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OBL in death offers a chance for a new beginning

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In the making of choices lies the future of any nation.

A distraught Pakistani in an op-ed observed,

  1. In Pakistan the sentiments are more towards anxiety and
    apprehension coupled with confusion over the implications of this event
    taking place right in the center of the country.
  2. Pakistan, with a tattered economy and weak and corrupt

With “an hour of reflection and decision,” the identified costs for Pakistan are:

  1. $68 billion on the war on terror
  2. Lost 32,000 human lives in the process
  3. Spent 80 percent of national budget on defense and debt servicing
    for aid taken to fund the war

It took a few more minutes to understand why the first decade of 21st century has been a loose-loose proposition for all concerned as a result of the Islamabad policies implemented by the BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment over last 40 years.

We know or should know some truth and reality judging from history, such as:

  1. The blunders of Dictator Ayub Khan, PM Z. A. Bhutto and Dictator
    Yahya Khan created the Pakistan as we know today after
    liberation of Bangladesh. After 1971 the Pakistan of 1947 ceased to
  2. The blunders and conspiracies hatched by Dictator Musharraf and
    two ISI chiefs – General Kayani and Pasha – are now haunting Pakistan establishment.


The wars of first decade of 21st century are the unintended consequence of out sourcing the first Afghan War by America to Pakistan.

  1. For neglecting the Af-Pak region in 1990s America has been made to pay dearly both in men and materials.
  2. The attacks of 2001 on America by terrorist trained by Pakistani army were planned conspiracies.
  3. Innocent by-standing Muslims caught in cross-fires between America and al Qaeda/Taliban/ISI brand jihadis have paid dearly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq for the follies of its leaders.
  4. Tens of thousands of American as well as Muslim lives have been lost and America has incurred a loss of $4 trillion over ten years.
  5. For a decade Pakistan collected about $20 billion and some more; a part of $150 billion a year America spends to maintain its forces in Afghanistan is spent in Pakistan in the form of transportation costs, etc
    for 80% of American supplies passing through Pakistan from the port of Karachi to American and NATO bases in Afghanistan.
  6. These financial benefits were sufficient for Pakistan’s GDP to grow at about 7% during Dictator Musharraf’s years in power.
  7. The murder of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad may be the beginning of the end of the Af-Pak as we know it today.
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