1999), W. W. Norton & Co, Ltd (London), ISBN: 0-393-31755-2
  2. To refresh memory of readers History of conversion of faiths is briefly reviewed in my blogs at In addition to two blogs listed below, readers should consult my previous  blogs for many interesting details.
  • Everyone is capable of awakening like falling in love. Not every one can be a rare person. Jews,      Hindus and Zoroastrians are a few examples of awakened people. Jews and others as awakened communities are not only proud of their heritage and culture but they have sacrificed and endured a lot suffering at the hands of proselytizers to retain their heritage and culture. They have learned how to handle suppression by Christian evangelist and orthodox Muslims. So have Hindus and Zoroastrians.
  • Sunni tribals of 21st century are dominated with genes of Mongol-Turkic Central Asian. Technically or  genetically, they are different from Semitic Arabs of 6th to 13th century. Persian descendents – Shia and Sufi Muslims with Arab, Mongol-Turkic and Persian genes – ruling Iran in 21st century politically don’t see eye to eye with Sunni Arabs.
  • The Salafi-Wahabi ideologies followers – Pakistan – exploit jihad, terrorism and extremism to further imperial and colonial ambitions for extraterritorial expansions. Proselytization was actively pursued to convert Hindus in Mughal occupied territories of India. Pakistanis are South Asian Muslim converts and as a breed they are dominated with genes inherited from Hindus, Arabs and Mongol-Turkics.


  1. Kishan Bhatia, “Proselytizing and Political Ideologies: Truth vs Revisionist History (1,427 words);
  2. Kishan Bhatia, History of Imperialists Bigotry – Christianity, Islam and Pagans (1,638 words);
  3. Human rights are “basic rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of nationality,  sex, age, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, language, or other status.” Human rights are conceived as universal and egalitarian, with all people having equal rights by virtue of being human;








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