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Welcome to the future: Come down from your ivory towers folks

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I am not getting enough time these days to write…but I could not resist a comment after June 2011’s Horrific Job report in USA. The U.S. economy added a paltry 18,000 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate climbed back up to 9.2 percent from 9.1 percent as laid off government workers continued to join the ranks of the unemployed. All the experts predicting strong job growth were proved terribly wrong…once again. …Why am I not surprised?

But I am surprised and amused for sure to see all the talking heads (those economists and experts that keep telling us that the economy is getting better) were shocked after the release of this report. CNBC report says “June’s miserable jobs report has put the fear of a double dip recession back into the markets.”

Oh, Really? Did you not know the “real” fundamental status of this “phoney” economy? Do you have any idea where the USA along with many western countries and the entire world economy is heading? All those Harvard educated so-called “experts” and “economists” are dead wrong and absolutely clueless!!! They have no idea about the “Train Wreck” of the future, or if they do, they are not doing efforts to bring it to the common  man on the streets. They are either dumb or pretending to be so.

Come down from your ivory towers folks, and try to understand the reality. This economy is broken forever and the path to prosperity goes through complete collapse of the current economic system…which is going to be very painful and utterly shocking to most of the people…The more they extend the system  reboot the more it will continue to keep hanging over our heads. At the U.N. Summit at Rio in 1992, the Conference Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, had said “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” As of now people do not understanding what he meant. The fact is “industrialized civilization collapse” is the only solution to the world economy as of now.

Go read why Roman empire collapsed….or google on Russian collapse in recent history…or even better, go read about Zimbabwe hyper inflation story of 2007, if you want to know some possible scenarios for the future of America. The fact of the life is: America’s vaunted middle class – once the envy of the world – is on the verge of being eliminated.

The only cure for this ponzy economy is the crumbling of this pyramid scheme that was built over several decades. There is no other solution…it must collapse and it is going to be painful…very very painful.

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The financial news is just going to keep getting worse. This financial system is simply unsustainable. It is fundamentally unsound. The reality is that financial bubbles cannot keep expanding forever. Eventually they must burst. At some point the dominoes are going to start to fall and the house of cards is going to crash.

Sorry for being so gloomy, but I must read what is written on the wall. I am not an “expert” so I don’t need to lie and also I am not risking my clients money if I am wrong. In fact, I wish I am wrong in all my views mentioned in all my blogs…because that will help me and my family too.

I have written several things in my blogs which do not need any repetition….the only thing I would like to repeat is : The future is going to be about unprecedented global insecurity, upheaval, poverty and social unrest in major parts of the world…nothing like several generations have seen in the past.

Here are some important things you should know and do:

  • Stop planning your future based on your pensions, social security or 401K accounts. Most of these will be worth-much-less by the time you receive those…if ever you get those in your hands.
  • Try to build your own retirement fund…(tangible assets that will grow in value as paper money goes into the toilet). Never rely on Uncle Sam (or any government for that sake) to pay for your retirement in the future.
  • Plan your retirement after the age of 75 from current 65..Most of the people will want to work till 70-75 …if ever they could get jobs and are healthy enough to work.
  • Cash up (cash on your hand at home), keep some extra food and water and prepare for the greatest financial debacle in the history. The US either defaults or we face a revolution.
  • Be ready to hand over your Gold and Silver to the government (primarily in USA.) This has happened in the past (1933 to 1973) and most likely will happen again .
  • Prepare your children for the future.
  • Protect yourself and your family while you still can… time is still on your side.

Welcome to the future folks – Keywords for the future are – Poverty, Struggle, Protests, Riots, Uncertainties and Revolutions a la Egypt…in several countries..Uncle Sam will be the leader of the world again!

Prosperity, Growth, Social peace, American dream and Retirement are the words of the past!!! They are gone for not to return…not at least for a decade or two.

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Why do I write all this? I just want to make, all those interested, aware about where we as a society are heading, so that they can protect their future generations to a possible extent. It is going to be very very ugly before it will be better. In my view, our children's world is going to be entirely different than what we have seen. We have already consumed the resources of our future generations. What we have left for them is an empty bag and the consequences of our actions (without the knowledge that it is us who are responsible for the mess our children will be in) ...while I write this I also wish that I am absolutely wrong...and our future generations will live in a better world than ours. DISCLAIMER: All the content of my blogs is presented for educational and/or informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be mistaken for professional investment advice, nor is it intended to be taken as such.

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7 Responses to "Welcome to the future: Come down from your ivory towers folks"

  1. anon says:

    The real problem can be traced to several decades of outsourcing of jobs and transfer of technologies and manufacturing know-how by First World corporations to Third World countries like China and India.

    When the First World promotes free global trade with the Third World, the wealth from the First World will flow to the Third World. The Third World in general has seemingly endless cheap slave labor. The populations of India and China are 15 to 20 times what they should optimally be for those countries to reach First World status. Free trade and outsourcing of jobs should be outlawed by First World economies. As for Third World outfits like India and China, those countries should reduce their populations by 90 to 95 percent to qualify for free trade with the First World.

    The great affliction plaguing this planet is the mind-boggling population growth in places like India, China and other such sorry places.

  2. Crazyclark says:


    When you are getting defeated you want to change the goal post.
    USA demanded Free Trade in everything. Some third world countries like China in manufacturing and India in service sector are winning.

    The population pressure is important, but Japan and Holland have much more density of population.

    Third World countries never wanted WTO or Free trade, because for most countries it means they are condemned to low grade production and production for exports; they can never be able to be self sufficient.

    A Managed trade, where every countries must balance their trade is desirable; that would mean investment cannot flow from one country to another freely; it must be planned. That would bring the Soviet style planned economy, which USA does not want.

  3. anon says:

    It is not just the population density but many other
    factors need to be considered as well. Japan may have
    a high population density but it is one of the few
    countries in the world with a zero population growth.
    Although too high, but with a stable population of
    about 125 million, a ZPG, a literacy rate of 100%,
    and a $5.5 trillion economy, it is also the only
    First World nation in Asia.

    Other countries in Asia like China and India will not
    be able to match Japan economically on a per capita
    basis unless their population numbers come down

    People are poor in many small countries of Africa,
    Asia, South America and places like Haiti for very
    different reasons than why hundreds of millions of
    people are equally poor in India and rural China.

    Many countries like Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan,
    India and China are insanely overpopulated. Population
    beyond certain levels is a liability for a nation’s
    prosperity and well-being.

    With its population now around 310 million, it is time
    for America also to start thinking about what would be
    an optimum population for it.

  4. Crazyclark says:

    Japan or Holland are tiny countries compare with China or India. If Japan absorb 150 million people, same as Russia today, India can absorb about 350 million people, Bangladesh possibly 50 million no more etc etc. One child policy and encouraging people to marry late is the answer, which can happen due to the spread of education.

    However, that is possible in a country like China, which is a planned totalitarian country. Thus, what is needed is a planned economy in India.

  5. anon says:

    India is not a large country as very large countries go. Only the size of its population is humongous. It is the seventh largest in land mass. Australia which is number six has more than twice India’s land area and a population of only 20 million.

    It is about a third the size of China but India’s population is almost the same as that of China and increasing.

    Russia possesses the largest land mass. It is more than 5 times larger than India. Its population is just over 140 million and is reported to be declining. Campare that with the population of Uttar Pradesh at 200 million, Bangladesh at 155 million, and that of Pakistan at more than 170 million.

    Does India make sense to anybody at all?

  6. anon says:


    You say that “…what is needed is a planned economy in India.”

    Our PM is an economist. Maybe you should get together with him and explain your “planned economy”. Tell him that the exploding population is nothing to worry about and we need even more people so we can have the same population density as Holland. Once we achieve the population density of Holland we will be a First World economy.

  7. anon says:

    Population density of Japan although very high is less than that of India: 337 vs 349 people per square kilometer.

    And that of Holland(or the Netherlands) is somewhat higher compared to that of India: 401 vs 349 people per square kilometer.

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