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Predatory Muslims

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In the interest of peace and harmony in global village, a political need is to wean away the predatory states from medieval practices of dogmatic Islamic ideology. A possible solution is to induce such nations to be link in the global supply chain for consumer products.

Ideas for rethinking American policy to protect our national interest for effectively dealing with jihad fever infected Arab and Muslim nations in general and Pakistan are discussed in this blog. Muslims states practice Islamic political ideology that is a fertile ground for politically motivated kleptocrats and clerics to misinterpret religion to protect self-interests.

A positive outcome in last seven decades is that nations that are a part of supply chain or those engaged in assembling consumer products, manufacturing and supplying parts and raw materials refrain from political actions that lead to wars. Demographics – about 25% of 1.5 billion Muslims are younger than 25 – suggests that for Muslim nations to live in peace and harmony in the global village, ideally Muslim nations should be encouraged and guided to join the supply chains managed by the multinational corporations for manufacturing consumer products. To be a part of supply chain, the education for Muslim youth should be reoriented to train low cost skilled labor for setting up refining black gold and other minerals abundantly available in Muslim lands.

Topics covered are:

  1. Mrs. Clinton’s and the Arab Conference
  2. Faith and kleptocracy
  3. American Aid
  4. Religion and International Conferences
  5. Islamization and economic growth
  6. Education for Muslim youth
  7. Muslims and BACWAS Establishment


Mrs. Clinton and the Arab Conference

The President Obama administration has taken initiatives to mend rifts that followed global spread of terrorism and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Af-Pak region (from turn of 21st century to present). Arab leaders in Middle East listened to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a conference. Two op-eds offered observation on the issue discussed by Mrs Clinton; see references and notes.

Conforming to political Islam ideology Muslim nations with rare exceptions are dictatorships supported by mostly US and UK educated ruling BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishments. The Muslim justice and legal organs incorporate the Sharia system of personal laws associated with Arab tribal traditions and customs. Politically intrusive features of Sharia are the blasphemy law, gender and faith based inequalities and hate and intolerance of other faiths.

President Obama is mindful of intrusive religious practices of Muslim nations. To improve civil discourse and neutralize objectionable Sharia and jihad mentality of ruling establishments, Christian and Muslim political leaders at political conferences should share an implicit responsibility for promoting a message of peace and conveying mutual respect not just tolerance, for people of all faiths. Judging from the antagonistic political environment evident from a lack of mutual respect for other faiths in Muslim lands, it is politically hard but doable task.

Faith and kleptocracy

Mrs Clinton, in my opinion, sugar coated the bad news. Tribal traditions oriented Arab lands continue to indulge in medieval period lifestyles and politics by behaving as predatory states in 21st century. A predatory state is a kleptocracy with a single bandit eliminating competition, monopolizing theft and transforming into a kleptocrat (dictator).


The predatory state of Pakistan is a nominal Democracy/theocracy by the people for the ruling establishment. Most of 57 Muslim majority nations are dominated by predatory Arab or want to be Arabs (Pakistan, for example) exploiting Islamic political ideology.

Ideally, politicians, pundits and commentators should participate in responsible, positive discourse to promote mutual respect, peace and harmony for all. Most commentators in the Islamic lands have failed to live up to such expectations. The main stream Muslims, moderate or not, claim they represent silent majority, not those in power. The political rulers, the core of the ruling BACWAS establishments of most Muslim lands are RFM (radical fundamentalist Muslims).

The main stream commentators often suggest what America should do for Islamic ideology driven nations to turn away from self-destructive jihadi terrorism. Although most appear to have received some education in and frequently travel to USA and Western Europe, the present generation of main stream Pakistani politicians, pundits and commentators certainly don’t show leadership qualities represented by Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Father of Pakistan, 20th century), other fundamentalist Muslim freedom fighters (Liaquat Ali Khan and Huseyn Shaheed Surhawordy served as Prime Ministers of Pakistan in 1950s before each was assassinated) and visionary Sir Mohammed Iqbal (19th century).

About two thirds of Muslims after partition of the British Raj (1857 – 1947) settled in Pakistan; other third representing MRM (moderate reformist Muslims) stayed in India. Before and after the partition of British Raj one of the MRM leader was Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, who as a moderate reformist Muslim patriot served for 11 years as the education minister in first Indian government. Muslims of India enjoy opportunities available to all Indians. Several famous Muslim leaders of India were elected to be President and Vice President of Republic of India. Many occupy influential positions – ministers, governors, head of states, etc – in the government. India’s rocket-man and a leading scientist, Professor AJP Abdul Kalam was elected President of India. Many are social activists, prominent journalists and occupy prominent positions in India. Some entrepreneurial Muslims have build multi national business; Azim Premji is a billionaire head of Wipro and many more like him are multimillionaires businessmen/women.

The main stream Pakistanis lack initiatives to politically outsmart the RFM that are at center stage in jihad infested Pakistan. The main stream Muslims ignore national interests of independent sovereign Pakistan and the fact that it is their responsibility, not America’s, to reform self-destructive political behavior and attitudes. They may or may not like it, in real politics America deals with each predatory nation, in present. America’s job is to protect its national interests by dealing with the dictator backed up the ruling BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishments. American aid is a sign of good faith and intentions and it doesn’t mean America promotes kleptocrats to dominate Muslim lands.

American Aid

Select Muslim lands receive more than 50% of $9 billion annual USAID package. Afghanistan and Pakistan are two of 20 nations that annually split 60:40 of total $2.5 billion America aid for the Af-Pak region. In addition to the Af-Pak region, the US distributes $2.3 billion to 4 nations in Middle East, $3.2 billion to 10 in Africa and $1.1 billion for 4 other nation. In spite of the sustained aid the politicians and pundits dominated by the Islamic ideology continue not to promote a positive image for America. America is held in low esteem and public sees very little impact of the aid on their lives. Most aid is diverted by kleptocrats for maintaining oversized army to protect self interests of ruling BACWAS establishments.

Religion and International Conferences

Political leaders at international conferences without compromising their faith should set an example of political correctness by displaying mutual respect, not just tolerance, to promote peace and harmony. For example they should but didn’t address following questions:

  1. What are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, etc if not followers of God or Allah? (Hint: Sects).
  2. What is a political ideology? (Hint: Religion has nothing to do with political ideologies of the sects. In 21st century co-mingling of religion with state functions is detrimental to national interests and growth).
  3. Define religion? (Hint: Religion, in the right sense of the world, means the art of living sanely, intelligently and in mutual respect of all followers of any faith so as never to create any political, social and cultural problems).
  4. What is “True” religion? (Hint: True religion transcends all sectarian considerations to spread the message of universal joy).
  5. My message is that religion helps persons (both men and women) achieve self-realization. In the new world, religion is for personal transformation to transcendent from hate and intolerance to love and understanding.
  • Scriptures of Islam and other religions are clear on one point there is no need for politically motivated, state-appointed, power hungry, middlemen between the man and his God or Allah. In democracies politically motivated clerics like any other politician are eligible to be elected by the people to represent them in government. In democracies clerics and politicians, elected or not, should not be backed by the state power to force or proselytize to non-believers to convert?


Some of other issues not addressed by political leaders are pointed out in my blogs at

Islamization and economic growth

A truly representative government in Muslim nations does not exist as the BACWAS establishments have in place a massive infrastructure (madrassahs, for example) designed to limit education to Islamic teachings to produce semi-literate youth with a closed (inflexible) mindset. The emphasis in madrassah education is to preserve and promote tribalism, a culture of hate and intolerance, and Arab traditions in name of Islam. The jihadis of Pakistan are a product of Islamization policies implemented in 1970s. The evolution of RFM forces in Pakistan is described in my blog, Tribal Pakistan.

The Arab and Muslim lands – Middle East, South and Central Asia – have abundant natural resources including black gold and mineral wealth. The markets or global demand for the commodities are in developed and developing lands. The states of art science and technology discoveries of past three centuries are used by skilled labor in developed and developing lands to generate wealth.

The black gold derived energy products and refined metals are essential for mass production of consumer products at affordable prices to generating wealth. The science and technology enables developed nations to use increasing reserves of black gold and minerals. If Muslims deny access to black gold for development, how will they support lavish lifestyles of the medieval times in 21st century? By using skilled local labor the refining commodity materials in Muslim nations can generate wealth by producing value added products to join global supply chains. By developing economic interdependencies Muslim nations can be weaned off the jihad mentality.

Education for Muslim youth

Mrs Clinton is famous for claiming it takes a village to raise a child. For religious believers children are precious gifts and ideally, in a global village all children should be raised to be productive workers to live in harmony and build a peaceful world. Democratic political order is a tool to achieve global peace and harmony by offering human rights, equality, justice (law and order) and leveled playing field to all citizens of any faith and gender to be productive and generate wealth.

With globalization, internet connectivity and linkage to the supply chain for consumer products, the world is shrinking and rapidly turning into a global village where all nations can prosper by creating a skilled work force using abundant supply of youth at home.  Mrs Clinton should have but did not explain to Arabs why economic development in their lands suffers. Muslim lands have abundant black gold, which is fast depleting. To provide for a sustainable self-reliant economic growth the demographic data tells us that they need to develop skilled workers from abundant supply of youth at home. With assistance and aid from America and other developed lands Muslims can and should establish refining industries for production of metals globally in demand using skilled and inexpensive local labor force.

Judging from the developed nation’s experience with modern education, progressive political policies, and the creative and innovative power of youth, in national interests Muslim nations can and should unleash skilled youth talents to power economic growth engines. She should have explained that the developed nations promote education designed to train skilled knowledge workers to mass produce consumer products for generating wealth.

Unlike in the medieval times, which were dominated by diplomacy of waging wars, the origin of wealth in developed lands in last 7 decades is a result of progressive policies, modern education rooted in scientific and engineering advances of last several centuries. With youth powered silent revolution rooted in the scientific developments, starting with end of WWII to present, developed nations have generated fabulous wealth to support their military industrial complexes to maintain global super power status.

Madrassah educated youth are mostly unskilled and untrained to be innovative and creative to generate wealth using knowledge skills globally in demand. Some Muslim nations are nominal democracies/theocracies that for practical purposes are for the preservation of interests of the BACWAS establishments.

Muslims and BACWAS Establishment

Muslim politicians may exhibit a wide spectrum of political beliefs, ranging from socialist to Islamist, but the Islamic governments impose laws that promote the gender inequality, the lack of opportunities, and the poor education. The institutionalization of such policies allows the politically motivated kleptocrats and power hungry clerics to promote misinterpreted Islam for self preservation. Going against the Islamic edict that there is no room for middlemen (clerics, etc) between man and Allah, in kleptocracies, clerics and their sponsors dominate the nation to preserve power. The pockets of the ruling class see to it that foreign aid funds are wasted on armies whose only purpose is to protect the BACWAS government.

Moderate pundits repeat that in Muslim lands the minorities lack protection and safeguards to the fullest extent, and that is what any civilized government will do and ought to do.  Given instabilities and paranoia of ruling establishments in Muslim lands a potential for public rebellion exists. A lack of rebellion in predatory state suggests possibilities such as:

1.      For main stream citizen status quo is acceptable. They don’t know any better, nor do they have a will to do better. The insurgency in tribal areas is an abrasion that ruling establishment can manage. The active insurgency may suggest that tribal understand predatory character of ruling establishment better than main stream citizens of non-tribal region.

2.    The establishment has in place an infrastructure (thousands of madressahs?) to effectively manage and to keep main stream citizens sufficiently ignorant in several respects. The reality that citizens in other nations enjoy superior lifestyle is beyond most citizens’ comprehension. Deprived of rights, equal justice (security and protections), and skills to generate wealth, etc main stream citizens lack independent personality as tribals do to start a rebellion against predatory ruling establishment.

References and notes:

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  2. The specter haunting the Arabs” by Irfan Husain, Dawn January 18, 2011
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  • This state of affairs has persisted for decades, and its effects are obvious in the shape of a poorly educated, undernourished population with high levels of unemployment. Whether we talk about the dangers posed by home-grown terrorists in the tribal areas and southern Punjab or about gangsters in Karachi, we need to ask what options these young killers have. They have effectively been denied any meaningful education and the opportunities that would flow from it.
  1.  “Blind and stupid and savage” A. Cowasjee, Dawn, January 23, 2011
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  1. shsharma says:

    Who rules a Muslim country?It is not a president or prime minister or council of ministers or elected members or judiciary or military then Who?
    The teacings of Koran-Sharia- Hadith is the real ruler through the Mullas, Ayatullahs, Muftis, Imams and Tlibans and Jihadis sitting with double faces talking of democracy but infact in all Muslim countries it is Kakistocracy or the government by the worst if you care to analyse from all angles.They cannot live in peace and do not let others in peace because of infightings , teachings in Masjids and Madrssas where their batteries are charged every fridays and daily
    respectively.This the history and it will not change for Kaffirs rather getting worse due to petro-dollars and sophistcation in technology and weapons.

  2. Dr. McClay says:

    “Tolerance, a term which we sometimes use in place of the words respect, mercy, generosity, or forbearance, is the most essential element of moral systems; it is a very important source of spiritual discipline and a celestial virtue of perfected people.”
    Fethullah Gulen

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