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Congratulations! You lost 50% of your Bank money in 1 Year

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Summary: Major world changing events are now underway and your preparation for the uncertain future is extremely urgent. Such preparations take years to complete, the question is – do we have enough time going forward? Financial nuclear meltdown of the US Dollar (and other major currencies)  is in progress…that will wipe out wealth of millions of middle class families world over. There will be no place to hide when the meltdown completes. Prepare my friends Prepare…while the time is still on your side!!! Don’t say you were not warned


Unfortunately, the middle class morons all over the world (me included) have lost solid 50% of their “Bank” money in flat ONE YEAR. They lost 50%, in just one year, of what it took them years to build. The “real value” (which I call “wealth” not “money”) of their “Bank” money now stands at half of what they had a year back. Congratulations on your phenomenal success in letting your wealth destroyed by the Central banks around the world!!!

What is the sad part of this story you know? It is lost never to come back…and the losers don’t even know it. They are being taken to the financial slaughterhouse while they are singing “Hum honge kamyab ek din” (“Success will be ours one day”) – Great job morons!!!

Why only the middle class, you ask? Because the poor do not have spare money to put in the banks and the rich do not put their money in the banks. It is the middle class people that love to watch their money grow in the bank accounts. Banks also provide these losers with a facility to watch their money grow in the internet accounts.

Coming back to the reality – let me first explain the loss for an average “six pack Joe” in the USA (or the ‘Sukhram’ in India). (Side note: I don’t count the NRIs (non resident Indians) because most of the NRIs are not only morons but they are “selfish morons” – me included. So don’t bother if they get slaughtered…that is their worth anyway. These selfish morons never shared their success with the nation or community where they came from or where they live in today, why should anyone care about their system reboot now?)

As I have been saying for last few years, Gold and silver are the ONLY real money and everything else is toilet paper (especially US Dollar, UK Pound, EU Euro, Japanese Yen and Indian Rupee). In the future, there will be a day when these two metals, Gold/Silver, WILL establish their absolute superiority over all the toilet paper money in the world. In fact we are now at a point in the history, from where the world shall never recover from the continuing shocks until it realizes the fundamentals of the sound money foundation.

The writing on the wall is: In the future your wealth will be counted in terms of number of ounces of Silver and Gold you own. So let us look at how much silver you could have bought with the toilet paper (US Dollar & India rupee) a year back and yesterday.

Silver March 2010 March 2011 % Rise
US Dollar / Ounce 17.50 38 120% +
India rupees / KG 26,600 55,500 110% +


What does this mean? If you have bought silver last year, your wealth “of that portion” of money has already increased by at least 100%. And if you did not buy silver last year, means you will buy only 50% of silver with the same amount of money today (which anyway is better than buying only 5-10% in the future). This effectively means your true “wealth” in terms of the future currency Silver & Gold (call it a “sound money”) is already down by 50%. This rate of loss is going to continue to accelerate in the coming years. What would you call something that looses 50% of value in a year? I call it as a ‘toilet paper’.

You are thinking, what is so great about silver? Many things double in a year, will silver not fall, you ask? Sure it could fall back to $17…or may be $8 who knows…and it might visit the lows many more times. My question to you is: will you buy when it falls? If you buy you are my Hero, if you don’t then you are even a bigger looser. No matter what, silver is going to $80 and its next stop is $200. Silver (and gold) will be on fire one day and is going to break through the sky at some point of time in the future….never to come back to the levels that we are seeing in terms of the toilet paper in our banks today. That time $18 and $38 would both appear to be the same…way too cheap. May be, the gas will be $60/Gal that time…and bread at $50 a loaf. Please tell me: What will be the “real value” of your money in the future that you watch on the “internet screens” today? I can assure you: it will be several hundred percent less than what it is today. Can’t believe me, can you? Unfortunately, it is a reality that not many people understand. By every passing day some portion of the “worth” of your “Bank” money is being taken away from you – the middle class. This is exactly what I mean wealth destruction that is on the way – a BIG Time

Folks, American Dream is DEAD…the tomorrow has arrived

Let me summarize: One of the biggest financial disasters in the human history is upon us and not many understand what is happening. The American Dream is long DEAD!!!

For decades, most of the governments of the industrialized world (primarily the West) have been running up debt as if there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately for them, the tomorrow has arrived, and the world is absolutely covered in red ink and everyone is looking for a way to get out of it. United States is caught in the same debt trap (should I call it a death trap?) that most of the other nations around the world are caught in…the US the trap is much bigger.

Unfortunately, no one is going to come to the rescue because everyone is neck deep in the water. Governments all over the world are going to continue to print more money, thereby reducing the “value” of the money against the real money “Gold & Silver”. There is so much debt being created globally, that it will never be paid back in currencies that presently exist. The debt bubble is going to keep expanding until it bursts and takes the entire world down with it. This will be an event that last 2-3 generations have never ever seen or imagined happening their lives. At some point, Gold and silver will have to back a new global currency at an exchange rate where Gold at $10,000 an ounce and silver $400 an ounce are very much likely.

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Six months back all the Harvard educated Keynesian economists were telling us that we are in a great recovery…Ya, tell me now, because these morons are now predicting that we might be in for a double dip in housing..Oh Really? Believe me, all the Keynesian economists telling us about recovery are stupid! Not because they don’t know nothing…but because they are looking at a small window of just couple of years. (I do not disagree on the recovery…but it is not about the economy, it’s the DEBT stupid.) Unfortunately, the setup of the gigantic financial guillotine, about to fall on the middle class, in a decade or two, is already in place.

As of now, the world undercurrents are extremely depressionary or inflationary or hyperinflationary. The Global unrest that we see is just reflection of those undercurrents. I see periods of extreme volatility in this and the next decade. The social unrest will continue to grow all over the world. Many more events like Egypt, Greece, Wisconsin will repeat over and over again.  What started in the third world will move to the second world (Euro zone, UK, Japan) and the first world eventually (USA). See today’s pictures from UK – 500,000 MARCH IN LONDON TO PROTEST BUDGET CUTS…protests turn violent. Get ready for the day when you will see these protests in many cities of USA…Read more at What a Wild start for the year 2011 – What is next? Or Egypt in America (about Wisconsin protests)..did you not know it was coming? Whether this will happen or not its worth reading my other old blogs – The American empire is going to fall..but we DO NOT have to fall with it and American Empire on the Verge of a Collapse.

Question is: Are you and your kids ready to face what is coming at them?..Rather, I should ask: Are you making efforts to educate them about the changes that will be taking place in their lives? It is up to you how you want to protect your kid’s future.

Here is the image of the insurance that will protect you in the future.

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Why do I write all this? I just want to make, all those interested, aware about where we as a society are heading, so that they can protect their future generations to a possible extent. It is going to be very very ugly before it will be better. In my view, our children's world is going to be entirely different than what we have seen. We have already consumed the resources of our future generations. What we have left for them is an empty bag and the consequences of our actions (without the knowledge that it is us who are responsible for the mess our children will be in) ...while I write this I also wish that I am absolutely wrong...and our future generations will live in a better world than ours. DISCLAIMER: All the content of my blogs is presented for educational and/or informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be mistaken for professional investment advice, nor is it intended to be taken as such.

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One Response to "Congratulations! You lost 50% of your Bank money in 1 Year"

  1. Gopal Alankar says:

    The author makes a forceful argument for investing in Silver or Gold. It is true that Gold shares have appreciated more than 100% in the last year alone. It would have been an excellent opportunity in last 2 years to invest in bullion market for anyone fiddling with stock market. I know many people have done exactly this and have reaped good returns. But most Indians from middle class India consider buying gold jewellery as an investment in gold – a thought that is erroneous. These folks will find their mistake only when they run to a pawn shop to cash them.

    I agree that paper money or fiat money is subject to devaluation when more currency is printed. This happens when nations that are in debt print more currency in order to artificially reduce their debt to other countries and then devalue their currency. America is in this situation now and so also many other countries on the globe. So investing in precious metal makes good sense now. Good article.

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