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Proselytizing and Political Ideologies – Truth vs Revisionist History

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The blog includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Awakening
  3. Awakening of Mohammed
  4. Koran and Arab Problems
  5. Proselytizing and Political Ideologies
  6. References and     
  7. Suggested readings 



Preaching revisionist history by self appointed guardians of Islam, proselytizers and intellectual clerics is a norm. The history based on half-truth has confused devout Muslims. Islamization initiated by Dictator Zia ul Haq and going on since 1970s has confused and engulfed most if not all rural and urban Pakistanis. It may even suit political ideologues to claim superiority of Islam. It may also be inducing false pride in semi-educated and ignorant of historical truths.

Historically, before his “awakening” or “receiving” as the preachers prefer to call it, Mohammed was a drifter at worst and an observant traveler at best learning to make an honest living as all youth aspired for. He traveled across Arab lands of Middle East and Africa.

Jewish Palestine in 6th century was under Roman occupation. The Roman Catholics dominated state government sponsored the God of laws, rewards and punishments, not the God of love, mercy and forgiveness preached by the Christian Ministry of Jesus.


Awakening or the revelations like love comes instantly. Funny thing about personal awakening is that we never know when it will hit us. It is like falling in love.

Everyone is capable of falling in love and awakening but not everyone can be a rare one. Rare ones like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Mahavir Jain, Gandhi and Einstein, etc developed religious, social or scientific beliefs and theories that captured imagination of common people and intellectuals and they become followers.

Awakening of Mohammed 

Mohammed was a keen observer, fast learners and with a photographic memory.  He observed that in Roman lands there was widespread discrimination by the Catholic BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlord and scholars) establishment against followers of the Christian Ministry of Jesus, who was a Jew by birth. The establishment also discriminated against the tribal Jews, tribal Arabs and everyone not a Catholic.

Mohammed empathized with masses facing government brutalities. He observed how lack of unity, superstitions, tribal customs and practices, etc was holding Arabs back. Culturally, tribals were reactive, religious and social conservatives. Not unlike conservatives of today, tribals were prone to the banalities, rivalries, and malice and commonplace enmities. Revenge for justice was a social and cultural norm.

It is not easy to transform cultural mindset of revenge and addiction to violence that drove tribals to war to resolve disputes. Revenge is a negative though. Positive thinking is driven by transforming personal chemistry by practicing a process of “awakening” described in one of my blogs (suggested readings). The science of positive thinking with examples of Jesus, Buddha, and Mahavir Jain; Gandhi and Einstein; and the movement of non-violence for resolving social, cultural and political disputes postulates that the secret to living a successful life is to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts.

Fortunately, as a positive thinker, Mohammed was able to channel his awakening to liberate followers from widespread unrest in tribal lands. With the formulation of Islam he also freed Muslims from threats of Roman Catholic domination.

His awakening came with a realization that Roman Catholics were motivated by political exploitations of occupied lands by preaching and promoting Catholic (New Bible) version of Christianity to tribals in the territories in Middle  East and Africa. Jewish Old Bible was replaced with New Bible by Roman clerics.

The awakening or the receiving let Mohammed to separate religious teachings from the political ideology embedded in two Bibles; Old Jewish Bible with Jewish ideology and Roman Catholic New bible with Roman/European political ideology. Being a smart man he was able to separate religious teachings from two political ideologies and then incorporate the Arab tribal ideology to present Koran acceptable to Arab tribals.

Koran and Arab Problems 

Before Kaaba was transformed in to what it is today, it was the Temple  of Abraham, where various tribals were allowed to install their idol of God for worship. The idol worship was prevalent in the land and a source of frequent tribal wars.

As a fast learner he sensed the tribal tendencies to start wars based on questionable beliefs as well as perceived slights by other tribals to their idol-God. One of the tribal beliefs was that the idol of their God at the Kaaba (Temple) was supreme or true God and all other idols in the Temple did not represent for them true God.

Reforming tribal beliefs and quashing revelries was a noble purpose of life for Mohammed. The English speaking articulate Pakistanis in the mold of the Hizbul Tahrir (HT) of the UK and Jamaat–e-Islami (JI) in Pakistan may use modern political symbolism to call it social activism but that may not be the original intent. Mohammed was a self serving leader, who saw political values in religious beliefs for uniting tribals, eliminating generation’s old tribal rivalries and for gaining political power among tribals, who frequently came to him for resolution of tribal problems.

Historically, to safe guard freedoms and life style of warlords for feudal fiefdoms, the tribals converted to Islam. Starting with Mohammed they continued on with a life driven by revenge, violence and wars. Although Koran forbids it, it has not stopped warlord armies from looting and plundering in occupied lands.

The message or teaching for the Allah of love, mercy and forgiving is incorporated in Koran but unfortunately, it did not take widespread hold on tribals as culturally they were not yet an “awakened” people. Orthodox radical fundamentalist clerics ignore it. Those infected with HT and JI political ideologies certainly have no room for it.

What appealed to tribals was the God of laws, rewards and punishment also incorporated in Koran, as the instrument for revenge against the Jews, Christians and Romans Catholics, who were threatening their life style and freedoms. It was and is the basis for the hate and intolerance of all non-Islamic faiths in general and that of Jews in particular. Orthodox clerics and imperialist Caliphs embraced it to gain power in occupied lands, many times by forcing non-Islamic followers to convert.

Proselytizing and Political Ideologies

Political ideologues of Christianity and Islam aspiring to build imperial powers adopt a state religion and turn to proselyte, some times with persuasions but other time under political persecutions to force the subjects to adopt state religious practices using the God of laws, rewards and punishment. The idea is that political administration is facilitated if most if not all citizens follow same faith, even if they are multi-ethnic. The idea that uniform or homogeneous faith facilitates political administration is flawed as the ethnicity comes with heritage associated with the genetic DNA and it takes many generations to evolve. The impact of heritage and genetic make on evolution of social, cultural and religious beliefs is explored in my next blog.

In proselytizing Muslim and Christian clerics compete globally following the Middle Age practice of establishing imperial powers. European empires spread through colonization primarily for access to resources and commodities to feed the industrialization at home and build a self-sustainable economy. Economic development to help build middle class society by creating jobs in military industrial complexes and strong military helps win wars.

Muslim Caliphates indulge in the loot and plunder practice in the occupied lands as well as establish Muslim feudal empires as was the case with Mughal Empire (1526 -1707) in India. Orthodox Muslims and clerics abhore westernization. They lack interests in westernization in general and in particular, the scientific and engineering education required for industrialization. Muslim lands in general remain economically dependent on agriculture and as a source of commodities for industrialized societies.

The demographic explosion in Muslim lands offers Muslim nations to be a source of inexpensive labor if they choose to be skilled for jobs globally in demand. Education in math. science and engineering is needed to be a skilled worker globally in demand.

Only truths have power to set Muslims free, not the revisionist history or theories.


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Suggested readings 


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