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Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of hope

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Although pundits are offering education, inflation, corruption and unemployment as arguments to explain the revolutions that have engulfed several Arab nations, most do not address influence of social networking on the Mullah Shahi driving Pakistan and many Gulf of Arabia and Red Sea Arab nations.

America is a bit player in on-going upheaval except in Pakistan. In last 70 years America and its coalition partners’ defeated fascist axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. Then in bed with Muslim extremists of Pakistan and Arabs it not only engineered exits of USSR from Afghanistan but also precipitated implosion of USSR to end grip of communists in parts of Europe and Asia. Now it is dealing with extremist Muslims it helped establish in 1980s.

Jury is out if jihadi extremists, with or without Pakistani army support, will survive or disintegrate.

The youth population is an estimated 750 million in 1.5 billion Muslim global population. As they get globally connected by social networking with an estimated 3 – 4 billion of 7 billion internet connected global population and social network sites they will, metaphorically, become street smarts youth in a position to bring about change through the kind of peaceful revolutions that have erupted in several Arab nations.

The power of social networking through internet is empowering youth to rebel against the “mullah shahi” backed despots and dictators who have pirated national wealth by controlling sale of national natural resources to West, US and the emerging powers of China and India.

Unemployment figures and illiteracy rates in all Islamic lands are high and development of natural resources by natives is practically non-existent. Army is to protect dictators and its self interests.

Mullah Shahi is allowed to flourish as clerics are ignorant of scientific, technology and engineering knowledge except what they inherit from their parents. Some well established Islamic schools offer bigotry and hate based propaganda and scholars, who at most know, in part, Islam as a religion and political Islam it espouses. The established BACWAS rulers (bureaucrats, army dictators, clerics (mullahs), warlords and scholars) learn to live in the delusional past hoping that jihadis they indoctrinate may be guided by the dictator in office to deliver for them extra-territorial political power.

The industrial revolution was followed by Communist revolution in Russia; USSR survived under communist dictators for about 70 years. Capitalism is evolving as it increasingly struggles to incorporate socialistic ideas for the benefit of masses represented by the middle and poverty class citizens.

Arab dictators with money from black gold have been around for less than 100 years and they are about to see change in their fortunes as the 750 million Muslim youth empowered by social networking precipitate revolutions for political change.

A possibility is that we may see an Arab equivalent of what happened to USSR in 1991. All dictators rule by sword and in this age of globally spreading social networking, economic concerns of masses are bringing political changes with mostly peaceful gatherings of masses.

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5 Responses to "Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of hope"

  1. Ratnam Chitturi says:

    This is an interesting article.

    I am nor sure if “Social networking” is the correct term. I would use, “Self-organizing networks.” Self-organizing networks on a mass scale became possible thru modern technology: Internet, cell phones, and global TV media. Self-organizing networks made the revolution(s) successful. Information was instant over the entire globe.

    Inequity, injustice and lack of freedom cause people to react adversely, because the basic human nature yearns for equity, justice, freedom and joy. Even poverty itself may not lead to a revolt unless it is perceived as the result of inequity or injustice.

    Inequity exists in most countries. For example, the top 1 percent in the US controls as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Is that just? So runaway capitalism and free markets have their own consequences, as we have witnessed during the recent financial tsunami.

    What we have been witnessing over the last month clearly shows the power of the people in the 21st Century. It will be tested even among the oldest democracy (US) and the largest democracy (India) when people feel there is inequity or injustice in governance. Madison, WI is but one example. Anna Hazare’s upcoming fast unto death in Delhi near Jantar Mantar starting on Apil 5th is another example.

  2. Shmuel Almagor says:

    I believe it is yet too early to assume that the outcome of the uprising in the Islamic world is going to end in democratic regimes.

    A few years back there were democratic elections in Algeria, resulting in the Islamists winning those elections. That was just an unbelievable outcome because the Islamists have murdered thousands of Algerians over the years.

    I don’t see how Islam, which means submission, can coexist with Democracy, which means freedom.

  3. Kishan Bhatia says:

    Democracy as we know and practice it may not surface in Arab lands at all. Revolutions bring about political change and new leaders surface.

    It just occurred to me that a share of credit for Arab Revolutions should go to the inventor of social networking Face book in particular and many others including Google Earth and other sites that allow internet connected impoverish Muslim youth to take a look at the “satellite” view of the motherland and identify why in lands like Pakistan and Arab nations only army officers and well connected are able to acquire properties in vast areas controlled by the government while masses have to resort to Kubza and Ghariat tactics to build and live in slums.

    The youth don’t have to be rocket scientists to figure out that it is their country being used as personal fiefdom by the establishment. There is plenty in history lessons that describes how enlightened and educated or not youth have started revolutions to assert their rights in their homelands and Muslim youth are no different.

    The Arab revolutions are made possible by internet revolution. Who dominates internet development? Jewish, Indian, Chinese, Far East, American and European youth are responsible for the internet revolution. Why not Muslim youth who account for 750 million of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world?

    I note that soon there is likely to be a cry by Mullah Shahi dominated Islamists that a handful of Jewish intellectuals, scholars and technologists are dealing a death blow to many Muslim dictators, Arab warlords and jihadis, whose hate and intolerance of Jews and Israel is well known.

    Sure is nice to realize that last laugh may be for Jewish people hated by some people of the book – Muslims, Conservative Christians and Roman Catholics come to mind.

  4. car313 says:

    One dictator replaces another, one mob replaces another, one islamic rule replaces another.
    Nothing new or surprising.

  5. E Cigarette Pakistan says:

    A few years back there were democratic elections in Algeria, resulting in the Islamists winning those elections. That was just an unbelievable outcome because the Islamists have murdered thousands of Algerians over the years.

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